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Psychics With Different Psychic Abilities

Psychics With Different Psychic Abilities

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As soon as some folks hear the word “psychic” or “psychics,” they may automatically assume at least one of the following:

1. The psychic knows all the answers to everything, and can maybe even read minds.
2. The psychic must be able to communicate with the spirit of their loved one; or has the ability to either a. see past lives, b. read animals, and c. read tarot cards; or actually all of the above.
3. The psychic can locate lost/missing items and/or people.
4. The psychic must not charge for the services as it’s a gift from God.
5. The psychic must be 100% accurate 100% of the time.

I have come across basically all of those mentioned – plus some. And the thing is, none of it is factual. Unfortunately, this is the “stigma” that the good ol’ media has created regarding metaphysical talents through such shows as Long Island Medium and the likes. And yes, it can be frustrating for us at times.

I have decided that I would post this article to CLARIFY the above five points.

The psychic knows all the answers to everything, can even read minds and must be 100% accurate all of the time:

No. No. And no. We are all human beings just like everyone else on this Earth. Only God/Divine knows all the answers. And in being human, well we most certainly cannot be 100% accurate all of the time! Again, only the Divine can be that way. If we knew it all, well we wouldn’t be here. Simple as that. It also isn’t like we can know every little thing that’s going on in someone’s mind – and we don’t walk around with our “switches in the on position” all the time (this is why for many years I have had a hard time totally accepting the concept of the Long Island Medium). Yes, once in a while in having conversation with a friend some sort of image or message might seep through to us, but again that doesn’t happen often. If we don’t want to read a person – we simply can’t/don’t. And normally, well at least for me personally anyways, if I am not sitting here actively working with someone via email or phone, then I am NOT in active reading mode.

And just a note in respect to being 100% accurate: what also comes into play is the concept of having to give timeframes for a certain event in readings. Timeframes are difficult to accurately pinpoint all because timeframes are dependent upon the actions (and conversely inaction) of those persons involved. Also, some psychics just don’t have the knack for timing. I personally can give an approximate timeframe for things to occur – but I don’t hold myself to it at times – for again it depends on what paths/decisions my client makes.

The psychic must have the ability to communicate with spirits of loved ones, read pets, see past lives, locate missing/lost items or persons, read tarot cards, and so on.

Again, all of this is false. Every psychic has different psychic abilities and specializations. So this is why it is very important for folks to do some research on what kind of psychic they are truly looking for. I shall give a small list of abilities here:

– To communicate with the spirit of a deceased loved one, you need a MEDIUM or PSYCHIC MEDIUM. The word “medium” MUST be in the psychic’s biography and/or title.
– To read animals and pets, you will need an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR or PET PSYCHIC.
– To have past lives revealed to you, you require a PAST LIFE READER or PAST LIFE REGRESSIONIST.
– To have a tarot card reading, you need a psychic who states that they are a TAROT READER or CARTOMANCER. A similar reader is an ORACLE CARD READER (oracle cards have a much lighter and positive energy to them than the regular tarot).
– To locate missing persons and/or lost items, the psychic reader should have included that specific skill in their biography and/or website somewhere.
– To read into health-related concerns, a MEDICAL INTUITIVE would be the best choice.
– To read into business-related concerns, the psychic should include this as a specialized service in their biography/website.
– To read into relationship concerns, again the psychic should include this in their biography/website as a specific skill.
– To learn what or who your spirit guides are, the psychic must be able to work with spirit guides and animal totem guides.

There are also other psychic abilities not listed above that are just as popular. For example myself: I am a CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIENT, CLAIRSENTIENT and EMPATH. I am also a REMOTE VIEWER, INTUITIVE, PRECOGNITOR (precognition) and RETROCOGNITOR (ability to gather information from not just past lives but also the intervals between physical lives where the consciousness lived in non-physical dimensions). Granted I also have the ability to read animals and see into past lives and reveal person’s animal guides/spirit guides (usually we do have more than one skill “hiding” or “embedded” into others).

There are also psychic readers who work with angels, the Akashic Records, energy healing and auras, chakra balancing, reiki, psychometry, and psychography, and the ability to travel and see into other dimensions/realities. I personally do NOT have such abilities.

But the key point to remember when you are searching for the right psychic for you, is to make sure that you see your specific requirement listed either in their title or biography itself. The BEST psychic for you would be one who actually specializes in the specific skill that you’re needing.

Remember that not all psychics have all the same psychic abilities. Search for those who you feel has the specific skill/skillset that would most benefit you and your needs.

The psychic must not charge for their services as it’s a gift from God:

This one really gets a lot of us psychic readers going – but fortunately this statement isn’t as commonly seen as what it used to be. We are just like anyone else who offers their “God-given gifts” to the public for money. Would you expect a painter or sculptor to not charge for their services? What about an author/poet, musician, and actor? Those are all gifts too. And indeed look at the money they make with them! Psychics are no different. Sure our gifts are different – but isn’t the musician different from the author? So there shouldn’t be this debate truly.

So this is why I wrote this wee article today really: to help those who need it. If I can’t help them, then at least I can try to steer them in the right direction towards one who can. And of course to dispel the wide misunderstanding of psychics in general.


Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is REAL

Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium: Is She Real or Is She Truly a Fraud?

theresa caputoOn June 12, 2014, the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show performed a forensic psychic soul analysis on “Long Island Medium,” Theresa Caputo. In addition to being analyzed by the Virtues (Psychic Medium Kerrie O’Connor, Psychic Lisa Caza, Past Life Reader & Psychic Laura Lyn, and Astrologer Constance Stellas), OLIT Radio interviewed Paranormal Skeptic Investigator, Ron Tebo. Tebo’s conclusion to his investigations into Caputo (in which he is trying to debunk the Long Island Medium) opens the door to many questions.

Author’s Note (Oct. 2016): After the show aired, the tabloids/media wrote articles about it – and quoted statements said by all 4 psychics. Unfortunately the articles MISQUOTED Lisa Caza. So Lisa recently created a video to explain the misquote. The video is included here to compliment this article):

*It needs to be noted that before her psychic analysis on the OLIT Radio show, Lisa Caza was actually a skeptic regarding Theresa Caputo’s authenticity! As she has never performed a psychic reading about the Long Island Medium before, Lisa didn’t have much respect for the TLC show host – because of course she didn’t know the much broader perspective of everything. Until now!!! Lisa Caza wishes to admit that she was actually wrong in how she felt – but it was because she was viewing things from her own human mind and ego. And she hopes that some day Theresa will forgive her for that narrow-mindedness that she once held. Now she sees the truth … and does support The Long Island Medium in all of her healing work. Lisa would consider it a real honor if she ever had the chance to work alongside Theresa Caputo.

Does she legitimately have a gift of unique perception?
– All three psychics (Lisa Caza – owner of Soul Psychics, Kerrie O’Connor and Laura Lyn) ALL concluded that the Long Island Medium does in fact have a real, legitimate gift. However, as Lisa Caza pointed out in her interview, due to the godlike inhuman perfectionism that has been created, not only has Theresa gotten caught up in ego (which that in itself would be very hard for anyone to not do!), but they are now scrambling trying to KEEP UP WITH that very same image that they’ve created (and this scrambling and their actions to do so are the main cause of the now circulating rumors of cold reading, gathering/researching info on people prior to readings, etc). Furthermore, unfortunately because of the ego, her REAL abilities have become “dampened down.” And the more or longer the ego is catered to, then ultimately the more a person’s legitimate abilities deteriorate.

Can she actually communicate with the dead?
Yes. Theresa Caputo does have real psychic abilities. However, Lisa Caza makes an interesting point. In any given Long Island Medium episode, you will hear Theresa state, “Spirit is showing me the image of ______ which represents to me _______ .” When communicating with a spirit of a deceased person, the usual manner in which they communicate is they will say and/or show the reader something that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever to the reader. It won’t make any sense to the reader at all – but it will be a very significant message for the spirit as well as the loved one they are trying to communicate with! So, essentially Theresa is using her clairvoyance and connection with her spirit guides to communicate with the deceased individuals. Spirit guides work with us by showing us images/symbols that mean something personally to us as individuals – and which quite often aren’t understood by the person the reader is reading for!

Is her impact more positive than negative?
Does Theresa Caputo facilitate the healing of grieving people? Yes she does. Does she give a sense of peace and do people feel comforted and relieved by the messages she gives? Again the answer, for the most part, is YES! So indeed there is a much more positive impact here than a negative one. The only negative impact I would have to say would be upon herself … her trying to keep up to the perfectionism created by the Long Island Medium show! But only Theresa herself can answer to that … she is the only one being affected negatively in all of this.

This entire situation has a lot of truth mixed with more negative aspects … and as such it’s hard for most folks to tell what the real gist of the story actually is. But with the insights that Lisa Caza and the other psychics reveal on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth, it’s with great hope that a lot of it will be explained.

You can hear the full Outer Limits of Inner Truth Show archive below;  which will reveal further insightful information and revelations, and likewise includes the interview with Rob Tebo.

New Spirituality Internet Radio with The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth on BlogTalkRadio