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Soldier Spirits Speak About Remembrance Day

Spirits of Soldiers Speak Up About Remembrance (Veteran’s) Day Services

© Lisa Caza 2015. Lisa's late grandfather who served in the Canadian Army in WW2
© Lisa Caza 2015. Lisa’s late grandfather who served in the Canadian Army in WW2

I don’t know why I didn’t ever do this before, or why the idea of doing so has just now become so overwhelming for me. But today, with Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day for my American friends) fast approaching, I got hit with a few questions that I personally wanted to have answered. And the only ones who can answer these questions are all of the beloved and respected spirits of all those who have fought for and served our countries. Now, of course I couldn’t possibly connect with every single spirit! So instead I have received some very astounding answers from Spirit (and I think my own late grandfather) – who seems to be acting like a “spokesperson” for all. I wanted to relay on these answers to everyone, for I feel that perhaps this very special day of memoriam will take on a different perspective/meaning.

Q: It’s said that if we continue to mourn the loss of someone, the spirit of that person is held here in the physical plane – that they become “stuck.” Every year we hold this very special day to honor and remember those who served. Has this yearly practice caused any spirits to be held here?

A: For the most part, no. It is understood that it is not necessarily a time for mourning. Instead, it is a time to honor and respect the physical lives that were lost. This is different from true mourning. There were cases of spirits being held there on your physical plane, but in those cases it was caused by the family members of that spirit. But note that there are not too many spirits kept here from WWI, WW2, Civil War – at least not in the context of which we speak. Many all direct family members of those soldier spirits have also passed. Upon their passing the soldier’s spirits were “released” and were reunited.

Q: Well, if those soldier’s spirits were released as you say, then why do we see hauntings such as that at Gettysburgh in the United States?

A: What you speak of is a phenomenon referred to as “residual hauntings.” In residual hauntings, the actual spirits aren’t even there! Residual hauntings are literal “recordings” of past events that are repeatedly played over and over in a continuous loop. It’s almost the same thing as you making a video of a family get-together and watching it ten years later. You know of this particular phenomenon so nothing further needs to be said on that.

Q: How do the spirits of all those who have served view Remembrance/Veteran’s Day? How do they feel about it?

A: They are touched and honored that they are remembered in this way. The general consensus is that of profound gratitude. They are always deeply touched. But they wish to remind everyone that it is a time of HONORING and REMEMBERING the CAUSE or REASON for their service … it is NOT a time for grief. Tears are shed by some individuals, and these spirits do not fully understand what the tears are for. There should not be tears. There should be honor, respect, thankfulness, and actually happiness. They actually don’t like the somber mood in most ceremonies. You should be celebrating  with smiles. Take a moment of silence yes. But do not continue with the somber and quiet moods. You should be happy for all that has been done – the spirits celebrate. Why can you not? The human mind needs to let go of the negative and hold on to the positive.

Q: Are there any specific messages that the spirits wish to relay on to us to think about/ponder over?

A: Yes. The first is what was mentioned in the last answer about being in a more celebratory mood rather than a saddened and somber mood. But there is one more message. What of the events of the present? The wars,arguments, chaos, and changes going on in the countries today? Every other day of the year focus is placed on all those things with such vengeance. It’s like all the sacrifice and work that was in fact done and accomplished by most of these spirits in those wars and service go completely unforgotten … until this one day every year. Why can there not be this huge level of respect and honor every day instead of just that one day a year? If truly people (and especially country leaders) wish to pay their respect and tribute to all those who have served, then they need to take a few steps back and reconsider many things that they have said and or done (or are about to do for that matter).  Remember the real reason and cause for the spirits’ service … and loss of life. They fought hard for freedom – and won it. But where is this freedom going today? They fought hard for equality and won it. Progress has been made but at the same time we see some things in this area regressing. All spirits want peace and harmony amongst everyone in the world. And we know that most people do as well. So, why not start acting and doing more towards that goal instead of going in the other direction? This would be, in ALL spirits’ minds, the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY EVER to TRULY honor and respect their physical lives and service! They do realize that this is a “tall order” to fill – they have not forgotten about the leaders of the past. But it is not impossible either.

Q: Seriously? Now listen I would love a world that is full of peace and no fighting. But I just can’t see that as ultimately happening! These spirits are being totally unrealistic in my eyes. There is more division amongst the people than ever before.

A: I hate to burst your bubble Lisa but there will come a time when this will be seen. Maybe not in your life time, but it will happen. It is the one ultimate goal of the universe and divine. You wrote in your book about how divine only allows so much patience towards a person who refuses to change: pretty soon divine and the universe steps in and forces the needed change to happen. You know this to be true. And you also know that when that does happen, unfortunately the forced change will occur through a much more chaotic situation than what it would have been if the person just created the change on their own. The same will be true for the world. If change doesn’t happen then the change will be forced to happen eventually.

Q: Okay you got me there. So then are you saying that once that happens, then the spirits will be “pleased”? I’m starting to think that they’re being rather judgmental and mean here.

A: Lisa, you know full well the answer to this. They will NOT be “pleased” by the chaos that might occur – the upset hearts and struggles. That is why they relayed on the message about remembering the real cause and efforts in their physical lives, and to start behaving, like the collective society that the entire world is, and reflecting the respect and honor every day instead of just one day every year. Instill the principles and practice the values won. Put it this way: were all their efforts in vain? Show them that they weren’t! Showing them this is the best way to truly honor and show them respect.  War memorials, statues, ceremonies, laying of wreaths, reciting In Flanders Fields, and so on are beautiful gestures and they all love it dearly. But how much can they truly mean when the behavior and actions throughout the rest of the year do not reflect the same? This is, the biggest, universal message for all to ponder over … and hopefully work on.

Q: Well, that is definitely a very profound message – and one that I feel in my heart to be true. But still I’m sorry I just don’t know how that could truly be accomplished.  I guess, in time, we shall see. Is there anything further that we should add here about Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day in general before I close this session off?

A: That was the main message indeed. But the soldier spirits do wish to relay on their unconditional love and sincere thanks to all on this day. All are to know that their presence will be there throughout all  ceremonies across the countries and their hearts (spiritual hearts of course as they are no longer physical) are deeply touched. But they also want everyone to remember the future too on this day, and think about ways to add on to the efforts that have been accomplished in the past. And to be more joyful/happier – celebrate their lives and deeds. The fearful and negative human ego believes that showing somber moods, sadness, etc is the only way to show honor and respect. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

This “conversation” with spirit definitely has me thinking and wondering – I got some answers here that I totally didn’t expect. I am so used to indeed seeing the somber moods at ceremonies … and of course I always go along with it – I felt it “the right thing to do – the only thing to do.” But yeah as I reflect on that, I think to myself, “Would one of our family members who have passed always want us  to view their day of passing as a horrible one? Would they want us to always be sad and carry on in the same manner we actually do at Remembrance Day ceremonies? NO! They want us to live our lives, to be happy, to find joy and peace, and to even perhaps learn lessons from their own lives.” So of course … why wouldn’t those spirits of all those soldiers want the same thing?! I totally get it … I can even “feel” how they would feel. How would you feel if you were constantly shown such a mournful procession? Not too darn good. Yet, I also totally understand the ceremonies. Like I say I do the same thing. I feel like if I were to smile or laugh I would be showing disrespect. Apparently that’s way wrong. But … it will also be a terribly difficult practice to change.

TOTALLY did NOT expect any of this LOL!!!! But … apparently that’s the way of it. I am however still somewhat in disbelief about the message … world peace????? That would be awesome … but …. right now anyways I find that rather difficult to accept/see.




How To Protect Yourself Against Ghosts

Protection From Ghosts & Negative Spirits

Lisa Caza’s Ghost Week Tour (Oct. 26 – Oct. 30, 2015)

Throughout the Ghost Tour Week, I will be touring across the States appearing on many different shows to talk about ghosts, hauntings, paranormal investigations … and how to protect oneself and the home from ghosts and other negative spirits. In light of the tour (and because I’m finding myself having to once again cleanse my own home to protect my spirit-sensitive daughter), I wanted to permanently post in my blog here about how you indeed can protect yourself.

Well the most obvious way to protect yourself: just don’t go looking for them LOL!!!! Okay – I’m sorry – bad humor – but I couldn’t help it. Yet it’s somewhat true. If you don’t want a spirit to attach itself to you, then to cut those chances down considerably I would think twice about going on any sort of ghost hunting expeditions or investigations and tours (which always tend to crop up this time of year). However, if you just can’t ignore the strong yearning to attend, then there are other ways in which to protect yourself PRIOR to entering the haunted premises. Oh … and I just can’t move forward before stating this because this is an extremely important point: DO NOT USE OUIJA BOARDS! Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! They are NOT toys and they are not to be taken lightly. If you don’t know how to protect proper and don’t know how to close portals/doors … then don’t even go there. Even the most seasoned psychic mediums can have problems!

  1.  The most popular and one of the most effective ways of protection is that of smudging yourself with smoldering sage. Fan the smoke of the burning sage over your head, your chest, arms … your entire body. I personally do this prior to entering a haunted location AS WELL AS immediately after I leave – before I even attempt to make my way back home. If your home is haunted, you can do the same thing to every room – walk to each corner of the room with the sage in a clockwise direction – again fanning the smoke as you slowly walk around. Saying a prayer or stern statement as you do so will strengthen the effect. I have to cleanse and protect my daughter’s bedroom every year or two as she will often get plagued with visiting spirits . So this method is very effective. What I ALSO do is I will sometimes add a little bit of dried cedar leaves to the sage and burn the two together. The intent of the burning cedar is to allow positive and divine energy to surround you and the space you are cleansing.
  2. In addition to the smudging with sage, to help protect children a wee bit more, I have found that if you smudge and then place an angel figurine at the corner of their bedroom door to “stand guard” also works extremely well! Again I have done this for my daughter – but now that she is 17 – I will have to ask her if she still wants the angel guard there when I cleanse her room.
  3. A method that I learned from the beloved Stuart Wilde was that of putting a few drops of lavendar essential oil in a bucket of water; which you then sprinkle on all corners of all rooms while saying a prayer of your choice. Again this is something that you can also perform on your physical body.
  4. In addition to the above, there are also certain gemstones that can be either worn or carried in order to help protect against ghosts and negative spirits (realize not all ghosts are negative!). Such gemstones include that of black tourmaline, black onyx, black obsidian, hematite, and labradorite. I’ve learned that the hematite, black onyx and obsidian are the most effective (my daughter wore a hematite turtle pendant – her animal totem – around her neck for quite some time and I found as long as she wore it I didn’t have to do my yearly sage cleanses). However there are a number of other gemstones that could be effective – so I would do some research to see what gemstone(s) you are most drawn to.
  5. Attitude. It’s all about attitude! Be vocally forceful and assert your power … and insist that the spirits leave. Now, if you are scared or weak emotionally this will not work too well because the more negative spirits will feed off of that fear instead. Be strong and don’t take no crap!
  6. Saying prayers and affirmations works as well – especially if those prayers’ intentions involve that of invoking particular spirit guides, angels and other protective beings to surround you and your home.
  7. For more visually-inclined and spiritual individuals: the use of protection visualizations and meditations is very effective. I do this for myself all the time (and not just for protection from ghosts). Visualize firstly the most radiant golden-white light fill your entire physical being from head to toe and allow it to radiate outwards from your body like an aura. Once that is accomplished, then visualize yourself being completely encompassed by this energized and electric bubble of silver light. Affirm, “I surround myself with a shield of protection. I am safe within my space.” No negative spirit can penetrate or attach itself to this high vibration energy and might even be repulsed by it. Only the most positive, loving and gentle of spirits will be able to enter – of whom would likely be your angels and guides.

Lastly, I can’t close this off without at least speaking very briefly about poltergeists. Now, poltergeists are pretty much always found within a home where a child experiencing puberty resides. As the late Stuart Wilde pointed out, poltergeists are usually manifestations of sexual expression or frustration. He advised it best to remove the child from the home and take him/her to a more country-like setting. He furthermore had advised the use of applying that lavendar oil on them and to pray forcefully (without fear!). However, I have to agree with him in saying that sometimes there has been abuse of some form (physical, sexual, emotional) that must also be dealt with … so in those cases it is obviously much more complicated (because the child’s deep subsconscious anger comes out). So in those cases, it is wise to enlist the professional help of a child therapist as well.

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~ Lisa Caza