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NOW AVAILABLE: Our Exclusive Video Psychic Tarot & Oracle Readings!

Soul Psychics

Now here’s our exclusive new service that is now available only here on Soul Psychics: VIDEO tarot and oracle readings. Lisa Caza will perform the psychic tarot reading and/or ascended masters oracle reading as she usually does – but there will be a camera taping the cards and how she draws them (once again “debunking” those tarot skeptics). Audio will of course tape Lisa talking and giving her usual intuitive read on the cards. When the reading is complete, the entire reading on video will be upload onto Youtube. Realize Youtube has a setting where you can make your videos visible ONLY to those you specify – and you give the email address for that person or persons that the video is for. A password is then created so that those persons can access their video – in comfort and privacy. NO ONE BUT YOU CAN VIEW THESE VIDEOS!

These wonderful new video psychic tarot readings and video ascended master oracle readings will lend you, the client, a much more personalized and interactive approach to your readings. You will be able to see EXACTLY how Lisa Caza performs YOUR OWN READING – with your own eyes. It will almost be like receiving a psychic reading in person!

Due to uploading limitations on Youtube, video psychic readings are no more than 10 minutes in length. As a result, what you will receive is not just a video, but also a short email reading that will be an expansion and summarization of the video reading. With a video reading order you receive:

– A 10 minute PRIVATELY VIEWABLE video of your actual tarot or oracle reading uploaded onto Youtube (so no downloading is required on your part!)

– The password in order to view your private video reading

– Short email reading which summarizes and expands upon the video reading

– Have any follow up questions answered free of charge (which is standard for all psychic email readings)

– Only if requested, a “hard copy” version of your video reading (all video readings will be kept on file for maximum of 1 month)

View the sample video to get a feel for this great reading service at the website www.soul-psychics.com and order yours today!

Sample Video Ascended Masters Reading by Lisa Caza

Don’t forget that we now also have a great new psychic network recently created for all psychics and clients alike at http://soul-psychics.spruz.comEveryone is welcome and strongly encouraged to join and participate – as we wish to see a lot of activity, friendship-making and general good times!


Sample of our Upcoming EXCLUSIVE Video Psychic Tarot & Oracle Readings!

To illustrate to folks a little bit of what they will receive with the new (and exclusive only to http://www.soul-psychics.com) video tarot and oracle psychic readings, we have uploaded a sample video of the ascended masters oracle video reading onto Youtube. Please note: there is NO AUDIO within this sample video. However, rest assured that full audio and speech will INDEED be heard in an actual video tarot/oracle reading – addressing your specific questions or concerns as well as explaining what the cards are INTUITIVELY saying. Below is the sample video … These readings will soon be made available for your ordering pleasure, so be sure to check back here, or at www.soul-psychics.com to get updated on their availability status.