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Remembering Past Lives

Knowledge of Not-So-Wonderful Past Lives:

Dealing With Emotions & What To Do With That Past Life Knowledge

© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Lisa's maternal great-grandparents!
© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Lisa’s maternal great-grandparents!

© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

Some of us are rather fortunate to be given the huge blessing of remembering … or at the very least knowing about … one or more of our past lives. Either we go to a past life reader in order for them to reveal one to us, or we will actually start to remember for ourselves. For the sake of this article, I would actually like to concentrate on the latter – when we do in fact start remembering for ourselves.

How do we start to remember? One major clue to pay attention to is actually our interests; in particular specific time periods in history, clothing worn, cultures of interest … all those things that we feel a particular drawing or affinity to – and really don’t have any explanation as to why. Other things to pay attention to are recurring dreams, irrational fears and/or beliefs or behaviors, and for those who work with spirit guides – specific messages and/or images that may be given to you in meditation.

That’s only the beginning however. That’s how you start off. From there … you then have to do research – and even more meditation. And in the case of myself, I will tell you that for one past life I actually ASKED for guidance on where to look. I was most certainly given some pretty darn strong clues! They were so strong in fact that it took me a matter of 5 minutes to find out who I was. And that was after literally years and years of pondering and wondering! Well, I guess as the saying goes when you’re ready then it will be revealed to you. Ugh … I guess I was ready! Ha! But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Maybe in another article we can get more in-depth about researching, etc.

When we do start remembering, not only will details and information resonate with you (you might even notice uncanny similarities in terms of behavior, life events, etc), but something that you might not expect is that of feeling certain emotions. Oftentimes, there is a great reverence, nostalgia or awe that’s felt, along with happiness, a sense of closure or validation, and even excitement. However, once in a while some of us will “come across” particular past lives that give us not-so-positive emotions and thoughts. And this is why I am writing this article: for those of us who get somewhat blindsided by it all.

Some of us will uncover life times that we’re not too proud to acknowledge … for whatever reason; perhaps something that we did, or who we were, or even just in how we died. In my case … and in most cases I suppose … it’s a bit of all of the above.

I don’t wish to divulge too much detail here about this specific past life – it is rather sensitive in nature in terms of exactly who I was (no I wasn’t a bad person lol – but I am/was someone notable in history – hence why I don’t say outright who I am/was). However, when I first realized this past life my most immediate reaction was that of flat out denial. You know what I said? Honestly this was my message to a very close friend of mine only moments after I realized the truth of who I was: “No way! Absolutely not! I don’t want to be them! Why them?! They were so stupid! I can’t stand them!” I said those exact words. My poor dear sweet friend; she was in shock … and really didn’t know what to say. What could she say? And at that point all I could say were negative comments … and admitting that I wasn’t ready to be hit so hard emotionally with this knowledge. It was profound … VERY profound.

After my initial denial, I literally went through something of a major healing or grieving process. I went through every phase of the process: denial, grief, anger, resentment, deep sorrow … and even remorse and repulsion was felt towards my childish behavior in that life! I could not even sleep soundly for about three days because it was constantly on my mind … I even found myself crying a few times – some times out of remorse and other times feeling grief (again there’s that process). Two things were happening at this stage: I was experiencing my emotions that I felt just prior to my death in that life time (I was beheaded), and I was healing my spirit by acknowledging each phase/emotion.

This is a key point: acknowledge those emotions and thoughts! Just like within the grieving process when you lose a loved one: would you like it if someone said to you in the midst of your mourning, “Oh suck it up buttercup. They’re dead. Constantly crying and feeling regretful isn’t going to bring them back and it isn’t going to make you feel any better either. Toughen up!” You wouldn’t like that too much would you? So don’t do it to yourself because this is almost the very same process. ALLOW yourself to grieve … even allow yourself to feel that anger and remorse towards yourself and who you were.

Once you go through the process and you finally find yourself at a place of ACCEPTANCE … you let it go. Accept it, have understanding for the situation of the time … and above all … FORGIVE yourself. Then like I say, let it go.

Why should you allow this process to take place? BECAUSE IT HEALS YOUR ENTIRE SPIRIT. It also opens up your spirit’s trajectory (in other words from this current life time to the next one). Furthermore, it also removes any potential blocks that might have been there. For example, I strongly believe that my spirit, due to the experiences in this particular past life, formed this horribly negative belief that money and success only brings about misery and perhaps even ultimate demise. I say this because I tried to recall my thinking back then just prior to death. You know what I hear? “My life was just fine before I got involved with this person. Had I not gotten involved then I wouldn’t have met such a horrible horrible death!” (no I can’t say who I got involved with because that would give clues as to who I am/was – but they certainly had the dough-ray-me).

So this is the main purpose of learning about past lives. It shows us lessons we’ve learned, things we’ve overcome, it explains fears and thought patterns or behaviors, it removes any potential blocks we might have formed as a result of a particular life, it propels us onwards and upwards in this life (evolution), and it heals the emotionally wounded heart and spirit. Even the not-so-wonderful past lives … embrace them … no matter how dark or horrible things were (or that you perceive to be so). Grieve, accept, show understanding, forgive … and then let it go. And take pride, no matter who you are/were.

© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics


Reincarnation and Resurrection: The Basics

© 2014 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics

Psychic Lisa Caza reincarnation
© 2015 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Lisa’s maternal great-grandparents!

What Is Reincarnation? Is Reincarnation and Resurrection the Same Thing?

Nope! Resurrection and reincarnation are actually two slightly different concepts. Here I am going to try my absolute best to explain to everyone these two very different concepts – because it has come to my attention that some folks get the two intermingled or mixed up – or even consider them to be basically the exact same concept. They’re not …

Resurrection is when the spirit re-enters THE SAME BODY, in the same life time, and in the same life circumstance. The most widely-known example of resurrection is of course the rise of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Reincarnation on the other hand is when the spirit decides, upon leaving the physical body, to be re-born into a NEW BODY, in a different time, and in and entirely different set of life circumstances.

Does Reincarnation and Resurrection Really  Exist, or Is It All Just Fantasy?

In terms of resurrection, besides the example of Jesus, did you know that thousands of people are resurrected every day? That’s right … thousands … and every day.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Near Death Experiences (I don’t know why they call it that because the people actually do die! There’s nothing “near” about it LOL!). You know those folks who for example pass away while on the operating table and they go on quite the beautiful journey … that is until their spirits decide to return to their bodies. That is a resurrection. People who have clinically died but then returned back into their bodies to tell us their stories.

Another clear example of a person resurrecting is when they die (momentarily) from a heart attack and are then brought back to life by the emt’s shocking them with thousands of volts of electricity with the defibrillator.  So yes indeed … resurrection occurs all the time.

So too does reincarnation. However, it is reincarnation that is slightly harder for some people to believe in (although I really don’t know why – if we can resurrect then why can’t we reincarnate?). Thankfully, because of the extensive research by the well-respected psychologist Dr. Ian Stephenson between the 1930’s and 1970’s, he’s “proven” it for us.

For the skeptics within us, to find “proof” of reincarnation, we must do what he did and look towards our children. Because young children  haven’t been exposed too much to social conditioning, they have such uninhibited innocence and can thus remember and see things that us adults cannot. Dr. Stephenson documented (and proven) well over 4000 cases from all over the world. I would outline some of those cases for you here, but knowing me I’d just continue on and on. There is in fact THAT MUCH documentation on past lives! So I will leave you to that – to do your own reading up on Dr Ian Stephenson and the cases he studied. Here is one link to get you started: Children Who Remember Past Lives

Why Are Children Studied and Not Adults For Reincarnation?

Well as mentioned children haven’t been exposed as much as what we have to social conditioning. As a result, and combined with that uninhibited innocence, they aren’t blocked spiritually. Their openness allows them to not only remember past lives, but to also see spirits for example.

Children start to talk about seeing spirits and remembering past lives usually when they first begin to talk – so anywhere between the ages of 2 and 4. But then, it is almost always between the ages of 5 and 8 that they start to “lose” those memories and abilities (due to more social conditioning exposure). And I personally can attest to that for it indeed was around age 8 that my recurring dreams about tornadoes finally stopped.

Does Everyone Reincarnate or Have Past Lives?

Actually, no! Indeed the majority of the population on the earth right now has in fact been reincarnated at least once before. However, in the last 20 years there have been a number of “new spirits” being born – spirits who have never been incarnated before. The majority of those new spirits make up the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children populace – and they have come here with very important purposes (which is another discussion for another day).

Upon passing, each and every one of us are given a choice. That’s right … a choice … as to whether we wish to reincarnate or not. We always will have free will … even in the spirit realm.  So with that said, some of us will be re-born while others will wish to stay in spirit. It’s left entirely up to our spirits on what we wish to do.

And with that choice – should we choose to return – we likewise choose when we will be re-born, what kind of life we will be born into, what parents will raise us, and what life circumstances/events we wish to experience.

Are There Any Clues or Signs That Point to Past Lives For Us Adults to Look For (within ourselves as well as our children)?

Yes. One I just mentioned a few moments ago: recurring dreams. I will tell you about one of my past lives at the end of this article in order to illustrate a few of these points.

Other signs/clues for your past lives include:

  • birthmarks
  • having unexplained fears, unexplained behaviors, unexplained beliefs
  • having knowledge about certain concepts/topics/interests that you’ve never been taught in this life time.
  • having a strange drawing or attraction/interest to certain time periods in history
  • having a weird sensation that you’ve known a certain individual before from somewhere (which shows you a past life connection between yourself and this particular individual)
  • acting older than what you really are (wise beyond your years – you are an ‘old soul’)
  • noticing a physical likeness between yourself and another individual that lived in the past

Another clue too is if you actually are aware of a certain past life, if you know the actual name/person that you were back then, you may notice parallels between your life today and the past life (i.e. same career path, same interests, same personality, or conversely the exact opposite – I did a past life reading for a person where in a past life they were severely disabled – in this current life they compensated for that past disability by excelling in sports, running, and other physical activities!).

I Want To Know If I Was Somebody Very Famous in a Past Life.

While this CAN happen … I hate to burst your bubble but you need to realize the millions of people on this planet today. It just isn’t feasible for everyone to have been someone noteworthy in a past life.  So if you expect to receive a past life reading telling you that you were a king or rock star, well I wouldn’t bet on it. Like I say of course there is that chance … but that chance in itself is relatively minute. Of course everyone wants to be famous – that’s our human ego talking. However, realistically-speaking not all of us can be. Also realize that we are born into whatever life experience/circumstance that our SPIRITS decided upon before even being born. So if we are meant to experience the fame and glamor, we will. But it entirely depends upon our spirit’s growth needs.

What Is the Purpose to Getting a Past Life Reading?

Delving into our past lives actually gives us very enlightening and interesting tidbits of information about ourselves. Past lives can explain our fears, our behaviors, our interests, our personalities, our habits, our beliefs and morals, etc. In knowing just what caused a certain fear for example allows us to ultimately HEAL and OVERCOME the fear in this life time. Looking into past lives basically allows us to understand ourselves … and on much deeper levels.

One of Lisa Caza’s Past Lives Explains TONS!

As many may already know, I have an INSANE fear of tornadoes. And when I say “insane” I am actually making an understatement.

As a young child, between the ages of 4 to 8, I endured incessant recurring dreams – actual nightmares – about being chased by tornadoes. Realize that at this age … I didn’t even know what a tornado actually was. But here I was having nightmares about them. And need I even say how I get even more fearful after having gone through an actual tornado when I was 12-13 years old! To learn more about that specific event you can read about it here

Fast forward 25 years later, I receive a rather impromptu reading; outlining a past life. This reader knew nothing about my crazy fear of tornadoes:

In this past life I was seen as a little girl roughly the age of 4 or 5. I was living on a farm with my family in the early 1900’s. Long story short a tornado touches down. My family race to the storm cellar. In the madness of it all, I was left behind – outside – to brave the tornado myself. I ran through some trees but of course I couldn’t outrun the tornado. The tornado ultimately blew trees down … one of which fell right on top of me. Killing me instantly. When they found me afterwards, a branch had impaled the right side of my chest and went the entire way through – to my right shoulder blade.

Now … shocker time. The reader went on to state: “You have a very nasty birthmark on your right shoulder blade don’t you.” Well, indeed I do. I am also extremely self-conscious about it to the point where I always hide it as I hate the comments when it’s seen (“Ewww! What happened to your back?” “Oh ouch how did you do that?” etc). I definitely don’t speak of it either. Dark brown and quite ugly. As a child, it was about the size of a man’s fist, but as I’ve aged it actually SHRUNK (which even doctors don’t understand how or why) to about the size of a quarter.

Well needless to say, that particular past life certainly explained my fear of tornadoes, my recurring dreams of being chased by them as a child, and even my ugly birthmark on my back. And that reader knew nothing about me. So what to do with this knowledge? Come to an acceptance, let it go, and understand WHY I have the fear so that I can ground myself emotionally and spiritually during storms so I don’t freak out like I used to! Once you understand where a fear comes from, you can then work on overcoming it.

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