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Romantic Soul Mates: Myths and Truths

A romantic soul mate is the one person that you are meant to live happily ever after with, right? Once you meet them, everything will fall into place and life will be wonderful, right? Well – yes, and no. Let’s take a look at some of the myths about romantic soul mates.

Myth #1: We each have only one romantic soul mate during our lifetime.

True for some, not for others. Some people have one soul mate who they’ll be with for most of their life. However, many of us have several romantic soul mates during a lifetime, at different times in our lives – each exactly who and what we need at that particular time. For instance, we may have a deep, meaningful relationship with one romantic soul mate, that relationship ends for whatever reason, and later we may meet another of our soul mates. Most people don’t know exactly how many romantic soul mates they will have, or when they will show up.

Myth #2: Romantic soul mates always live happily ever after.

Sometimes this is the case. Very often, though, soul mates will live “ever after” – with happiness, but also with some challenges. The challenges are what urge them to learn and grow, and often end up helping them love each other more deeply.

Myth #3: Soul mates always end up together for the long-term.

Sometimes romantic soul mates live “happily” but not “ever after” – meaning that soul mate relationships are sometimes meant to last long-term, and sometimes for a shorter time.

A soul mate can be lost to illness, for instance. In some cases, a romantic soul mate relationship runs its course and it naturally ends after its purpose has been accomplished. Occasionally, a romantic soul mate will decide that the relationship is not worth the challenges it presents.

There is nothing that guarantees that a romantic soul mate relationship will be “all happiness” or will last a long time. Remember, though that in romantic soul mate relationships everything happens for a purpose – providing opportunities not only for love, but also for learning and growth.

Myth #4: I’ll recognize my romantic soul mate immediately when I meet them.

Occasionally this happens, where one or both soul mates recognize their soul mate right away. But not always.

Sometimes a person is expecting a certain “type” of person as their soul mate, and they don’t recognize them when they show up. In some cases, they can’t get past this expectation and they miss connecting with their soul mate altogether.

In some cases, it takes a while to discover that romantic soul mate connection – especially when the relationship starts out in another context such as “friends” or “co-workers.”

Myth #5: Once I’m with my romantic soul mate, everything will fall into place and life will be great.

Many aspect of life may be better, and you may be happier overall – but you will still have most of the same challenges in your life. You will still be running the same patterns you were before. Still have the same subconscious beliefs or tendencies for self-sabotage, for example. If the personal challenges were there before, they will very likely still be there after

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