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The Ultimate Warrior Will Be Forever

© 2014 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics

It doesn’t matter how heartbroken I may be, I don’t normally post my sentiments when one of my idols and/or favorite celebrities pass on. However, today I just couldn’t let this one go by …

The Ultimate Warrior – James Hellwig – I remember when he first started in the WWF – I was about 10 or 11 years old I think … and he was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! What a thrill I would get when he’d race down the rampway, jump into the ring, and roar as he shook the bejeebers out of the top rope. I’d cheer every time and bounce on the couch in excitement … anticipating his almost guaranteed win for the week.

And I kid you not, a full 30 years later – Wrestlemania 30 – and I still greeted him in my usual excitement, pride and love. I was so happy to see him being inducted in the Hall of Fame (finally!) … and indeed making an appearance to once again connect with what we now call the ‘WWE Universe.’

However, even in my excitement I couldn’t help but notice how aged our warrior looked that night and I felt some concern building within me. I even commented about it to my husband, “Oh my God look how much he’s aged!” My husband, surprised himself at Warrior’s appearance, agreed. We wondered how old he was … both of us were thinking in his 70’s …

Well sadly, the Ultimate Warrior suddenly passed yesterday (Tuesday, April 8th, 2014) … with the cause of death being reported as unknown. According to official news sources he collapsed outside an Arizona hotel while walking to his car with his wife. This has happened only two days after appearing on Wrestlemania 30 … two days after my noticing how aged he truly did look.

When the news hit Facebook and other social media, I was shocked. And then shocked even more when I learned how old the Ultimate Warrior really was. He was only 54 years old.

Yet, at the same time … for some reason … I wasn’t shocked. I knew “something wasn’t right” from the moment I laid eyes on him that night. In learning of his true age, well that pretty much confirmed it for me.

I have to say that I am feeling very strongly that Ultimate Warrior had been ill for quite some time – and was definitely hiding it from all of us – I think even to the extent of some family as well. I noticed how he didn’t smile as broadly that night as what you would normally have expected. Well, he was tired … tired of fighting that battle going on inside him but was trying to put on a “happy face mask” for OUR benefit. I feel him as having a somewhat difficult time breathing or catching his breath … and some sort of strange heaviness in his chest. I am also getting the strong sense that he actually KNEW that he was going to die relatively soon … he was preparing for it. But I don’t think he knew that he’d be going THAT soon!

Because I don’t allow my abilities to delve into health concerns, I am usually unable to see the actual cause of death. However, in this case I do feel that two different things are coming into play: a long-time silent (in other words ‘secret’ from the public) battle with some sort of illness, as well as his heart finally giving way from all the pressure. The heart will most likely be proven as being the main cause of his death (heart attack), but I am feeling that we need to consider what caused the heart to give in to begin with. As I say two different things here are going on: a serious long-term illness and heart failure.

I do feel connected to our warrior this evening, and as most who know me I don’t normally perform “on demand” mediumship readings due to how my ability actually works. However, I do hear him – and he is loud and clear … and he is in fact instructing me to give all of his Ultimate Warrior fans this message:

“Yes I’m shocked that I went that quickly, but hey at least it was fast. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way other than to have been in bed instead of on the side of a street! I did hide my illness and for that I am sorry. But I wanted to be remembered the way that you all do remember me now: smiling, happy, strong and proud. Don’t you dare mourn me! I go in peace and happiness. I have no regrets. Remember my farewell to you all: nobody becomes a legend on their own. I meant YOU – YOU created my legend. Not me! And because of you, my spirit WILL run forever.”

With that last message, I’m somewhat confused. I do wish to ask if anyone has heard this apparent farewell speech? He had to have said it either Sunday (which I don’t think so as I watched the entire Wrestlemania – I would have seen/heard it if he talked that night) or perhaps Monday on Raw – which I did not watch. Either way if someone can confirm him as actually having said a farewell speech – and if you could write in with what he actually did say, that would be great. If he made a speech … somehow I missed the darn thing; I would have loved to have heard him.

He was (and still is) one of the most passionate, electrifying and loving spirits, who was truly genuine and loving not just to his children, wife and family, but to all of his fans. He was down to earth and full of wisdom – he bore his name well for he was a true warrior … in this life as well as in a past life (he was a native american brave warrior – Apache by the feel of it). He taught us to always believe … to believe not in just ourselves but also in the idea that anything is possible. He also believed in always taking care of/considering other people first rather than oneself – just as his deer totem guide suggests: sacrificing oneself for the greater good of all. And you know, I was taught by my native elders that what he stood for is actually what being a warrior is REALLY all about! Being a warrior has got absolutely nothing to do with raging testosterone, brawn, tough guy attitudes, guts and muscle. It is about being loving and considerate to others, helping others whenever possible, and … being gentle even behind the war paint. Those were his messages that he hopes will get through to folks.

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior … you will never be forgotten, and will forever be loved and held close to our hearts. I just wish that you could have shared with us your battle health-wise so that we too could support you … as we always have.

Editor’s Note: It has been confirmed by a reader of Lisa’s blog that he did in fact give a “farewell address”; which was aired on Monday Night Raw. But we do not yet know what was said within that speech.