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Spring Cleaning – Materially and Spiritually


Soul Psychics wants to wish each and every one of you a very happy, peaceful and fun Easter holiday. Spring has finally sprung – bringing with it much renewed energy, new aspirations, and exciting new adventures for many. This season seems to be all about “spring cleaning.” Of course, not just in the material sense where we all clean out our closets, basements and garages of unwanted/unused items, but it has become quite apparent to me that many folks are also doing a lot of “spring cleaning” spiritually and mentally: letting go of past hurts, negativity, unsupportive relationships (both love and friendships), etc. Which to me actually makes a lot of sense if you really stop to think about it.Soul Psychics by Lisa Caza

Realize that the concept of spring cleaning in itself is to allow room to move and grow – and perhaps to even allow NEW interests, etc into our lives. Being able to move forward on our life paths has the very same concept. In order to make positive change or positive movement, or to  likewise pursue or create new adventures, paths or relationships that are much more positive, fulfilling and supportive of our growth and spiritual levels, we must sometimes “make room” by literally letting go of all the old and/or negative first.

I know that Daylight Savings Time is not practiced in every area of the world, however I wish for everyone to sit for a moment and seriously ponder the phrase that we think about when it comes time to change our clocks ahead: In spring we “spring forward” – in other words we turn our clocks 1 hour ahead. If you think for a moment, it’s almost as if there’s a blatant message in that. Every year it is a message that we are to move ahead on our paths in a positive manner. More growth, more renewal, more progress – moving forward once again.

Just as the trees blossom for another year, the flowers in our gardens bloom once more, baby bunnies and fawns being born, and the grass once again grows strong and green – nature is renewing her path each and every spring – with new beginnings and growth every time. I really don’t believe that there is any coincidence here – we too should be letting go, moving forward and starting fresh/anew with new goals, paths, and relationships. It was divinely meant.

Change is never easy – it can be very uncomfortable and in all actuality can also be rather scary. But realize that without change essentially we would NEVER have ANY positive in our lives. We would never learn, grow and change as a result. If you think about it, why change if everything is always positive in our lives? There would be no real incentive for anything. And really, I personally believe that life would be very boring! We only change when we don’t like something or feel uncomfortable about something. We only take action when Divine throws some negativity at us along our paths. Change … and yes even us feeling some negativity once in a while … is necessary for our growth, learning, and overall success along our life and spiritual paths.

Remember that every change process and negative event in the end brings about positive change and forward movement for us. No matter how difficult or hurtful that change process may be at the time. And most definitely – you are never alone and Divine never throws at us anything that we ourselves could not feasible handle emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. We WILL get through the changes and we WILL be in a more positive place afterwards.

As a last note, also remember that everything happens for a reason folks. Spring and the concepts of “spring cleaning,” forward movement/progress, and positive change – it’s all connected it seems. Take advantage of this wonderful new beginning!

By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics.com