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Happy New Year! A Great Time to Start in the Right Direction

With the new year coming within just a few mere days, now’s a very good time to get yourself pointed in the right direction by getting an ascended master’s reading. There is the 1-week subscription as well as the regular and extended full readings. In my opinion the subscription is a better value (you get 7 masters – 1 a day for $50 while the regular only gives 6 for $45 and extended gives 8-10 for $75). For those that don’t know, it is all done clairvoyantly; including the drawing of the masters. http://www.soul-psychics.com/orderareading.html

About Ascended Masters and Lisa Caza’s Ascended Master Readings:

Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers and healers, most of whom lived as humans upon the earth. They’re powerful guides who can help you understand your life’s purpose, muster the courage to make significant changes, overcome difficult situations or conflicts. and develop your psychic and manifestation abilities. Each ascended master has specialties such as healing, manifesting, ascension, relationships, careers, and so forth. They come from every religion and culture, and they’re nondenominational.

ascended master lisa caza readingsAsk the ascended masters to help guide you in your relationships (family relations, love and/or marriages, friendships), your career path, or any concerns that may be weighing heavily on your heart and mind. This oracle tends to be very responsive to your thoughts, so when asking your question, you’ll want to try to be completely focused — otherwise, you may just get answers to those “other questions” floating around in your head that you didn’t verbally ask the cards.  There is even a card in the deck that asks you to stay focused!  So you’ll get the answers you need, even if it’s not quite what you expected or thought you were seeking.  But let the cards give you this kind of feedback, and you will learn a lot from them!  The guides of this deck are very open to just about any question you wish to bring to them, but you do need to be focused when asking about your concerns.

Each reading, lovingly and carefully completed by Lisa Caza, includes not only direct messages sent from each ascended master who has appeared specifically for you, but also will include any clairvoyant and spirit guide messages that Lisa herself receives. All readings also include a brief history or biography of each appearing ascended master as well as their card image, as oftentimes each biography or legend in itself tends to add even further insight or resonation for you. (Simplified Readings reveal 3 masters, Regular Readings reveal 5 to 6 masters, and Expanded Readings reveal up to 9 or 10 masters).

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Guiding Spirits Among Us

People of late have been asking a lot of questions about spirit guides. It appears to me that, in general, spirit world is approaching more and more people in an effort to awaken new spirituality. So I will discuss here some very basic information on spirit guides to start you on your journey of understanding.

Firstly, everyone has an angel. One’s birth date can help you identify your life’s guardian angel. There are many sites on the web to help you begin your queries. But you are not limited to just a guardian angel for life. All and any angels can be called upon for aid and assistance. For example, although my life angel is Anael, I have often called upon Raphael to help people heal from injuries, illnesses and surgeries. By looking up archangels you too can discover what angel can help you and you can, by prayer simply ask them to help you. That is all that is needed to gain an extra guardian angel when you are in need.

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The moon peeking out as the sun sets across Lisa Caza’s campsite at Davis Lake © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Then are other types of spirit guides that are with us. There is usually one main protector as I call it with others as well to guide us on this journey called life. They will step in when you need a ‘specialist’. Let’s say you are having communication problems with your significant other. You may not know it but you might have a spirit that was a writer that helps you figure out to communicate with your mate in a way that is calm and clear.

Some of these protectors are people we have known in past lives. My husband was a Viking chief. Among his protectors are the men that were in his crew, always there watching his back and protecting him from harm.

Some guides are people we have known–a deceased relative or friend that chooses to remain at our side until it is time to cross over ourselves.

How can we know who our guides are? One clue is in what interests you. If you have a fascination with a period in history you more than likely have a guide from that time. You may have also lived in that time and was close to that guide. If there is a certain environment you seek, such as a desperate love of the sea your guide may be a sailor, as is the case with my daughter.

Have you ever heard someone call your name that wasn’t there? This too is a physical manifestation of a guide calling out to you so you know you are not alone. Some guides come to us in our dreams. If you dream of someone colorful, that you do not know, and they never speak you are getting a glimpse of a guide. This is especially true if you ever dream of a gray mist surrounding you and the person.

Suddenly hearing a song you associate with a loved one that you haven’t heard in a long time is another way our beloveds let us know they are around. If you receive a gift of say, an perfume your sister loved. That too is another form of communication through the person that gave you the perfume! We just need to become more aware of all the little things that present themselves.

Sensations are often associated with guides as well. Some guides will smell like flowers (if they were a florist for example), others will create heat, others goose bumps, others breezes and others sounds. If you do not feel ill at ease but calm these are your guides.

As far as connecting with your guides I will suggest what I always do–master a form of meditation in which you learn to control your mind to the point of keeping it blank hence allowing spirit sent messages to appear in your mind. You will also see things–people and even animal spirit guides as well!

We get a lot of requests for information on developing psychic skills but, the truth is reaching a blank location in the mind, in my opinion, the first and best step on a path to developing one’s skills as a psychic. Learning to create a ‘private room’ in the mind is very important.

By Cate Cavanagh

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