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Attracting the Best Love Partner For Our Adult Children

Can a Parent Influence Who Their Adult Child Attracts for a Love Partner?

I was recently approached about the possibility of holding a seminar for parents – to teach them how to attract the best love partners for their adult children. At first I thought, “Hey! What an awesome idea!” I’m a parent of six children and know all too well the headaches and heartaches you can sometimes run into when one of your children announces that they’re dating “so and so” … and you just can’t stand this person for whatever reason. I’ve been through it – as I’m sure many others have as well.

But – I came to the realization relatively quickly that my initial reaction to the seminar suggestion was purely coming from my human ego. Later that night I got my usual kick in the rear end from Spirit and heard this:

“What in the HELL are you doing? You can’t do that!”

I sat right up in bed and asked, “Why? Why not? Based on the Law of Attraction we can attract or manifest anything we wish for in our lives. Why can’t a parent attract the best love partner for their child?” I then received this very blunt answer:

“Because it’s NOT YOUR life to influence!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh ……”

Well talk about being humbled to the core! Spirit, as always, was right. Let me try to explain:

Indeed it is true: the basic principle of the Law of Attraction is that we are the sole creators of our lives – if we put our minds to it we can attract anything we desire for ourselves … just so long as it does not interfere with someone else’s Free Will. And that’s the main reason why we can’t attract love partners for our children. It would be interfering with THEIR free will, THEIR life path, THEIR divinely-intended life lessons and experiences. We would essentially be imposing OUR ego-based desires onto them. As a result … it just wouldn’t work anyways. We could try to manifest as hard as we can … but the Universe just won’t touch the idea. Just like we have our own soul plans, our children are no different! They too have their own plans .. and they’ll follow them whether we like it or not.

This doesn’t mean though that we can’t pray for our children and spiritually protect them the best we can. We can always send out our loving prayers and hopes, but we must honor the life path that was chosen by our childrens’ spirits prior to their birth. As hard as what it is for us, we must let go to a degree so that they can make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons. We can guide and give advice … but we can’t directly meddle.

Admittedly that’s an extremely hard pill to swallow – even for me. But who am I to argue with Spirit? I want to argue with Spirit … but how can I? I’m guilty of behaving this way … I will admit it. But I likewise see the reasoning behind what Spirit is trying to teach us. I don’t like it … but I guess I have to accept it.

The last piece of advice that I was given by Spirit that night was the concept of us definitely being able to pray for them, guide and give advice when necessary, and then spiritually protect them by performing a simple but very effective visualization technique: Envision your child or children as being enveloped in the most energized and beautiful pink and green light bubble. Pink and green are the colors of divine love and healing. Granted this energized bubble will not be as effective as it would be if your child/children were doing it for themselves – it will work to some extent but it won’t be 100% full force – but again this comes down to the concept of not interfering with another spirit’s Free Will.

Parenting isn’t easy. Especially when we reach those late teenage years and beyond. Our roles as parents do change drastically. And it can be difficult for us to sit back and watch our children make what we perceive as huge mistakes – including perhaps getting into some rather not-so-lovely romantic relationships. But – as hard as what it is – well it IS their life – NOT ours. And once we begin to fully accept that, our relationships with them will strengthen.

We must have faith that the principles and morals that we’ve instilled within them will “take effect” (and they always do!), and we will always be parents – but now our role is that of guidance. It is up to our children to accept that guidance or not – it is not up to us to influence their lives, love partners, or even career path for that matter! And in the meantime, we can silently pray, send out loving energies their way – and even help a wee bit with visualizing that healing bubble.

Message received Spirit! Lesson learned. Now to incorporate it! BLAH! LOL!

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