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An Up-Close & Personal Interview With Love Psychic Reader Lisa Caza

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How long have you been practicing? What got you started? What makes you stay with it?

I’ve been practicing since I was a young teen actually – but in total I believe it’s been about 18 years now (oh brother now I feel old!). I’ve known that I had a gift since the age of 11 or 12, where I would not only have recurring dreams that would come to be, but also I would always “just know” when something was about to occur. The best and most profound example was when I tried to tell my grandmother that we were going to have a tornado. She didn’t believe me of course, but unfortunately not one but 3 very large and devastating tornados touched down merely 3 hours later. After that I don’t think my grandmother ever doubted me – she wouldn’t even play cards with me anymore because I would know what they were! I was told that I was born with a very old soul; that I have a deep understanding of the universe and all the living creatures – something that I could not have learned from school or from any books. I just “knew” that there was so much more beyond what we as human beings see in this physical world. Soon after that, around the age of 13-14 I felt that I could speak with spirits and call them to ask for any guidance or messages for others. However, it wasn’t until I was 18 that I realized that perhaps I could better utilize my abilities/gifts by becoming a professional reader – to help those in need and give guidance and direction as much as possible. I felt that if I was given this particular gift, well it must be for a reason other than to amuse myself and friends. That essentially is how I got started in the professional reading business – through my own reasoning and feelings. But this is also why I do in fact stay in this business – because I am a natural helper to people – this is how I feel I can help them best. If I can help just one person out of 5 – that’s what I am here for. I get such great pleasure and fulfillment to hear how I have either alleviated one’s fear or cleared their perspective or direction for them. That is what truly keeps me going. I have worked on numerous online psychic websites before coming to Global Psychics (including my own website). I have been with Global Psychics however for seven and a half wonderful years – the longest I have ever been at ANY place of employment. I have watched and supported through many changes here at Global Psychics – watched it grow to what it has become today. It is … essentially … my second family.

Any special abilities, specialized services?

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, however I can also perform animal communication readings (either alive or for those who have crossed over) – which is assisted with my degree as a Veterinary Technician. I can also perform mediumship readings, as well as spirit guide and animal totem readings. Just recently I have also started working with the Ascended Masters Oracle – which I find astoundingly accurate no matter how hard I try to “purposely flub” a reading. However, my main area of expertise is mostly as a psychic relationship counselor – which is assisted and expanded upon with my social work and psychology degrees (which you can read more about in my online profile). I would really like to once again expand my services however to working in animal communications and helping people connect to their spirit guides and totem animals through readings once again. I feel that perhaps my horizons are once again wishing to broaden.

What would you say was your most dramatic reading in terms of what was revealed and how it impacted a client?

I am not sure if this would be something you’re after in terms of your question, but the one reading that will FOREVER stand out in my memory: It was a phone reading a few years ago here at Global Psychics. I was speaking to a lovely lady who was deeply hurt and tormented to pieces as her marriage was very much on the rocks – virtually on the edge of divorce. She wanted to stop it but didn’t know how at that point because the negativity had gone so far already. Within my reading I revealed to her the thoughts and emotions that her husband was having – how he too didn’t want this divorce to take place. To make a long story short I managed to calm this dear woman. But this doesn’t end here. Approximately one hour later I received another telephone reading – with a man – going through the very same troubles. Once again I went through my reading almost the same as I did for the woman. But something bothered me – the energy surrounding the reading and two people were VERY familiar! Too familiar. Because it was late at night, of course by that time my mind just wasn’t functioning as sharply as normal so I didn’t put two and two together until the next day. I read the names and birthdates that I wrote down that night and that’s when it hit me. That man – he was the previous lady’s husband! And he had no clue that she had just called me an hour before him – and vice versa. Needless to say three days later I received separate calls from BOTH the husband and wife – thanking me for “setting them straight” – they worked things out and they were not going to have a divorce after all. What an amazing week that was – and I tell you I was so exhilarated and happy – that I could help that wonderful couple and save that precious marriage … but all because there was a lack of communication!

Anytime you have found a reading or a spirit to be funny – as in amusing?

I haven’t experienced many amusing readings, but it is completely different when it comes to spirits! I’ve witnessed the spirit of my father in law going to kick my husband Yvon in the rear end when he was bent over picking up some logs one day while working in the bush. I burst out laughing because I knew that he was rather frustrated with Yvon – the entire time we were working on the wood Mr. Caza was trying to “supervise” Yvon’s work – trying to show and tell him what to do. You would think that Yvon would stop and listen or pay attention when he saw one log start to literally roll towards the truck on its own – and we were not on any hill. But no! Yvon continued on his merry own way, so my father in law got increasingly flustered until he finally decided to try and give Yvon a good ol’ kick to the rear end. (Mr. Caza was a HUGE jokester in life – and to this day he continues his silly pranks on us such as taking our truck keys and hiding them IN THE TRUCK – meanwhile the truck is locked, whistling in the next room when we least expect it, or turning the light off on me while I’m taking my nightly bath). I also had a spirit in my old house that would always beep the horn on my Harley that I used to have. I would go out to the garage to investigate – but of course I would see nothing there. No sooner do I close the door … BEEP!!! There it goes again! I do not know who this spirit was, but he obviously loved playing with my horn and teasing me with it. Once I had the door half closed when he beeped that horn. And realize, in order to beep a horn on a motorcycle you have to turn the ignition on. So … needless to say that was one heck of a determined spirit to play pranks!

How has your work as a psychic affected your personal life, how has it changed you? How did/do your family and friends react to your choice of work?

My work as a psychic actually led me into going back to school to get my degree in social work and psychology – because I truly believe that with those degrees, experience, and knowledge only amplifies or deepens my abilities and readings as a psychic relationship counselor. But I also receive almost daily confirmation of what I felt so strongly when I was a young child: there IS something so much more … and much bigger … than us out there. There is so much more for us to learn, experience, see and know. I hold that very strongly to my heart – that and indeed the spiritual law of attraction and how everything does indeed happen for a reason. My work as a psychic has spilled over into my personal life, where I try as much as possible to keep those concepts in mind when trying to manifest my own desires and goals. I have become very spiritual in recent years, and have truly opened my heart to God/Divine. I know He/It is there … and is with us trying to help us all the time. If it weren’t for Divine guidance, I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.

When it comes to my family and friends, not too many people are very accepting of my profession. I have to be very careful who I tell – especially in this close-knit rural community that I live in. It’s very unfortunate but a lot of people in this area (and in Yvon’s family especially) really look down on the profession or just don’t believe in psychic abilities – except for one sister in law and Yvon himself. However, my husband – who is also a clairvoyant and psychic animal communicator, is extremely proud and supportive of what I do for a living – he has proudly tried to tell everyone what I do (and after pulling him aside one night I explained this very concept to him. He was hurt but at least he understood). Yet another reason why I love my husband so much. He is such a dear sweet soul – yet sometimes so innocent.

What keeps you motivated in the work and to keep growing and learning yourself?

For me it is being able to help those in true need. To see just one person benefit from my work, to witness someone else’s personal growth and empowerment, to be able to help someone else find direction or realize their purpose and true path … that is what I thrive on most – and essentially what makes me as a person want to continue growing and learning as well. The more I experience, learn and grow, the more and better equipped I am at helping others.

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