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Paradise Found: New Love Relationships & How to Make Them Succeed

A Small Excerpt From Lisa Caza’s NEWLY RELEASED Book ‘Finding Paradise After the Storm’

© 2015 Lisa Caza
© 2015 Lisa Caza

Paradise Found: New Love Relationships & How to Make Them Succeed

Every Love Will Be Different

This is one lesson that I personally learned relatively quickly: no matter how hard you try you will not ever experience the same kind of love twice. I have had a number of clients come to me to ‘complain’ that while they adore their new love partner, it just doesn’t ‘feel the same’ as what they had experienced with a past partner – and that they yearn to have that same love again. Well … no. It won’t feel the same … and it never will. It won’t matter who you are with, you will experience different dynamics and levels of love. I know that this is a rather hard pill to swallow, but it’s just the way it is. If you’re wanting to experience that same feeling of love, then unfortunately you’re going to have to return to that ex-partner because that’s the only way you’ll be able to fulfill that particular desire (and if that ex-partner was toxic and/or abusive in any way, then I definitely do not encourage you to do so!).

Every person is unique – therefore every relationship will be unique. Each and every relationship experience will have its own set of dynamics and its own energetic vibration. Once you come to a place of understanding and acceptance of this basic truth, you will then set yourself free from that restrictive viewpoint and will be able to truly embrace and enjoy the new relationship connection that you have in front of you.

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© 2015 Lisa Caza, Finding Paradise After the Storm. Balboa Press.


Lisa Caza’s Upcoming New Book!

Introducing Lisa Caza’s Book:

“Finding Paradise After the Storm”

Finding Paradise After the Storm by Lisa Caza. Get your copy at Amazon, B&N or Balboa Press today!

About the Book

In this inspirational partial memoir, internationally-known clairvoyant psychic and media personality Lisa Caza shares her experience in detail as a surviving warrior of domestic violence and how she, with the help of her spirit guides and Divine, rebuilt herself and finally connected with her divinely intended life partner. Lisa reveals profound divine insight, guidance, and lessons learned throughout her journey to help guide others towards finding their own successful love relationships.
This book illustrates many important spiritual lessons and concepts, and it may help you realize ways to find your own divinely intended love partner-your own little piece of paradise. Whether you are a surviving warrior of domestic violence yourself, still trying to heal from a significant past relationship, or just a spirit who has been yearning to find that very special someone, the insights and tips Lisa reveals may be invaluable tools along your journey toward paradise.

“Every once in a while you come across a book that speaks to your heart and soul.  Lisa Caza’s ‘Finding Paradise After the Storm’ has done just that!  She has an amazing ability to bring you right into her personal traumas and then guides you to her triumphs.  It’s a wonderful page turner.  Caza shows you how to become the ‘Phoenix Rising’ within your own life.  Her book gives you the tools that humanity needs NOW!  Whether you experienced abuse or you are on a path of creating your own paradise, this book is a Must Have!” –  Kerrie O’Connor, Psychic Medium and Creator of the Trinity Love Activation Works.

“Lisa Caza has written a thoughtful, energetic book which combines her triumph as a domestic warrior and her gifts as a channeler and healer. I recommend ‘Finding Paradise After the Storm’ to everyone interested in healing and how the spirit lifts us up.” – Constance Stellas, Author of The Astrology Gift Guide and Advanced Astrology for Life