Update to Emergency Charity Fundraiser

Since we have reached the middle of May – halfway through the month and halfway through our emergency fundraiser – I felt the strong need to post a small update on the status of our drive.

As of May 16, we have only managed to raise a total of $522.50 – which is unfortunately a far cry from the minimum $3000 that is needed for this dear lady and her children. However, we are so thrilled to see all the loving support that has so far poured in for this family in need; not only has both myself and Yvon been very busy answering email readings and phone readings, but God Bless each and every one of you who have donated from the bottom of your hearts. Almost half of the total funds received so far have been from simple donations (no readings purchased)!!!!

Everyone who has so far purchased a reading or made a simple donation – you all have hearts of pure gold and truly it has brought tears to my eyes every time I saw a donation arrive in the mail or come through via PayPal. However, folks we are still definitely putting out the call for more support – as mentioned we are still a far cry from the minimum requirement – and we have only 15 days left. So please, if you have not already done so, visit our website to read up on the specifics of this emergency fundraiser at http://www.soul-psychics.com/soulpsychics_charity.htm – we would love for you to order a reading (ANY AND ALL READINGS – 100% of the proceeds will be given to this emergency fundraiser), or if you don’t wish for a reading at the moment, a small donation amount of your choosing would be as equally appreciated.

We will post the final outcome of this emergency fundraising attempt on June 1 on our website http://www.soul-psychics.com


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