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Psychics With Different Psychic Abilities

Psychics With Different Psychic Abilities

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As soon as some folks hear the word “psychic” or “psychics,” they may automatically assume at least one of the following:

1. The psychic knows all the answers to everything, and can maybe even read minds.
2. The psychic must be able to communicate with the spirit of their loved one; or has the ability to either a. see past lives, b. read animals, and c. read tarot cards; or actually all of the above.
3. The psychic can locate lost/missing items and/or people.
4. The psychic must not charge for the services as it’s a gift from God.
5. The psychic must be 100% accurate 100% of the time.

I have come across basically all of those mentioned – plus some. And the thing is, none of it is factual. Unfortunately, this is the “stigma” that the good ol’ media has created regarding metaphysical talents through such shows as Long Island Medium and the likes. And yes, it can be frustrating for us at times.

I have decided that I would post this article to CLARIFY the above five points.

The psychic knows all the answers to everything, can even read minds and must be 100% accurate all of the time:

No. No. And no. We are all human beings just like everyone else on this Earth. Only God/Divine knows all the answers. And in being human, well we most certainly cannot be 100% accurate all of the time! Again, only the Divine can be that way. If we knew it all, well we wouldn’t be here. Simple as that. It also isn’t like we can know every little thing that’s going on in someone’s mind – and we don’t walk around with our “switches in the on position” all the time (this is why for many years I have had a hard time totally accepting the concept of the Long Island Medium). Yes, once in a while in having conversation with a friend some sort of image or message might seep through to us, but again that doesn’t happen often. If we don’t want to read a person – we simply can’t/don’t. And normally, well at least for me personally anyways, if I am not sitting here actively working with someone via email or phone, then I am NOT in active reading mode.

And just a note in respect to being 100% accurate: what also comes into play is the concept of having to give timeframes for a certain event in readings. Timeframes are difficult to accurately pinpoint all because timeframes are dependent upon the actions (and conversely inaction) of those persons involved. Also, some psychics just don’t have the knack for timing. I personally can give an approximate timeframe for things to occur – but I don’t hold myself to it at times – for again it depends on what paths/decisions my client makes.

The psychic must have the ability to communicate with spirits of loved ones, read pets, see past lives, locate missing/lost items or persons, read tarot cards, and so on.

Again, all of this is false. Every psychic has different psychic abilities and specializations. So this is why it is very important for folks to do some research on what kind of psychic they are truly looking for. I shall give a small list of abilities here:

– To communicate with the spirit of a deceased loved one, you need a MEDIUM or PSYCHIC MEDIUM. The word “medium” MUST be in the psychic’s biography and/or title.
– To read animals and pets, you will need an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR or PET PSYCHIC.
– To have past lives revealed to you, you require a PAST LIFE READER or PAST LIFE REGRESSIONIST.
– To have a tarot card reading, you need a psychic who states that they are a TAROT READER or CARTOMANCER. A similar reader is an ORACLE CARD READER (oracle cards have a much lighter and positive energy to them than the regular tarot).
– To locate missing persons and/or lost items, the psychic reader should have included that specific skill in their biography and/or website somewhere.
– To read into health-related concerns, a MEDICAL INTUITIVE would be the best choice.
– To read into business-related concerns, the psychic should include this as a specialized service in their biography/website.
– To read into relationship concerns, again the psychic should include this in their biography/website as a specific skill.
– To learn what or who your spirit guides are, the psychic must be able to work with spirit guides and animal totem guides.

There are also other psychic abilities not listed above that are just as popular. For example myself: I am a CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIENT, CLAIRSENTIENT and EMPATH. I am also a REMOTE VIEWER, INTUITIVE, PRECOGNITOR (precognition) and RETROCOGNITOR (ability to gather information from not just past lives but also the intervals between physical lives where the consciousness lived in non-physical dimensions). Granted I also have the ability to read animals and see into past lives and reveal person’s animal guides/spirit guides (usually we do have more than one skill “hiding” or “embedded” into others).

There are also psychic readers who work with angels, the Akashic Records, energy healing and auras, chakra balancing, reiki, psychometry, and psychography, and the ability to travel and see into other dimensions/realities. I personally do NOT have such abilities.

But the key point to remember when you are searching for the right psychic for you, is to make sure that you see your specific requirement listed either in their title or biography itself. The BEST psychic for you would be one who actually specializes in the specific skill that you’re needing.

Remember that not all psychics have all the same psychic abilities. Search for those who you feel has the specific skill/skillset that would most benefit you and your needs.

The psychic must not charge for their services as it’s a gift from God:

This one really gets a lot of us psychic readers going – but fortunately this statement isn’t as commonly seen as what it used to be. We are just like anyone else who offers their “God-given gifts” to the public for money. Would you expect a painter or sculptor to not charge for their services? What about an author/poet, musician, and actor? Those are all gifts too. And indeed look at the money they make with them! Psychics are no different. Sure our gifts are different – but isn’t the musician different from the author? So there shouldn’t be this debate truly.

So this is why I wrote this wee article today really: to help those who need it. If I can’t help them, then at least I can try to steer them in the right direction towards one who can. And of course to dispel the wide misunderstanding of psychics in general.


How to Find Your Soul Mate – Your Life Partner

Finding That One True Love – Soul Mates & Life Partners

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Copyright 2008 Lisa Caza. Photo of Lisa Caza & husband on their wedding day

By Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics © 2014

You know, over the course of my 20 years of performing readings for folks, one of the most common questions that I am asked is “How can I find my soul mate – or as you would say – life partner?”

Well, within my readings with clients I have noticed an extremely strong “trend” or message from Spirit – and it is the same message over and over. So I am actually going to post this seemingly “universal answer” for everyone to see here – for those who don’t wish to have a reading but still would love to know the answer to this rather infamous question.

Firstly, you must come to realize that you cannot sufficiently love another if you don’t first love yourself (just like the old advice one would give a new mother with a baby: you can’t take care of the baby unless you first take care of yourself)! That is the most important step that a person can take! And in doing so, did you know that the more that you show yourself love then quite ultimately the more that your heart centre opens. Now, our heart centres – or heart chakras if you wish – that is where we both send and thus receive love in our lives (including receiving messages from divine).

Let’s expand on that concept a bit more here for I don’t wish to create confusion. Self-love isn’t just about our attitudes, perceptions of self, self-esteem, how we eat, exercise, and so on. For most of us those are the first things we actually tend to think about when someone tells us to “take care of ourselves” or “love ourselves more.” However – many of us forget the spiritual and emotional aspect of self – and the opening of our heart centres.

Ask yourself this one question: When was the last time you spent quality time with yourself? Now I know what you’re thinking – how do I nurture the emotional and spiritual aspect of self? It’s quite easy actually. What you do is you focus on and pursue all those things that you hold dear to your heart: your hobbies, your general interests and skills, and activities that you would most thoroughly enjoy doing – it CANNOT be related to your career path – unless it is something artistic/creative in nature like for example photography. In order to help illustrate to you what spirit is meaning here (and to help get you thinking), I will give you a list of examples. Now, by no means is this list limited – the possibilities are virtually endless. But what you need to keep in mind is that you need to concentrate/focus on things that attract/interest YOU personally – and you definitely need to steer clear of more “negative” types of activities – for example if you don’t wish to have partner that drinks, then please do not go looking at nightclubs, bars or dances! Some spiritually-fulfilling activities are for example: painting, writing lessons, dancing lessons, book critiquing, singing, acting, nature photography, playing a sport or a musical instrument, taking up a class to learn a new skill or to hone an already existing one, volunteering time at a local animal’s or women’s shelter or hospice, hiking or some other sort of outdoor activity, pursuing/growing your own metaphysical abilities, flying/traveling, taking a more active role in a church or spiritual community, horseback riding (I always use horseback riding as an example as that’s how I ultimately met my husband!), joining mutual interest groups (i.e. NA, AA, Single Parents, spiritual/metaphysical groups and/or dating sites, etc.), jewellery-making, and so on (literally this list could be a mile long). Like I say those are just simply examples off the top of my head – you need to focus on YOURSELF and what YOU are naturally drawn to/interested in. And another point to remember too is that you cannot limit yourself. Don’t place limitations on what you pursue – pursue ALL that you want to pursue!

So the bottom line here, if you really wish to find that ultimate life partner – or as most term them: your “soul mate” – then this would be a first ACTION STEP that you need to take in order to reach that goal. Realize that the Universe/Divine does try to help us in reaching our goals. But we can’t be helped sufficiently unless we make half of the effort required. All of the prayers and positive affirmations – they’re great and strongly encouraged. However, how good are those prayers and affirmations that you put out there if you don’t do your share of work in your relationship with Divine?

It might sound rather self-centered to focus on yourself first, but if one takes a few moments to ponder over what Spirit has been suggesting to countless folks through my readings, it actually makes complete sense.

So show yourself more love! Get more involved with and for yourself so that your heart centre (chakra) will grow and open up more – which will allow you to receive more love in your life! Once you start doing this you will be amazed (and thrilled) at just how many wonderful new connections and doors of opportunity will be created … including potential love partners!

And hey as a side note here too: As you start pursuing all of those things that you hold dear to your heart …  STOP LOOKING FOR HIM OR HER!!! Realize that when you’re looking for them, on a subconscious level there is this underlying “fear” or “nervousness” that automatically goes with it (i.e. “I’m never going to find him/her. I don’t know where to look. What if I miss them somehow?, and so on. ) – which in turn creates negative energy (which we don’t want if we’re trying to manifest something for ourselves. Remember the Law of Attraction: what you put out you attract more of. So the more negative you put out there, the more you’ll be blocked from the positive). So STOP THAT!!! Stop looking and just concentrate on yourself only because that will be when they “magically appear” in your life!