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“Psychic” Faces Fraud & Extortion Charges

A NOTE FROM LISA: I just came across this article that was written back in March of this year – and I have to say that it made my day! This is the most awesome news that I’ve seen. Finally the law, at least here in Canada, is FINALLY starting to truly step up to the plate in order to protect victims of psychic fraud and other psychic scams!

The original article can be found here: http://globalnews.ca/news/3345530/psychic-charged-with-witchcraft-after-extorting-100k-to-exorcise-evil-spirit-police

Psychic faces witchcraft charge after extorting $100K to exorcise ‘evil spirit’: police

A 37-year-old Indian man has been charged with pretending to practice witchcraft after police say a Brampton man was defrauded of more than $100,000 in a fake exorcism for an ill relative who was told they were the “victim of an evil spirit.”

Toronto police said an astrologer and psychic known as “Master Raghav,” who was living in Toronto but visiting from India, handed out his business cards at a mall in the west-end area of Rexdale in February and March.

Police said a 44-year-old Brampton man received one of the psychic’s cards advertising a wide variety of services and set up an appointment and was informed a “sick family member had been the victim of an evil spirit.”

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“So actually it’s a lure,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said. “He sets up an appointment and meets this man just for $20. That’s what the initial psychic reading is, is $20.”

Police said the man was convinced to withdraw $101,000 from the bank and provide it to the psychic in an attempt to”remove” the evil spirit and heal his relative.

Murali Muthyalu was arrested Wednesday and charged with extortion, fraud over $5,000 and pretending to practice witchcraft.

The Criminal Code defines the charge as anyone who “pretends to exercise or use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration.”

It also covers anyone who attempts to “tell fortunes” or pretends to have knowledge of “an occult or crafty science” to discover where something lost or stolen may be found.

Sidhu said the exorcism was not successful and the alleged victim then reported the incident to police.

“If it’s your family member you’ll do anything for them,” she said. “She is still sick, that’s safe to say. She was sick prior to and she’s still sick.”

Police are asking anyone who has had dealings with Muthyalu or his alias of Master Raghav to contact police at 416-808-5500 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

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Psychic Scam Alert

Psychic Scam Artists At it Again!

Over the years I have heard countless folks being taken advantage of and scammed by so-called psychics – claiming that they can help the client remove negative energy/blocks, perform spells to make an ex-lover return, and the likes. But never have I found myself actually in the midst of such a horrible scheme! Until now …

Last night I was contacted by a wonderful lady who received a psychic reading from a local “psychic” in her area. She said initially the psychic reading was rather accurate, but then the reader went on to state that she can do a “chart” for her for an additional cost of $1200.

She received this so-called chart and immediately alarm bells started ringing in her mind and heart. She got online and did some research; within minutes she was directed to my website, Soul Psychics, and found one of the sample readings that I have posted. That “psychic” literally plagiarized my sample email reading WORD FOR WORD and submitted it to this woman along with further plagiarized content from other websites.

I immediately advised her to request a full refund – and to continue hounding her until she does in fact re-pay her. I also got online and did some research, and found the local police department’s chief of police’s email address and forwarded it to the client – advising to write up a report on her. I personally have taken a step by filing a report against her on Ripoff Report.

There are obviously two different things going on here: plagiarism and selling of copyrighted materials, and the psychic scam against the client itself. I know that there is nothing that folks can do to help me. However, please take care of yourselves! Please do your research on any psychic that you wish to consult with, and most certainly the very moment a “psychic” professes that they can do any kind of spell or other service for you “for an additional fee/cost” … run! Run very fast and very far away as quickly as possible. They are psychic scams!

This is why I am posting about my latest “dilemma” … to help others best I can and to most certainly alert any and all folks who may potentially wish to consult with this specific “psychic.” I take no qualms in posting the name and location of this person; and I shall do so pending me receiving further information.

For learning/informational purpose I am also going to show you one of the emails that I received from this poor lady. Realize that I will NOT however divulge this client’s name in order to protect privacy.

Please take care everyone and do not fall victim to these psychic predators and scam artists!


I appreciate all of your kind words, and your understanding.

Here is the email as Z***** sent it. You can see that the first 2 pages are directly from your website. The last part is from the following website http://www.everythingunderthemoon.net/advice/advice013-psychic-reading-script.htm . There are a few paragraphs in the middle that came from another site — (they actually show up in multiple websites.) She wrote the first sentence of the second to the last paragraph and the last line of the chart.

I physical met with her for my initial reading at her shop. After she completed the reading, which was very accurate, she told me that I had a lot of negative energy and she could help me to rid myself of it. She said she would do a chart for me based on my birth name and birth date. She said she would need to do many hours of meditation on my behalf and that she would include those findings in the chart as well. She knew from the reading that there was a romantic issue I was struggling with. She assured me that she could help the man involved to make the right decisions so that we would be happily ever after. She told me that this would take much of her time over the next week. I was skeptical, but also hopeful that she was right. She then told me that it would of course involve an added expense since she would need to give me some items to help me, to help her in this journey. She asked for $1200. I think because the reading seemed so accurate and she knew so many things about my life that there seemed to be no way she could know, I thought it was worth the gamble.

The next day I met with her again for a few minutes and she gave me to Chakra stones to bath with and a yellow and blue candle to use while bathing. She told me that all of these items were only available in India (this part, I didn’t really believe, but what the heck.) Later that day she called me and asked me to bath at a certain hour so she could start her meditation just after that. She called and basically asked me to repeat the process again the next day. The following day she wanted to meet in person again. This time she met me at a restaurant. (Her shop is 70 miles from where I live, and I had just happened to be in Seaside the first couple of days.) We met at the restaurant and she told me that she had been working very hard on the chart and it was almost complete. She also told me that she saw another women talking into the ear of the man involved. She then told me that for an additional cost she could get the other woman out of our lives. This was a huge red flag for me. I told her that I was having a problem believing that that would be possible. She told me of course it was possible and she could guarantee me that she could get her out of our lives in 4 to 6 weeks. Of course this would take all of her time and energy and of course she would need some supplies. Out of curiosity I asked her what she was thinking in regards to the amount of money. Her reply was isn’t your happiness priceless. I can’t tell you right now how expensive it will be. It could be $500, it could be $2000, $10,000. But reminded me this is the rest of my life, happy with this man. And again is it possible to put a price on my happiness. She told me to think about it and we would talk later. Oh, she also sent me a text message asking me not to share any of this information with anyone until we had completed the process.

At this point I was becoming very uncomfortable. I started to search the internet, etc. The next morning she called and told me she would be sending my chart in the next 15 minutes. An hour later I received the chart. I knew immediately that she had not written it. I waited until that evening (last night) to send her a response. I told her that I knew she had not written the chart and even gave her links to the website she had used to copy the “chart” I told her that I was extremely disappointed and requested a full refund.

This morning she called me and I did not answer her call. She then sent the following text “Patty, Just got your email. I am very disappointed as well. I have a spiritual life coach that works with me from canada. I paid her to help me with the chart. I’ve been working with her for one year. I’ve never had this issue with her…. I will also be contacting her regarding this and forwarding your emails to her. Please allow me to apologize.” I did not respond and about 15 minute later she texted again ” Also, I would like to apologize to you in person…. You speak of contacting a Attorney. Your more than welcome to. There in no error. I assure you I’m not doing anything wrong. You said it yourself. The reading I have given to you and the services that you received was amazing. Your headache went away after you started your home instructions. But you do what you have to do and have a wonderful day again I apologize for the chart.”

I responded with the following email


Let me be very clear, I have no desire to see or speak to you. I do not accept your apology. We had a commitment, and you continual lead me to believe that you were meditating on my behalf and even told me that you were writing all of this down, and that it would all be included in my chart. There were only 2 sentences in that chart that you, yourself wrote. Everything else in that chart was plagiarized from copyrighted sources on the internet.

The agreement we had was between the two of us. You were the one who was ultimately responsible for the chart. Even if as you stated, someone else helped you with it, you were ultimately responsible to me. Had you read the chart it would have been as obvious to you as it was to me that it was not written by you. The chart included none of the information that you told me it would include. You did not deliver a personalized chart, as per our agreement.

If you are truly sorry for what has transpired, prove it to me and everyone else, by refunding my money.

Refund the money via PayPal, and I’ll drop this issue. If you choose not to, I will as you said, do what I must do. I will have my attorney contact you, we will file a suite, I will contact the local newspapers, I will post reviews on line so that I can protect this from happening again, I will contact the owners of the copyrighted materials that you used without their permission.

I can assure you that what you did is not only wrong, it is immoral, and unethical. I’m sure that your current and potential clients will not be pleased when they read about it in the local paper and in your online reviews.

Following that was my plagiarized … word for word …  sample spiritual life email psychic reading that is posted in my main website (soul-psychics.com). The only difference was the client’s name and my opening/closing statements were deleted. I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW IF I MYSELF COULD LEGALLY PURSUE THIS … PUT THIS PSYCHIC SCAM ARTIST DOWN.

Read here on excellent steps to take if you find yourself in a similar situation with a psychic scam artist: Steps to Take When You’ve Been Scammed by a Fake Psychic

I found this next bit from the Illinois State Police website. Please take to heart! (although this is from Illinois this pertains to ALL states and countries!!). Copyright with all rights reserved to Illinois State Police (https://www.isp.state.il.us/crime/citizenscam.cfm):

Many high school students and young adults visit fortune tellers for entertainment, however, most high school students do not possess the financial holdings a criminal fortune teller is looking for. Working professionals and senior citizens are more opportune targets. Criminal fortune tellers know most individual problems concern health, wealth, or love. According to experienced investigators, initial contact with some victims is made at fairs, carnivals, newspaper ads, and hand flyers. If the victim is in a vulnerable emotional state, the criminal fortune teller attempts to work a curse removal scheme or bujo (boo-joo). The following is a fictional example of how a bujo progresses.

Jane Doe is a middle-aged, well educated, professional. Her husband of 25 years dies; she has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness. Every day on her way home from the office, Jane passes “Mrs. XYZ’s Psychic Readings.” Jane decides to stop one afternoon for the $5 special. After an initial tarot (pronounced ta-roe) card reading or maybe a little palm reading, the “psychic” informs Jane there is indeed some “dark evil” surrounding her life, which needs to be removed.

After several visits, Jane is told the “dark evil” surrounding her life is being caused by her late husband’s insurance money. The “psychic” rubs an egg around Jane’s body to absorb some of the evil. When the egg is cracked open, an ugly, disgusting mass (usually made up of hair, bread, and maybe a small plastic devil’s head) is discovered inside the egg.

The “psychic” tells Jane she must bury the insurance money in the graveyard. Jane is understandably reluctant to perform such an act. The “psychic,” pretending to be a compassionate person, volunteers to bury the money for Jane (the psychic buries the money right into her own pocket).

Jane’s curse removal therapy continues for the next year. After several thousand dollars of her money has been “cleansed,” the “psychic” suddenly disappears, probably to another state. The bujo is now complete.

How do criminal fortune tellers convince their customers of their supernatural ability to predict the future? They rely on a technique called “cold reading.” By using a series of generalized statements, vague enough to fit anyone, the victim is convinced the statements are specific to their life. When a “cold reader” combines a gimmick such as tarot cards, tea leaves, a crystal ball, or palm reading with generalized personality statements, the illusion of psychic ability is created.

Theft by deception is illegal. It is the responsibility of law enforcement to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Aggressive prosecution and public education are two key factors in reducing potential victims from these con artists.

Don’t let embarrassment prevent you from reporting criminal activity. The con artist relies on their victims being reluctant to admit they have been scammed.

If you have been a victim or know someone who has been victimized by a criminal fortune teller, please report the incident to your nearest law enforcement agency.

These scams are just a few of the numerous frauds perpetrated annually. Each year thousands of victims lose millions of dollars from these scams. The deception list continues to grow each year, making scams, their victims, and the exact dollar amount almost impossible to track. Anyone can become the victim. People of all ages, educational levels, and incomes fall victim to scams daily.

Gathering and sharing of information is vital, especially when you are dealing with these transient, criminal suspects, and the thefts, scams, and frauds they perpetrate.

Much love to you all, Lisa Caza (and yes this blog post is copyrighted material with all rights reserved!!! ARGH!).