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Turn Problems into Power and Potential!

How do you respond to the problems that continually surface in your life?

If you’re like most people, you could very well feel victimized. Moaning “Poor me,” we get angry, impatient, depressed and stuck. We think problems spoil what life OUGHT to be, and we do whatever we can to avoid the pain.

For those of us on a spiritual path, problems and blocks are precious gifts that open the door to deeper self-knowledge. Through them, we can identify and release the unconscious fears and negative beliefs that hold us back from higher consciousness.

So what are problems or blocks? From a spiritual perspective, they block the natural flow of energy through our being … thus then creating stress and pain. Operating in the mental, emotional and physical realms, they indicate that something within us is out of alignment with the true nature of who we truly are – our spiritual nature.

Problems involve two different aspects of our human make-up:

1.      Much of our behavior is governed by our subconscious mind according to our beliefs, as well as our individual habitual patterns and reactions. Unfortunately, we are generally unconscious of the beliefs that sabotage the best intentions of our conscious mind…..

2.      We also have both a personality governed by our ego as well as a higher mind or soul. We see the soul as a unique expression of the divine that bridges our individual physical being with the almighty power … whatever you understand that to be. As human beings, we all have some understanding of our personalities. However, most of us have a limited awareness of our souls…..

When we are willing to face and work through our problems, we become conscious of what is now unconscious in us. We begin to see our shadow side … the dark and unknown parts of our psyche that reside in our subconscious mind. We begin to see the beliefs, misinformation and defense mechanisms we carry that no longer serve us.

We also become aware of the divine side of our nature – for at the root of every block lies a soul quality seeking expression. Our ultimate aim is to embrace the opposing forces within us, the “bad” and the “good,” and bring them together in wholeness. This is transformation.

From the spiritual perspective, blocks offer our best and perhaps our only path to growth. Paradoxically, we can only get to the positive through the negative. Like it or not, pain gets our attention. Pain also challenges the ego’s perception that it is in complete control of life. If we want to be rid of the pain, we must do the work that leads us to greater consciousness. Furthermore, I have witnessed throughout the course of my personal life, as well as those of clients, that the most painful trials and lessons are also the most rewarding in the end.

So there are great blessings in problems. Our troubles come to us for good reasons — to invite us to connect with our souls and to learn more about who we are. Life on the physical plane is all about learning and growth – progress and yes … happiness. Divine’s plan for us all does not include constant pain and suffering. If this were not so, then what would the ultimate point be in being here? In saying this, I feel that we are wise to accept the invitation! If we deny the pain and strive to avoid it, the problems will keep on coming and coming – until we do finally “get it” and work through them. What should be noted here as well: sometimes these problems can be even more painful with each return.

Our lives change when we become conscious that every experience of resistance and fear has meaning and purpose. Working purposefully through our problems helps us become whole and healthy. Through them, we awaken to and can genuinely express new and more powerful aspects of ourselves.

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Attract Love by Allowing Yourself to Receive It

Soul Psychics

Everyone desires to experience love with others. It is the greatest joy to feel love. We all know how to give love, but the problem is when we don’t know how to receive it. Not being able to receive love is a major cause for many of the frustrations we face in relating with others. If we are able to receive love as much as we are able to give it, we will complete the cycle of experiencing love with others for full happiness.

We have been conditioned with the wrong beliefs that prevents us from receiving love. We think it is pride to think highly of ourselves and we shouldn’t expect others to think highly of us. That is why we do not openly receive compliments, adoration and all the gestures and expressions of love by others towards us. We turn away, try to hide from it and respond in all kinds of ways just not to appear as being proud, not knowing that we are actually rejecting the very love that is being given to us and accepting it fully.

Be aware of how you respond to others when they are showing love to you. Do you get uncomfortable when others are looking at you and sending thoughts to make them stop looking at you? When someone tries to be extra nice to you, are you unable to accept it because it feels weird? When someone shows you adoration and praise, do you shy away and in some way try to diminish their expression? How you respond is exactly how you treat the love that people are giving to you whether you know it or not.

All the negative response that we make is the reason why we experience less and less expression of love from others. Each time someone is loving, we respond in a manner that says “please don’t show me love, I’m unable to receive it.” Then we wonder why other people seem to receive love but we don’t. We are the very ones creating what we experience from other people. We program the way people treat us or don’t treat us. We reinforce other people’s behaviors negatively or positively.

Instead of rejecting love from others unknowingly when they show it, make a point to receive it. Do not just accept it but embrace it. When they behave extra nice to you, warmly receive them and show with a look in your eyes that you embrace their expression totally with appreciation. When others compliment you, allow them to do so freely and thank them for it. Show that you see yourself as a person worthy of all the love that others can give to you; they will feel free to express loving feelings to you.

Some of us respond to love by an immediate counter expression of love. We are not really receiving the love when we give it back immediately. When someone says “I love you” to you, do not immediately respond with an “I love you” back at them. Take a moment to feel that love, receive it, and let it sink in. Show that in your smile and the light in you eyes that you receive and appreciate it. Then out of the love that you feel, tell them that you love them. Do the same when responding to compliments.

To receive love from others, you must first be able to receive love from yourself. Declare mentally “I love myself” and then let the feeling of love generate from your heart area and expand to fill your entire being. Imagine a white light of love energy wrapped all over you on the inside and outside. Feel the love for yourself as you give it unconditionally and wholeheartedly. When you step into any place with the feeling of complete self love, you’ll have an unassailable form that cannot be shaken by anyone.

From the place of self love you are able to truly love others. Allow yourself to be so full of that love for yourself and being that love, that it just spills over onto those around you. You will naturally project that love onto others. Let the love expand and fill the entire space that you are in so that everything around you is filled with the love that you are. When you love others from a place of self love, they are able to love you back freely because you do not need them to love you back since you have love yourself.

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Attract Love By Allowing Yourself to Receive it