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Spiritual Consequences of Tattooing Names

Getting Tattoos With a Love Partner’s Name:

The Spiritual & Energetic Effects & Consequences

“Whoa … are you nuts? Don’t you know it’s bad luck to tattoo someone’s name on yourself?”

I have always held the notion that some of the most common beliefs, superstitions, and stories have some amount of truth behind them: they originated from somewhere … however oftentimes they’re also greatly exaggerated or totally misconstrued – which tends to happen to ANY “story” over time.

Anyways, my husband and I have reached a time in our lives where finally we can start to focus more on ourselves and our marriage; with all of our kids venturing out into the world to live their own lives, we are looking forward to concentrating on us – it’s almost like we’ve turned back time and we’re dating once again.

With that focus in mind, back in February – for my birthday and Valentine’s Day – I came up with the great idea for the two of us to get matching tattoos … with our first names and birthdates incorporated into them. Now, while the reactions of our friends were very supportive and excited, the reactions of mainly our children were basically echoing the opening line in this article. They thought we were both out of our minds, tried to remind us of our ages, and then went into commenting on how it’s such bad luck to do such a thing as tattooing our names on each other.

Why? Why is that a bad idea or bad luck I asked them. We are much older, and we know full well that we just won’t ever be with anyone else. And even if one of us passes before the other, well then the tattoo would act as a memorial.

In quiet reflection I then asked myself, “Where the hell did that superstition come from anyways? Sure if people are rather young and aren’t actually in a relationship with their intended life partner it wouldn’t be the best of ideas. But even then … where does the idea of it being bad luck REALLY come from?”

Later that night of course I received a divine response … of which I didn’t totally understand at first. I heard very clearly (and felt so deeply in my soul): “A soul contract might be created. Furthermore, energy is also constantly being manipulated.” What? Huh? I was more confused than when I first started questioning LOL!

However, a day later I brought this concept up in conversation with Ryan, and he mentioned Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Molecule Experiments. If you’re not familiar with his experiments – please do search it up as it’s extremely interesting. The basic premise is that all thoughts, feelings and statements influence the energy within and around us. Dr. Emoto conducted experiments on WATER – some samples received positive influences while other samples received negative and very dark influences. The difference between the “negative” and “positive” water samples, on the molecular level, were astounding!

How does Dr. Emoto’s experiments relate to this article? Well to be blunt: our bodies are made up of water … approximately 65% to be scientific about it … it is NOT 90% as most people believe – some organisms are 90%, but it is not the adult human lol. BUT! The liquid portion of blood (known as plasma) is composed of more than 90% water (so I think I just uncovered WHERE that “myth” of the human body being made of 90% water has come from LOL!).

SO with that in mind, in addition to my initial divine message that I received, let’s get back to the point here. Firstly, realize tattoos are applied just under the skin – and they cause bleeding. Blood … circulates throughout the entire body … affecting every part/organ of the body. Tattoos are permanent … well the changes on a molecular level (even as seen in the water experiments) can oftentimes also be permanent (or at the very least long-lasting). Hmmm … I think the best way for me to explain this rather profound concept is to give an example situation and then comment on it (again while reading here keep in mind the concepts mentioned above):

Situation 1: Young couple together for 2 years get their names tattooed on each other. For the first 6 months after getting them done, the energy was indescribably beautiful and their relationship took on a new dynamic. They seemed head over heels in love with each other. But then, at the 6-month mark, they get into a very heated argument. The nasty negative energy begins flying all over the place. Their hurt and anger intensify. Then without warning and without even trying to work through the argument, they permanently break up.

What happened?: 1. The intent behind getting the tattoos was positive – positive energy was put into the relationship. 2. An initial effect of the tattoos was they felt intensified love for each other, and each partner felt the intensification – like a cycling they felt and sent out the high level of love energy. 3. The same cycling occurred in their argument: they both fed off of and sent out intensifying negative emotions … which is of course much more vicious in nature. The tattoos amplified every emotion to the point where neither partner could get past the hurt. 4. They clearly were not in a divinely intended LIFE partnership. If they were, they would have made it work … they would have plowed their way through the argument and emotions and worked together to make a compromise and/or understanding. And 5. Any and all thoughts – whether positive or negative – are being directed more easily towards each partner due to the permanent writing of their name into each other’s own energy/body.

So all of that explains the divine message that I received about how energy would be constantly manipulated. And what then happens as time passes after the breakup? Well, of course you stop thinking about that person. They are no longer in your life. The energetic effects of the tattoo kind of “wear off” … but you will never feel the same about that person again … hence the MOST COMMON knowledge that the reason getting a tattoo with their name on it is a bad idea lol: who wants to have a the name of an ex on their body – especially when they DO in fact find their intended life partner?!

But what about the creation of soul contracts then?

Because tattoos are permanent, because of the pure loving intent behind the initial application of the tattoos, and because the changes on the molecular level can be permanent, this could on a spiritual level tie each partner together in something of a soul contract where perhaps in a next lifetime they will need to reunite or be forced to reunite to “try again.” Or in more extreme cases (which I know is in my case here actually): the couple, on a spirit level, vow that they will never be apart again –so they will always reunite in subsequent lifetimes … that is until the original soul contract is eliminated/cancelled out.

Remember that even though getting a tattoo is physical, there are always spiritual and energetic effects (and vice versa: what is done and or seen in the spiritual/energetic level will be reflected somehow in the physical).

So I fully believe, after doing my research and meditations on this topic, I have found the origin of the “bad luck” behind getting tattoos. I’d also like to point out the Law of Attraction too here. If you believe that it is bad luck, then it will be!

In our case, neither my husband or I believe it’s bad luck. We believe that it is a solidification … confirmation … or affirming statement about our love for each other and our connection. We are also divinely intended life partners: we KNOW that we’ll always be together where the only thing that will separate us is death … and even that will be temporary. I would also have to say that we don’t really allow disagreements to get between us. We work through them – as we should – and we don’t allow the swirling negative emotions to overtake us.

By no means am I advocating for others to do this – it definitely isn’t for everyone … and in fact I would have to say that it wouldn’t be the wisest of decisions for some people – especially if you don’t have absolute knowing that you’ve found your intended one (and likewise don’t have a clear understanding of spiritual principles like soul contracts, how energy works, and so on.). How will you know if you’ve found each other? Well that one’s hard to answer: you just know – without ANY question whatsoever (so in other words you wouldn’t even need to go to a psychic like myself to ask that question) … and usually both of you come to that realization at an older age rather than in your 20’s or 30’s even … and you both have in fact been together already for quite some time.

I just wanted to take a look into the more energetic/spiritual effects that getting a tattoo could potentially cause … as well as to figure out where that belief of bad luck stemmed from. I believe I’ve done just that (and I actually didn’t think I would at first lol!). But if anything I think my research has given much more to consider/think about for those actually considering tattoos.

Yet to be honest with you, I think hubby and I made the right choice. Our relationship is stronger than ever before … our love, support and compassion for each other has heightened tremendously, we’re both very proud of what we’ve done, and essentially this has been the first step out of many for us to take in terms of focusing on just us.

© 2016 Lisa Caza
© 2016 Lisa Caza

©2016 Lisa Caza


Romantic Soul Mates: Myths and Truths

A romantic soul mate is the one person that you are meant to live happily ever after with, right? Once you meet them, everything will fall into place and life will be wonderful, right? Well – yes, and no. Let’s take a look at some of the myths about romantic soul mates.

Myth #1: We each have only one romantic soul mate during our lifetime.

True for some, not for others. Some people have one soul mate who they’ll be with for most of their life. However, many of us have several romantic soul mates during a lifetime, at different times in our lives – each exactly who and what we need at that particular time. For instance, we may have a deep, meaningful relationship with one romantic soul mate, that relationship ends for whatever reason, and later we may meet another of our soul mates. Most people don’t know exactly how many romantic soul mates they will have, or when they will show up.

Myth #2: Romantic soul mates always live happily ever after.

Sometimes this is the case. Very often, though, soul mates will live “ever after” – with happiness, but also with some challenges. The challenges are what urge them to learn and grow, and often end up helping them love each other more deeply.

Myth #3: Soul mates always end up together for the long-term.

Sometimes romantic soul mates live “happily” but not “ever after” – meaning that soul mate relationships are sometimes meant to last long-term, and sometimes for a shorter time.

A soul mate can be lost to illness, for instance. In some cases, a romantic soul mate relationship runs its course and it naturally ends after its purpose has been accomplished. Occasionally, a romantic soul mate will decide that the relationship is not worth the challenges it presents.

There is nothing that guarantees that a romantic soul mate relationship will be “all happiness” or will last a long time. Remember, though that in romantic soul mate relationships everything happens for a purpose – providing opportunities not only for love, but also for learning and growth.

Myth #4: I’ll recognize my romantic soul mate immediately when I meet them.

Occasionally this happens, where one or both soul mates recognize their soul mate right away. But not always.

Sometimes a person is expecting a certain “type” of person as their soul mate, and they don’t recognize them when they show up. In some cases, they can’t get past this expectation and they miss connecting with their soul mate altogether.

In some cases, it takes a while to discover that romantic soul mate connection – especially when the relationship starts out in another context such as “friends” or “co-workers.”

Myth #5: Once I’m with my romantic soul mate, everything will fall into place and life will be great.

Many aspect of life may be better, and you may be happier overall – but you will still have most of the same challenges in your life. You will still be running the same patterns you were before. Still have the same subconscious beliefs or tendencies for self-sabotage, for example. If the personal challenges were there before, they will very likely still be there after

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