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Press Release – Soul Psychics.com

The original press release can be found here: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-soul-psychics-com-1-online-psychic-reading-resource-1270313834.html

Soul Psychics – Your #1 Spiritual Resource & Psychic Space on the Web – Where the most respected, loved & requested senior psychic reader of Global Psychics Lisa Caza and her husband Psychic Pet Communicator Yvon Caza join forces in order to create a place where spiritual guidance, personal growth and psychic empowerment are in abundance.

The mission and online presence of Soul Psychics is to provide individuals with the most ethical, compassionate, accurately detailed online psychic readings at the lowest possible cost. There are TOO MANY unethically-practicing psychics out there – psychic predators to the innocent and devoted. Soul Psychics does not believe in going after a person’s wallet – it isn’t ALL about the money! For them, it is being able to help those in true need. To see just one person benefit from our work, to witness someone else’s personal growth and empowerment, to be able to help someone else find direction or realize their purpose and true path … that is what Soul Psychics thrives on most.

Soul Psychics Offers Different Types of Psychic Readings: Psychic Pet Animal Readings, Past Life Psychic Readings, Spirit Guide Readings, Psychic Love and/or Relationship Readings and much more. The site has both live on-line chat psychic readings as well as email psychic readings that are delivered directly to your in-box. What’s great is that the live telephone psychic readings are competitively-priced in comparison to many other psychic websites.

“I’m a natural helper to people – this is how I feel I can help them best.” Lisa, owner and operator of Soul Psychics, states. “If I can help just one person out of 5 – that’s what I am here for. I get such great pleasure and fulfillment to hear how I have either alleviated one’s fear or cleared their perspective or direction for them. That is what truly keeps me going, and ultimately what has caused me to create a psychic website that’s full of resources for folks – not just readings and not just for the all-mighty dollar!”

Lisa warmly welcomes each and every newcomer to Soul Psychics, and is always open for suggestions and comments in order to continuously expand upon and improve her psychic resource services. Visit her or get in touch with her any time at www.soul-psychics.com