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The Spiritual Reason Behind the Pokemon Go Addiction

The Spiritual Reason Behind the Pokemon Go Addiction


My son comes racing up the stairs and scrambles to get his shoes on.
“Where are you going?” Like I already didn’t know …
“I’m going to run to catch an Electrode. It’s down by the trestle bridge!”
“Oh my god I knew it!” Then my daughter comes running.
“Where’s he going? What’s going on?”
“Oh he’s going to catch a stupid Pokemon.”
“What kind?! Where?!”
“An Electrode. At the trestle! See ya!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my son run out the door so fast. Then my daughter gets her shoes on and chases after her brother down the hill. My husband and I were left standing there in disbelief. All we could do was look at each other and shake our heads.

What is up with this Pokemon Go?! I totally understand the likely CONSCIOUS idea behind the game: to get people up and out and moving around. However, I also keep hearing stories of serious accidents happening on busy freeways, people standing in the middle of roads, then two days ago two teenagers mindlessly walked across the Canada/US border and got apprehended by border patrol … and there are other silly reports continuously coming out. My husband even had to shoo away about 15 children from the Post Office (the local post office here is a “Poke-stop”) so that he could do his contracted lawncare/maintenance.

It seems that a lot of the Pokemon Go players are somewhat “forgetting” where they are. They lose almost total complete awareness of their surroundings and what they’re doing (like stopping in heavy traffic on a busy freeway just to catch a Pokemon. ACK!!!!). But why? It’s just a game!

Well, I took a deeper – more metaphysical look into this phenomenon and I now understand WHY this is happening.

Our spirits are all-knowing and remember everything … even though consciously we don’t. Our spirits KNOW FULL WELL that there are other realms of existence … other realities that a lot of us can’t see with our physical eyes. I personally have never seen or visited these realities … but my spirit tells me that it’s true – that they are there.

Basically all types of video games give our physical beings the “satisfaction” of “escaping” to another reality – so therein lies the addiction itself – our spirits yearn to travel and visit different realities so the games give that satisfaction (but of course as mentioned consciously we don’t realize that’s the true reason – we may have more physical reasons like worrying about work, money or school and we then feel the need to escape and forget for a while. But that’s just a mask for the REAL culprit!). And that’s also the REAL and more spiritual reason behind a game’s creation itself … especially Pokemon Go.

But when a game like Pokemon Go comes out – where you’re essentially mixing this reality with a “non-reality” – this is where the problems start to really rise.

The addiction to the Pokemon Go is directly caused by our spirit’s knowledge of and desire to re-visit other planes of existence. And the desire for this is extremely strong within ALL OF US. As a result, well this is why we are seeing so many people – adults and children alike – losing total awareness of where they truly are. And the mixing of this reality with the non-reality makes it 100 times worse. Clearly.

I don’t have too much advice here on how to possibly “combat the addiction.” But I do know that all of us also have the ability to visit other realms of existence via either meditation or even astral travel. I know that many folks wouldn’t even consider trying this – this suggestion would only work for those who are more spiritually aware and accepting of such concepts as astral travel. But I do feel that it would work wonders for many who are in fact aware and interested in astralling/meditation.

I too wish that we could, without effort, just simply “poof” somewhere to another reality – and without meditation or astral travel. But that isn’t possible … at least not right now. So folks, I would indeed keep in mind the real spiritual reason for why you love Pokemon Go – and enjoy it! But – please please please remain aware of your surroundings. You are still, no matter what, in this realm of existence – therefore everything is STILL there around you! You haven’t “poofed” anywhere.

By Lisa Caza 2016


Becoming More Conscious

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Sunset at Lisa Caza’s campsite at Davis Lake © 2012 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

You are creating your life experience every single day. Your life is formed from what you think about all day long. The beliefs and attitudes that are so habitual that you don’t even notice them shaping your experiences. Instead of responding to situations from an awareness of All Potentials, you react to stimuli from outdated concepts. By re-acting, acting out an attitude over and over, you remain unconscious of what you’re doing, and that you’re probably sabotaging whatever it is that you want.

Have you ever opened a bag of potato chips and unconsciously nibbled on them while watching a movie? Maybe you’d like to lose weight, but all of a sudden the bag is empty. Oops! You probably weren’t even hungry, but you ate them out of habit.
Wanting a specific thing to happen in your life, you’re actually filling your mental screen with its opposite. The very thing you want to eliminate from your life clutters it up, chattering, “I can’t have,” “I don’t have,” “I don’t deserve.” You believe that what the mental chatter says is truth, maybe because someone you trusted told you it was so. Or you believe in them because they’re happening in your life. You believe life is difficult. Just look at all the problems you have right now. But you don’t have problems because life is difficult; you have problems because you “believe” that life is difficult. You have a mental fog of illusion, delusion, confusion, and this fog permeates every idea and concept you have.

You’re not alone. We all have this fog to some degree. But you can shine a light on your attitudes to burn away the mental fog. Begin by examining the old standards by which you judge yourself. Are they appropriate for you now, or were they only appropriate for you sometime in your past?

For instance, at the beginning of the century, a woman whose legs showed from beneath her dress was criticized. Within twenty years, that opinion was outdated. Are you holding onto ideas that belonged to another generation, but that don’t serve you now? Your life is your life and no one else’s. You have a right to live your life by the standards you create for yourself. So assess the rules you live your life by, and decide what you want to keep, and what you want to release. It’s your right.


The Light of Spirit now dissipates any confusion as to my True Identity. I am a blessed expression of Infinite Intelligence. Any outdated concept now dissolves in the Light of Truth. I now accept all that I am and all that I am truly worthy of. I am fully qualified to create standards for myself that reflect my True Self. I give thanks for my freedomFree Web Content, and release these words to make the changes necessary.

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