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Psychic Predictions for 2016

This year I’m not going to focus too much at all on government, politics, and so on. We all know what’s been happening and where it’s all headed. As I write this, we’re just a mere few weeks following the attacks in Paris – and only a week since Turkey shot down that Russian airplane. The situation is very concerning and we are walking on thin ice. It doesn’t take a psychic to see and feel how extremely close we’re coming to a major war. I shall leave it at that – for I do get close to an anxiety attack when I think about the prospect of war this new year. Russia will be playing a key role in battling that terrorist group (I refuse to say the actual name for I feel it very disrespectful to the ancient Egyptian goddess) – that group will  be defeated in 2016 with Russia leading the way.

I will also not focus much on the Syrian refugee crisis – all I can say is that residents of Canada, the US and other countries WILL feel the impact. My daughter, who has been an air cadet for a number of years, has already been affected: it has been established that there will not be any summer training camps other than the national ones because most refugees are being housed in the military bases. Expect further changes to come.

The stock market is going to fluctuate wildly starting from February onwards. It will first take a major dip in February and then goes higher once more. Up and down it will go – very unstable all year. There will be increased talk about a possible crash as folks will state this wild fluctuation is a “sign” of an “impending crash.”

Prices will continue to rise – especially on food and life necessities. Gas will fluctuate before falling into an all-time low. Gold continues to fall but silver will continue to rise slowly.

I’ve been saying for the past two years that I’ve felt great concern for Prince Phillip and his health. But lately, I just look into that man’s eyes and I can see the shadows all around them. The past two years we haven’t heard what he’s been struggling with health-wise … but I know it’s something  – you can’t tell me otherwise. Illness is very strong in and around him. This year though I believe his struggle will finally be revealed in the media for there is a sense here that things will come to a major head – I don’t like focusing on death for anyone but I feel that he’s going to, at the very least, come extremely close to it.

For the last I’d say 10 years or so we’ve been seeing tremendous amounts of “freakish” weather patterns, storms, and so on. So it should come as no surprise that of course we’re going to continue with this … it doesn’t take a psychic to see it lol. Specific “predictions” I feel (and I’m not going to focus on this too much because as we ALL know Mother Earth and the forces of nature is being so “temperamental”: 1. I’m being drawn to the north-western coast of South America – Peru or Ecuador – major volcanic eruption in March or April. 2. Southern Ontario – June or July – 2 tornados at the same time: a very destructive F4 level and F2 level respectively. Can’t differentiate where each will be seen, but one feels to be around Barrie/Caledon areas and second will be more south-west – close to Windsor or London. 3. Hail storm in Alberta (Calgary/Edmonton) – July – sizes seen as large as golf balls at least – massive damage to property – will make headline news. 4.  Western coast of the states – California and Oregon – July or August – at least a 6.5 to 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Largest in years.

Now for some “fun” and just generalized predictions:

We all know about the touch-screen technology that’s in our phones, IPads, and even desktops. But how about touch-screen televisions? I believe that this will come to be this year. It is likely that just the prototype for this will be created in 2016, so consumers might not be able to get their hands on it until 2017 or 2018. My question is, who will buy these things when we’ve become so accustomed to remote control? I guess we shall see …

Speaking of televisions, there are a number of different paranormal investigation shows, psychic shows, and even animal shows like Cesar Milan. But in 2016 a new type of psychic show will emerge: an animal communicator show! I personally am quite excited about that … and it will be a cross between Cesar Milan’s show and Long Island Medium. The show will focus on spirits of departed pets as well as regular animal psychic communications to assist owners in understanding their pets’ desires, needs, behaviors, and so on.

Now this particular psychic prediction made me laugh like crazy … and it came to me one night while I watched my husband cook supper. Yet at the same time, I find it odd that it doesn’t really surprise me too much. In the latter half of 2016, expect to hear news about scientists pushing for … get this … cross-vegetables. The example that was given to me was a potato merged with a carrot. Okay … so what are we going to call this cross vegetable? A parrot? LOL!!!!! Anyways joking aside, apparently this isn’t too far-fetched especially when we consider the amount of genetically-modified foods that are already out on the market. Personally-speaking I hope this does NOT happen for I have to wonder what sort of consequences/repercussions will occur as a result.

The Green Sea Turtle, currently on the endangered list, will either be removed from the endangered species list or will at the very least be downgraded in its status.

As always the deadline for me to post predictions is my birthday: February 13th. I will update the predictions as they come to me.




Remembering Past Lives

Knowledge of Not-So-Wonderful Past Lives:

Dealing With Emotions & What To Do With That Past Life Knowledge

© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Lisa's maternal great-grandparents!
© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Lisa’s maternal great-grandparents!

© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

Some of us are rather fortunate to be given the huge blessing of remembering … or at the very least knowing about … one or more of our past lives. Either we go to a past life reader in order for them to reveal one to us, or we will actually start to remember for ourselves. For the sake of this article, I would actually like to concentrate on the latter – when we do in fact start remembering for ourselves.

How do we start to remember? One major clue to pay attention to is actually our interests; in particular specific time periods in history, clothing worn, cultures of interest … all those things that we feel a particular drawing or affinity to – and really don’t have any explanation as to why. Other things to pay attention to are recurring dreams, irrational fears and/or beliefs or behaviors, and for those who work with spirit guides – specific messages and/or images that may be given to you in meditation.

That’s only the beginning however. That’s how you start off. From there … you then have to do research – and even more meditation. And in the case of myself, I will tell you that for one past life I actually ASKED for guidance on where to look. I was most certainly given some pretty darn strong clues! They were so strong in fact that it took me a matter of 5 minutes to find out who I was. And that was after literally years and years of pondering and wondering! Well, I guess as the saying goes when you’re ready then it will be revealed to you. Ugh … I guess I was ready! Ha! But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Maybe in another article we can get more in-depth about researching, etc.

When we do start remembering, not only will details and information resonate with you (you might even notice uncanny similarities in terms of behavior, life events, etc), but something that you might not expect is that of feeling certain emotions. Oftentimes, there is a great reverence, nostalgia or awe that’s felt, along with happiness, a sense of closure or validation, and even excitement. However, once in a while some of us will “come across” particular past lives that give us not-so-positive emotions and thoughts. And this is why I am writing this article: for those of us who get somewhat blindsided by it all.

Some of us will uncover life times that we’re not too proud to acknowledge … for whatever reason; perhaps something that we did, or who we were, or even just in how we died. In my case … and in most cases I suppose … it’s a bit of all of the above.

I don’t wish to divulge too much detail here about this specific past life – it is rather sensitive in nature in terms of exactly who I was (no I wasn’t a bad person lol – but I am/was someone notable in history – hence why I don’t say outright who I am/was). However, when I first realized this past life my most immediate reaction was that of flat out denial. You know what I said? Honestly this was my message to a very close friend of mine only moments after I realized the truth of who I was: “No way! Absolutely not! I don’t want to be them! Why them?! They were so stupid! I can’t stand them!” I said those exact words. My poor dear sweet friend; she was in shock … and really didn’t know what to say. What could she say? And at that point all I could say were negative comments … and admitting that I wasn’t ready to be hit so hard emotionally with this knowledge. It was profound … VERY profound.

After my initial denial, I literally went through something of a major healing or grieving process. I went through every phase of the process: denial, grief, anger, resentment, deep sorrow … and even remorse and repulsion was felt towards my childish behavior in that life! I could not even sleep soundly for about three days because it was constantly on my mind … I even found myself crying a few times – some times out of remorse and other times feeling grief (again there’s that process). Two things were happening at this stage: I was experiencing my emotions that I felt just prior to my death in that life time (I was beheaded), and I was healing my spirit by acknowledging each phase/emotion.

This is a key point: acknowledge those emotions and thoughts! Just like within the grieving process when you lose a loved one: would you like it if someone said to you in the midst of your mourning, “Oh suck it up buttercup. They’re dead. Constantly crying and feeling regretful isn’t going to bring them back and it isn’t going to make you feel any better either. Toughen up!” You wouldn’t like that too much would you? So don’t do it to yourself because this is almost the very same process. ALLOW yourself to grieve … even allow yourself to feel that anger and remorse towards yourself and who you were.

Once you go through the process and you finally find yourself at a place of ACCEPTANCE … you let it go. Accept it, have understanding for the situation of the time … and above all … FORGIVE yourself. Then like I say, let it go.

Why should you allow this process to take place? BECAUSE IT HEALS YOUR ENTIRE SPIRIT. It also opens up your spirit’s trajectory (in other words from this current life time to the next one). Furthermore, it also removes any potential blocks that might have been there. For example, I strongly believe that my spirit, due to the experiences in this particular past life, formed this horribly negative belief that money and success only brings about misery and perhaps even ultimate demise. I say this because I tried to recall my thinking back then just prior to death. You know what I hear? “My life was just fine before I got involved with this person. Had I not gotten involved then I wouldn’t have met such a horrible horrible death!” (no I can’t say who I got involved with because that would give clues as to who I am/was – but they certainly had the dough-ray-me).

So this is the main purpose of learning about past lives. It shows us lessons we’ve learned, things we’ve overcome, it explains fears and thought patterns or behaviors, it removes any potential blocks we might have formed as a result of a particular life, it propels us onwards and upwards in this life (evolution), and it heals the emotionally wounded heart and spirit. Even the not-so-wonderful past lives … embrace them … no matter how dark or horrible things were (or that you perceive to be so). Grieve, accept, show understanding, forgive … and then let it go. And take pride, no matter who you are/were.

© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics