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Coming Soon! Our Exclusive Video Psychic Tarot & Oracle Readings

Our Exclusive Video Psychic Tarot & Oracle Readings





You know how a lot of “skeptical” folks out there really try to debunk the tarot and oracle card readings; saying that it is just all in the luck of the draw or dealing? Well here at Soul Psychics we have come up with a HUGE idea and specialized psychic reading service that would really make those people think twice.

Lisa Caza does not perform tarot and oracle readings like most other psychic readers. Most psychic tarot readers will shuffle and shuffle and then take each card from the top of the deck – and a lot of those same psychic readers also use different kinds of spreads. Lisa Caza DOES NOT do any of that. Lisa shuffles the cards, but then she fans them out in front of her and she then INTUITIVELY select cards from that fanning … and she will continue to draw cards until she feels that she is done (sometimes Lisa will end up with like 15 or 20 cards in front of her  – which actually just became available to clients: the new tarot email reading called the “Full Limitless Tarot Reading”).

Now here’s our exclusive new service that will soon be coming to Soul Psychics: VIDEO tarot and oracle readings. Lisa Caza will perform the psychic tarot reading and/or ascended masters oracle reading as she usually does – but there will be a camera taping the cards and how she draws them (once again “debunking” those tarot skeptics). Audio will of course tape Lisa talking and giving her usual intuitive read on the cards. When the reading is complete, the entire reading on video will be upload onto Youtube. Realize Youtube has a setting where you can make your videos visible ONLY to those you specify – and you give the email address for that person or persons that the video is for. A password is then created so that those persons can access their video – in comfort and privacy.

These wonderful new video psychic tarot readings and video ascended master oracle readings will lend you, the client, a much more personalized and interactive approach to your readings. You will be able to see EXACTLY how Lisa Caza performs YOUR OWN READING – with your own eyes. It will almost be like receiving a psychic reading in person!

So keep your eyes and ears open and visit Soul Psychics often in order to find out just when these great new psychic readings will finally be available.  Check back here soon!