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A Psychic Predictions Update

An Update to Lisa Caza’s 2016 Psychic Predictions!

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Wow … I am at a sheer loss for words right now.

My attention was called to a previous radio show that I had appeared on – back in May of this year (2016): Late Night in the Midlands.

Approximately halfway through the show the host requested a few psychic predictions from me.  I did give a few that I managed to remember from way back in February of this year (which is when I posted most of them in my blog), but at the last minute I was given a brand new one from spirit that I hadn’t prepared for. So it was the second prediction that has blown me away.

In this show, amongst the psychic predictions, I stated that Florida was going to experience massive flooding and quite the hard hit from a hurricane or unusually strong storm – that they need to expect to get hit rather hard this year. The flooding would cause “the sea water to mix with the land water” – virtually creating the illusion that Florida would be separated/cut in half by the water. I remember when I was giving this prediction that I was seeing an “aerial view map” of Florida – and I could see Florida “separated” into something of a north/south as the water crossed the width of the state.

This storm occurred … and so too did the flooding … and just as I described .. last month (in August). And I also remember having seen a map of Florida – I think it was in Facebook actually – that basically showed almost the exact map image that I had seen when I originally gave the prediction (of course I can’t find it now LOL!).

I am including the show archive, in its entirety, here for you. I make the prediction at the 1:10:00 mark. I will also include the link to the show website where the archive is originally posted.

And here is the radio show website link where this archive originates:

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara

You can also read the different psychic predictions that I’ve made throughout the years by searching my blog by year.


From Survivor to Thrivor

From Survivor to Thrivor:

Live Appearance on the Full Power Living Show

Show Aired March 24th, 2016, and the discussion was of my book ‘Finding Paradise After the Storm.’; which highlighted many topics mentioned in the book itself. For those that missed the airing, or for folks who wish to learn a little bit about what’s inside the book, you will find the audio archive below. But first, here is a short article written by the host of Full Power Living, Ilene, which briefly introduces me to listeners:

Finding Paradise After the Storm: A 5-Star Rating with Reader’s Favorite!

Surviving long-term domestic violence does not usually position a person to have a really wonderful life. With the help of her spirit guides and the Divine, my guest, Lisa Caza, rebuilt herself and was able to connect with her wonderful life partner, thus Finding Paradise After the Storm. Lisa shares profound divine insight, guidance, and lessons learned throughout her journey in helping guide you towards finding your own successful love relationship. There is a relationship paradise waiting for you—if you want it! Lisa has been a professional clairvoyant medium for 20 years.

Have you reached paradise after experiencing ongoing trauma? My guest this week is a marvelous example of what can be done, in our “Giant School” called Earth, when we apply ourselves and the tools we have been given. Even if you are involved in domestic violence for years, she demonstrates for us, you can still get out of the situation, out from under the emotional baggage, and out into the world to connect with your dreams (or dream person!). As a survivor of domestic violence myself—and although I agree it is possible–I can tell you this is no small feat. I’m looking forward to what Lisa has to say

You can also find the original article and the same audio archive of the show at Ilene’s website Emotional Pro. To get a copy of “Finding Paradise After the Storm,” it is available in both e-book and softcover formats and can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, and Balboa Press!


Reader's Favorite 5-Star Seal
Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Seal

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

Domestic violence is a deadly demon at whose hands many women suffer in silence. The abuse can be physical, emotional, or a combination of both, and it generally takes away the victim’s power and control over their lives or any hope of ever finding happiness. Summoning the courage to get out of an abusive relationship is one of the hardest first steps for anyone to take and many women are yet to get there. However, there are many who have been brave enough to take this step and come out on the winning side. In her deeply inspirational autobiography titled Finding Paradise After the Storm, Lisa Caza narrates her journey through years in an abusive relationship, finally getting the courage to take back control of her life, and ultimately finding happiness plus the lessons learned along the way.

Finding Paradise After the Storm by Lisa Caza is an inspirational story of survival, courage, transformation and love. It is a story of hope and inspiration to all those going through it – that you can still take back control, make your life yours once again, and give yourself a fresh start towards the happiness you truly deserve. By selflessly sharing raw details about her journey through all the mayhem, she shares priceless lessons she learned along the way on how to find and enjoy true happiness and fulfillment, no matter your background. Lisa Caza shares a deeply personal and emotional part of herself with readers and she does so with such grace and warmth that will allow you to genuinely connect with and understand her story, and that of countless women who have traveled the same journey.