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Spirits In the Home

Spirits in the Home and How To Deal With Them

By Lisa Caza

I was very surprised to receive a phone call from a local woman a few months ago – I don’t know how she found me (as I keep to myself in this small town) but she was asking me how to deal with spirits in her home that her daughter had been seeing.

Well, I am going to say it here for everyone: TALK TO THEM! Oftentimes, a vast majority of spirits that come into our homes are looking for validation, acknowledgment, and help to enter the light. In my case spirits come to me because they have very important messages to get across to loved ones – but the principle is still the same: talking with them and acknowledging that they are there.

I know that spirits can be rather persistent in trying to get your attention. Here’s just a short list of some things they will do to me:

  • turn the television on that’s in the basement (at which time of course they have to make sure that the volume is turned up full blast!!!) – and then if I don’t go down to turn it off myself they’ll shut it,
  • they’ve changed channels on one of my children while they were watching a show; they also like to play with the volume and mute it!
  • they’ll turn the lights off on me when I go to the bathroom (that’s always fun when I’m in the shower and I drop the soap),
  • I’ll hear footsteps going up the stairs,
  • on a few occasions BOTH my husband and I heard a male voice at 3am in the stairway (THAT scared us!),
  • I’ll catch fleeting shadow figures in my peripheral vision (of course I look and they’re gone).
  • They’ve hidden my truck keys on me and moved them – one time they actually put the keys on the seat in my truck and LOCKED the doors (good thing we have spare keys!!). And no I did NOT forget them there.

I’m a rather stubborn mule, but eventually I will give in and finally acknowledge them. As mentioned, it’s almost always because they just want to be acknowledged and wish to relay on messages to loved ones. The very moment I finish talking to them – they leave.

There are indeed those spirits that wish to remain with us in our homes. They could be past residents or even a deceased loved one of ours. As some of you may know, I have two resident spirits in my home. They are very quiet – you wouldn’t even know they were here if I didn’t actually tell you. They keep to themselves and let us go about our lives. There was only one time that they made their presence (and dissatisfaction) truly known to the family – my husband and son went into their space (the attic) to tackle what seemed like countless bats. Let me tell you, the activity we experienced for two weeks afterwards was rather unnerving to say the least! But by TALKING TO THEM it changed everything almost instantly – we came to the agreement that we won’t go in their space if they don’t scare us anymore.

You have to understand that spirits are people too! Just like us they feel emotion, they have thoughts and desires, and they want to be acknowledged. I cannot stress this enough: TALK TO THEM. For so long as you try to ignore them and not talk to them, well folks you better expect to continue experiencing the paranormal activity! So take the bull by the horns, no matter how “silly” it may feel to you – and speak! Ask them their names. Ask them what they want. Tell them to be in love and peace and to go to the light. If they wish to remain, well that’s their decision but tell them that they cannot disrupt YOUR life if that’s the case. While you may not be able to hear them … they CAN and WILL hear you! Just you speaking aloud to them gives them the acknowledgment that they’re looking for. Then watch how almost immediately the activity in your home drastically drops – or in many instances even stop completely.

There are a small number of let’s just say “violent” spirits that come around … and indeed you’ll have no question in your mind if they are or not. There will be no mistaking these particular spirits. In those cases, no it is not recommended to handle it completely on your own. Cases such as this call for more professional involvement by for example paranormal investigators, mediums … and in extreme cases as you know priests, blessings, and holy water.

As a closing note, realize that the VAST MAJORITY of spirits are NOT “evil” or “violent” … if you think they are then you’re watching too much television. They don’t wish us harm nor do they even try to harm or scare us with their activity. They just want recognition … like any other person … and they are only doing what they can in order to get it. If you do have a spirit or spirits in your home, do not automatically assume that they are bad or evil … and talk to them with respect and love in your heart.

And for those who are wondering what happened with the lady that called me: after I told her and her daughter to simply TALK to the spirits when they notice them … well put it this way a number of months have passed and there has been no further significant activity in their home!

** As a side note: If you REALLY don’t wish to talk to them (i.e. if you’re too fearful), or perhaps you have a child who sees them regularly and doesn’t wish to, then a recommendation that I have is to smudge the home with sage while holding the thoughts in your mind (or say aloud if you feel the desire) that you do not wish for them to be in your home … period … and that they must leave. The same action is to be taken for a child’s room. But an added element that I have used for my daughter: place a smudged “guardian” at the side of the bedroom door – facing the door itself. Tell the child that the guardian will not allow ANY spirits to enter his or her room. In my daughter’s instance she has an angel figurine that stands guard for her. Understand though, especially in cases where a home has an actual vortex (a doorway in which spirits use to cross over into our plane), this would only be a temporary measure. This can also be said for folks like myself and my daughter – who act like natural “spirit beacons of light” After about a year you will need to re-smudge the home/bedroom as the activity will begin again.

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© 2014 Lisa Caza


Back to Basics: Getting to Know Expert Psychic Lisa Caza

Empathic Clairvoyant, Expert Love Psychic, Tarot & Oracle Reader, & Animal Communicator

Relationship Counselor, Family Mediator & Social Worker (B.A.,S.S.W.)

Here you will receive accurately detailed personal readings from an empathically sensitive psychic. Receive psychic advice and insight on love relationships, friendships, career, finances, and more. Abilities used in each careful, lovingly created reading includes clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, empathy, and intuitive tarot. Lisa Caza also performs mediumship readings, paranormal investigations, past life love readings, the occasional pet psychic reading, and her own specialty readings the Ascended Masters Oracle and Path of the Soul Destiny Card Readings.

Lisa has been practicing her clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience abilities since early childhood. Even though her family was full of skeptics … she was determined to not let them sway her. It was not until one day, when she was 12 years old, that she “foretold” to her now-late grandmother that there would be a tornado in their area that day, that her family then realized her wonderful talent. As it turned out … unfortunately for many unwary folk … there were in fact THREE tornados that touched down that evening – all within the same vicinity. Bringing much destruction and devastation to the areas, that day will not soon be forgotten … especially by young Lisa.

Lisa Caza is quite well-known for her honest – sometimes even blunt clairvoyant readings, but at the same time her in-depth and accurate services are always full of love, wisdom, and compassion for each of her clients. Lisa has been a professional psychic reader for over 19 years now. She has appeared on numerous popular psychic websites such as Mystic Playground, Psychic Link, and Psychic Contact., and was a senior psychic reader and held administration status at Global Psychics. Aside from her profession as a psychic reader, Lisa is also an experienced relationship counselor and social worker, and has even further extensive experience in Canadian Family Law and child protection.

Lisa also uses her knowledge in developmental/behavioral psychology in all of her psychic readings – which can oftentimes assist clients in gaining a much deeper understanding and perspective into not only perhaps their own ways of thinking and behaviors, but also those of their significant others, co-workers, friends and loved ones.

Lisa uses her mediumship abilities and social work skills to assist children and their families: assisting children who have crossed over to tell their stories or relay messages to loved ones, assisting children who are overly-grieving a loss, and assisting entire families in the grieving process and relaying on messages to them from their loved ones who have passed.

Lisa has a profound understanding (and first-hand experience) with many difficult life experiences – from child abuse, spousal abuse, adoption, divorce, single parenthood, second marriages, financial stress, previous wife of an alcoholic, and too much more to really list. While of course it is always devastating when one must overcome these obstacles, in looking back now Lisa’s experiences do indeed lend for a much deeper level of empathy held towards her clients – but at the same time she can keep a very neutral perspective as she can likewise connect to the other parties involved in any given situation and can see THEIR points of view, ways of thinking, belief systems, etc as well. As a result, Lisa has in fact in the past actually (and quite unwittingly at the time) “saved” marriages (that were of course divinely meant to be saved – keep in mind the concept of divine intervention and intent!) – but all because there was a lack of communication and understanding between the partners. With Lisa’s guidance, she was able to get both partners to reach a more deeper level of understanding towards one another. What a fulfilling and exhilarating feeling it is for Lisa to be able to just help even that one person or couple!

Once Lisa connects with you, she will be able to feel exactly how you are feeling … and this may just very well be why she is likewise adored by so many. She is a true empath, and believe this: she meets you once – she will NEVER forget about you! You will always be in her heart and mind. Each and every person Lisa meets seems to have a deeply profound and lasting impact on her. All in all, Lisa is a very warm, honest, and loving person; who only looks out for YOUR best interests and well-being. She treats others just as she herself would want to be treated. She now warmly invites you to meet her … to start developing your own unique friendship with her. You too may find, like many others before, just how caring, giving, loyal, honest and knowledgeable Lisa truly is. She will then always be there with and for you in her heart and spirit – whether you may “feel” her presence or not.

Lisa doesn’t earn much from her work financially; but that is not what she is about. For her, it is being able to assist those in true need. In alleviating one’s sorrow or pain, passing on positive messages, stating truths and honest messages rather than sugar-coated “stories”, revealing a person’s options and pathways, helping a person gain understanding strength and knowledge, and giving a light to shine so that they can better see the path that lays before them … that actually gives her the greatest of rewards or compensation than what any dollar could provide. This is indeed why prices at Soul Psychics are quite low in comparison and why Lisa constantly tries to give folks ways in which to save their hard earned money. All funds that are in fact raised through Lisa Caza’s website are used to 1. fund her charity drives  and 2. to pay for the cost of running the website, its marketing, and advertising.

Lisa Caza has made numerous appearances on many radio talk shows, including “Visions” with Barbara Mackey on CBS Radio and “Ask a Psychic” with Danielle Daoust on Ask1 Radio Network. She also was co-host of the “Psychic Coffee Hour” on Mix Talk Radio.


“Thank you Lisa for your beautiful words you really are an angel with a powerful spirit thank you! I have passed your info on to some of my friends I think you may be doing a reading for one of them soon! Xxxx you deserve all the success that comes to you …”


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Please note that Lisa Caza does NOT perform psychic mediumship readings online or over the phone due to time constraints and the effort it takes to type messages. Mediumship readings are not available through this website and can only be performed via email or in person. Should you wish for a mediumship reading or you require a paranormal investigation in your home, please contact Lisa Caza directly at lisa@soul-psychics.com for details. Tarot and Ascended Master readings are through email only!

An Interview With Lisa Caza: Answers About Her Personal Life: –

Where and with whom do you live? for how long? What do you like about it?

I live in a rather small, very close-knit French-speaking paper mill town/community in Northern Ontario, Canada with my husband Yvon and 3 children. I have lived here for 7 years now, and just cannot imagine living anywhere else. I love not only the friendliness and helpfulness of this community (as mentioned it is very close-knit – everyone knows everyone and are all so very friendly and caring), but I also especially love the nature that surrounds us. We have bears, moose, wolves, foxes and deer right in our backyards, and are forever surrounded by beautiful lakes, rolling hills and cliffs, tall jackpine, birch and other evergreen trees. It is the community itself and the wonderful beauty and serenity of the wilderness that truly holds me here. It is also very noticeable how we live a much slower-paced life up here, more relaxed and at ease – many old-fashioned values are still in place (for example the old farmer bartering system – instead of paying cash for an item, let’s do an even trade instead!).

Pets? Kids? Family? Hobbies, Special interests?

I have 2 purebred yellow labs named Max and Sheba (who are not only our family members and protectors but they are also highly trained for guiding in the bush, searching for lost people, and hunting birds), a purebred chocolate Chihuahua named Angel, and hopefully real soon my husband and I will once again have our horses and horse ranch. Both my husband and I sold all of our horses that we had (we had 11 horses total, 4 of which were completely bombproof), as we were “forced” to move in to town when the farm that we were renting was sold to a new owner. Our entire lives my husband and I have worked and trained horses of all breeds, we also saved 20 horses from slaughter – of whom we rehabilitated and sold to good loving homes. At our ranch we did riding lessons with children and took out trail rides every weekend. At this time it is our main goal to once again have Caza’s Ranch and resume our operations as a horse rescue/trail camp.

As previously mentioned, I have 3 children: a 16 year old boy (Clayton) and 12 year old twin girls (Sarah & Danielle). However, my husband also brings in to our family two boys of his own – a 15 year old (Zackary) and a 13 year old (Justin). So essentially we have 5 children! We’re a big family! Most of my husband’s family lives here in our community, as my husband was actually born and raised here. I am the only one in my family that lives in this area. My mother lives is Calgary, Alberta and my father passed away on Christmas Eve of 2007 from lung cancer. My father’s side of the family mostly originates from a small french-speaking community in New Brunswick, Canada called Neguac, and my mothers’ side of the family originates from Toronto, Ontario – however we have deep British roots. I have 2 younger brothers – one lives in Saint John, New Brunswick and the other in Collingwood, Ontario.

Hobbies & special interests – I don’t have that many really (ha ha!). But I do enjoy fishing and hunting with my husband, I play the acoustic guitar (ever since I was 13 years old I’ve been playing – I currently own a 6-string as well as a 12-string), and of course horseback riding and training (as well as farrier work – which I assist my husband Yvon with), I love ALL animals – no matter what species they are – I am a very avid nature and animal lover. However, horses have been my main life long passion – I have ridden both english and western; been in competitions ranging from show jumping and dressage to full throttle barrel racing. I have always loved taking out trail rides and teaching children the essentials. Any work at all related to horses – and I am there. I also love going on nature walks in the deep bush of the North. I likewise really enjoy photography – you will see me with a camera glued to my face quite often – whether here at home or while I’m out in the bush (as I love trying to capture the wildlife as they come around – especially moose because they are such curious creatures and will oftentimes try to come right up to you if you’re still and quiet enough). I also have a more technical side to me though. I also enjoy working on/building websites for others, and doing photo touch-ups/recreations (as seen with the photo of myself with a unicorn in my profile on Global Psychics). I also have I suppose it is a life-long love and interest in the Harley Davidson motorcycle. I have owned two so far in my life – and would love to own another one some day. What a coincidence. Or is it? Horses versus the Iron Horse.

Favourite movies, music, TV, food, article of clothing?

Music-wise I am a full-blown country girl. However, every once in a while I do still need to hear my old rock and sometimes yes even metal! Some newer rock bands aren’t that bad either – but for me it depends on the song.

I have TONS and TONS of favorite movies. I don’t even know where to begin listing them all. I have a ranging interest – but I seem to gravitate more to horror/paranormal movies more than anything (which for me sometimes they turn out being comedies rather than horrors – case in point the Nightmare of Elm Street and Halloween/Friday the 13th series – TOO FUNNY!). But a few movies that have really left a lasting impression on me – and I will watch them over and over again – are The Titanic, Dances With Wolves, Gone With the Wind (a TRUE classic that will never die!), Liar Liar, Dirty Dancing, the Gladiator, Pearl Harbor, The Patriot, and Saving Private Ryan. There are definitely more, but I don’t think Danielle has the room or time for me to drone on (HA HA!).

TV – I don’t watch too much television, however when I do it is almost always to do with either nature or the paranormal. Shows I often watch are Big Cat Diaries, Paranormal State, Taps, Ghostly Encounters, Animal Cops, Psychic Kids, and other nature shows. If my girls want to watch television with me, I will often watch American’s Funniest Home Videos, Home Improvement and Hannah Montana with them (hey – Hannah isn’t that bad really – I actually enjoy the show and her new movie).

My favorite food is most definitely pasta (namingly lasagne, spaghetti, and fettucini alfredo) – but it MUST be cooked RIGHT – I am very picky about my pasta. I also love Mexican food – I just can’t eat enough tacos, tortillas, and quesadillas. And don’t forget the sour cream with that! Desserts ,,,, cheesecake and lots of it!

My favorite clothes are very simple: tight blue jeans and a t-shirt. But when I feel like dressing up a bit I will put on my cowboy boots and leather vest.

What are you into – eg any sports, music, dance, drama?

I’m really not in to any sports – at least not mainstream. I used to be a figure skater – as a young teen I had the opportunity to go to Canadian Nationals – but you know teenagers – not the sharpest tools in the shed sometimes. I gave up that opportunity for whatever reason I thought of at that time. The only other sports I am currently interested in is show jumping and barrel racing – as I would most certainly still compete in. Hopefully soon … we shall have our precious horses again! I do love dancing – but haven’t had much time to do so.

What do you like to do when you have time to “play” Where do you like to relax?, what would be your ideal vacation?

When I have time to “play” it is almost ALWAYS spent outdoors in the bush. I love camping and we do a lot of it during the summer months here. And when we camp – we are completely alone – isolated from all – we’re very deep in the bush and we only come out once a week to do groceries or laundry! It is truly heaven for me – and my husband Yvon. I also really love spending time with Max and Sheba (our yellow labs) by taking them swimming in one of the lakes nearby or taking them for a run “up the line” (“up the line” means letting the dogs out of the truck and letting them run behind us – going down this old logging road outside of town – they LOVE it! Max especially – he is quite the athlete – this one day I clocked him at running 45km an hour!!!!). I also love to take the kids out and pick wild blueberries and raspberries when they’re in season (which is late July to August up in this area). When we had our ranch I would saddle up Apache, Chevy or Chinook and away I would go – currently I will go to our friend’s place for a ride if the urge arises. However, it is of course a completely different story here in the winter (everyone is driven inside as temperatures plummet to -37 C … sometimes even colder!). In the winter I usually sit back with my guitar and play a few tunes, or of course sit myself down and get angry at the video game (the only games I enjoy playing are Rock Band and Guitar Hero – all the others just don’t make any sense to me). We often have “family night” with the kids as well, where we will sit down and play board games or cards together, or pack everyone up and go visit one of our family members here in town. Unfortunately during the winter months there isn’t too much for us folks to do- just because the cold is so bitter. Sometimes it can be hard to find different things to do when you’re inside a lot of the time. But we manage!

Relaxing for me – as I mentioned is either camping or going for a ride on the horses. It is also great to just float aimlessly in our canoe out in the lake – it is so peaceful listening to the gentle waves and the loons. In the winter, it is cuddling up with a nice warm blankie and taking in a good book or movie or two.

My ideal vacation? What a question to ask a person that just loves to travel (ha ha)! My goodness where would I go? Ireland, Egypt, London England (as I have deep familial roots coming from there – traced back to royal lineage actually), Australia, an African safari, oh my. I would love to travel to all those exotic places – mainly because they are so rich in history, very beautiful, and of course full of wonderful wildlife (as in the case of a safari or the Australian outback). I would take any one of those as a vacation. However, Jamaica or the Bahamas would be wonderful too especially during these cold winter months! However, I would also love to take my husband out to Western Canada so that he can see with his own eyes just how beautiful and majestic the country is out there. I would especially like to take him during Stampede Week in Calgary – as not only would he just love the energy and attractions around the entire city, but also because it would fall in line with our wedding theme (we had a cowboy style wedding – on horseback – and were all dressed to the nines in full cowboy gear).

anything else you would like to say about yourself or your personal life…

I have a very strange fascination and love for unicorns – so much so that I am trying to collect as many figurines imaginable (uhh I only have 5 right now though – it’s a new quest for me); I even have a really nice tattoo on my lower back of 2 unicorn statues. I also really enjoy home-cooked meals and desserts; almost every weekend I am trying to bake up a cake, cookies, or pie of some sort. Just before my surgery in Dec.’09 I managed to bake 35 tortieres! (translation is “meat pies” – a traditional French-Canadian dish often served at Christmas). I’ve lived in many parts of Canada: Calgary Alberta, Vancouver & Coquitlam BC, and all over Southern Ontario. But here, in this quaint sleepy little town I now call home – this is where I love to be the most.
I’ve also got quite the employment resume under my belt (outside of psychic readings) – with skills ranging from heavy machine set-up/operator (plastics and metal industries), telemarketer, office secretary, teacher’s aid, professional dancer, social worker and child protection worker, horse trainer, vehicle seat manufacturing (in quality control), and to this day I also run my own sideline business as a professional editor and proofreader – where I have quite a few books published that I have in fact worked on.

I have gone through many trials throughout my life (some of which are particularly horrible to speak of and Danielle especially has been a first hand witness to some), but I recently realized that everything DOES happen for a reason – because EVERYTHING leads from one thing to another … a progression that could not otherwise occur. I’ve been divorced from an abusive marriage, been a single mom fighting to survive each day, put myself through school to achieve my social work and psychology degrees, moved to a town where I virtually knew no one at all – all this and so much more that can’t completely be discussed here – it all really lead me to the here and now; where I am finally at peace with myself, am in love with my adoring & very supportive husband and life long soul mate (of whom I would not have even met had it not been for all that I’ve gone through!), and we’re working together to reach an even brighter and more wonderful future!

Answers ABout Lisa’s Professional Life

How long have you been practicing? What got you started? What makes you stay with it?

I’ve been practicing since I was a young teen actually – but in total I believe it’s been about 18 years now (oh brother now I feel old!). I’ve known that I had a gift since the age of 11 or 12, where I would not only have recurring dreams that would come to be, but also I would always “just know” when something was about to occur. The best and most profound example was when I tried to tell my grandmother that we were going to have a tornado. She didn’t believe me of course, but unfortunately not one but 3 very large and devastating tornados touched down merely 3 hours later. After that I don’t think my grandmother ever doubted me – she wouldn’t even play cards with me anymore because I would know what they were! I was told that I was born with a very old soul; that I have a deep understanding of the universe and all the living creatures – something that I could not have learned from school or from any books. I just “knew” that there was so much more beyond what we as human beings see in this physical world. Soon after that, around the age of 13-14 I felt that I could speak with spirits and call them to ask for any guidance or messages for others. However, it wasn’t until I was 18 that I realized that perhaps I could better utilize my abilities/gifts by becoming a professional reader – to help those in need and give guidance and direction as much as possible. I felt that if I was given this particular gift, well it must be for a reason other than to amuse myself and friends. That essentially is how I got started in the professional reading business – through my own reasoning and feelings. But this is also why I do in fact stay in this business – because I am a natural helper to people – this is how I feel I can help them best. If I can help just one person out of 5 – that’s what I am here for. I get such great pleasure and fulfillment to hear how I have either alleviated one’s fear or cleared their perspective or direction for them. That is what truly keeps me going. I have worked on numerous online psychic websites before coming to Global Psychics (including my own website). I have been with Global Psychics however for seven and a half wonderful years – the longest I have ever been at ANY place of employment. I have watched and supported through many changes here at Global Psychics – watched it grow to what it has become today. It is … essentially … my second family.

Any special abilities, specialized services?

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, however I can also perform animal communication readings (either alive or for those who have crossed over) – which is assisted with my degree as a Veterinary Technician. I can also perform mediumship readings, as well as spirit guide and animal totem readings. Just recently I have also started working with the Ascended Masters Oracle – which I find astoundingly accurate no matter how hard I try to “purposely flub” a reading. However, my main area of expertise is mostly as a psychic relationship counselor – which is assisted and expanded upon with my social work and psychology degrees (which you can read more about in my online profile). I would really like to once again expand my services however to working in animal communications and helping people connect to their spirit guides and totem animals through readings once again. I feel that perhaps my horizons are once again wishing to broaden.

What would you say was your most dramatic reading in terms of what was revealed and how it impacted a client?

I am not sure if this would be something you’re after in terms of your question, but the one reading that will FOREVER stand out in my memory: It was a phone reading a few years ago here at Global Psychics. I was speaking to a lovely lady who was deeply hurt and tormented to pieces as her marriage was very much on the rocks – virtually on the edge of divorce. She wanted to stop it but didn’t know how at that point because the negativity had gone so far already. Within my reading I revealed to her the thoughts and emotions that her husband was having – how he too didn’t want this divorce to take place. To make a long story short I managed to calm this dear woman. But this doesn’t end here. Approximately one hour later I received another telephone reading – with a man – going through the very same troubles. Once again I went through my reading almost the same as I did for the woman. But something bothered me – the energy surrounding the reading and two people were VERY familiar! Too familiar. Because it was late at night, of course by that time my mind just wasn’t functioning as sharply as normal so I didn’t put two and two together until the next day. I read the names and birthdates that I wrote down that night and that’s when it hit me. That man – he was the previous lady’s husband! And he had no clue that she had just called me an hour before him – and vice versa. Needless to say three days later I received separate calls from BOTH the husband and wife – thanking me for “setting them straight” – they worked things out and they were not going to have a divorce after all. What an amazing week that was – and I tell you I was so exhilarated and happy – that I could help that wonderful couple and save that precious marriage … but all because there was a lack of communication!

Anytime you have found a reading or a spirit to be funny – as in amusing?

I haven’t experienced many amusing readings, but it is completely different when it comes to spirits! I’ve witnessed the spirit of my father in law going to kick my husband Yvon in the rear end when he was bent over picking up some logs one day while working in the bush. I burst out laughing because I knew that he was rather frustrated with Yvon – the entire time we were working on the wood Mr. Caza was trying to “supervise” Yvon’s work – trying to show and tell him what to do. You would think that Yvon would stop and listen or pay attention when he saw one log start to literally roll towards the truck on its own – and we were not on any hill. But no! Yvon continued on his merry own way, so my father in law got increasingly flustered until he finally decided to try and give Yvon a good ol’ kick to the rear end. (Mr. Caza was a HUGE jokester in life – and to this day he continues his silly pranks on us such as taking our truck keys and hiding them IN THE TRUCK – meanwhile the truck is locked, whistling in the next room when we least expect it, or turning the light off on me while I’m taking my nightly bath). I also had a spirit in my old house that would always beep the horn on my Harley that I used to have. I would go out to the garage to investigate – but of course I would see nothing there. No sooner do I close the door … BEEP!!! There it goes again! I do not know who this spirit was, but he obviously loved playing with my horn and teasing me with it. Once I had the door half closed when he beeped that horn. And realize, in order to beep a horn on a motorcycle you have to turn the ignition on. So … needless to say that was one heck of a determined spirit to play pranks!

How has your work as a psychic affected your personal life, how has it changed you? How did/do your family and friends react to your choice of work?

My work as a psychic actually led me into going back to school to get my degree in social work and psychology – because I truly believe that with those degrees, experience, and knowledge only amplifies or deepens my abilities and readings as a psychic relationship counselor. But I also receive almost daily confirmation of what I felt so strongly when I was a young child: there IS something so much more … and much bigger … than us out there. There is so much more for us to learn, experience, see and know. I hold that very strongly to my heart – that and indeed the spiritual law of attraction and how everything does indeed happen for a reason. My work as a psychic has spilled over into my personal life, where I try as much as possible to keep those concepts in mind when trying to manifest my own desires and goals. I have become very spiritual in recent years, and have truly opened my heart to God/Divine. I know He/It is there … and is with us trying to help us all the time. If it weren’t for Divine guidance, I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.

When it comes to my family and friends, not too many people are very accepting of my profession. I have to be very careful who I tell – especially in this close-knit rural community that I live in. It’s very unfortunate but a lot of people in this area (and in Yvon’s family especially) really look down on the profession or just don’t believe in psychic abilities – except for one sister in law and Yvon himself. However, my husband – who is also a clairvoyant and psychic animal communicator, is extremely proud and supportive of what I do for a living – he has proudly tried to tell everyone what I do (and after pulling him aside one night I explained this very concept to him. He was hurt but at least he understood). Yet another reason why I love my husband so much. He is such a dear sweet soul – yet sometimes so innocent.

What keeps you motivated in the work and to keep growing and learning yourself?

For me it is being able to help those in true need. To see just one person benefit from my work, to witness someone else’s personal growth and empowerment, to be able to help someone else find direction or realize their purpose and true path … that is what I thrive on most – and essentially what makes me as a person want to continue growing and learning as well. The more I experience, learn and grow, the more and better equipped I am at helping others.