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My Experience With Spirit Possession

Spirit Possession IS REAL – And Here’s How I Dealt With It

Well now, I bet you all never thought in a million years that you would see me write or talk about spirit possession. As many know for so many years I held a lot of skepticism regarding possession – mainly just because of course I never experienced it myself.

Well, I can’t say that anymore … and I have been forced to swallow my pride so to speak and accept that spirit possession DOES HAPPEN! Now, I know what you’re asking: “What in the HELL could have possibly  possessed (pardon the pun) Lisa Caza to change her beliefs?” Well, I’m about to tell you – and it isn’t very nice:

If you read my last blog post about Confronting & Finalizing Long-Standing Issues, then you obviously know that my ex-husband just recently crossed over in September. Well my dear friends … approximately a week after he passed that’s when my experience with spirit possession started.

Yup. It was him. And to be blunt, whenever Yvon and I least expected it he would “enter” into Yvon – possessing him.  Like I just said, it would happen when we least expected it – out of the blue – and just as quickly as he would possess him he would be gone. How do we know it was a spirit possession and that it was specifically my ex-husband?

  1. It was no coincidence that it started to occur just after he passed away. We NEVER EVER experienced spirit possession before.
  2. While being possessed, Yvon would say and/or do things that only my ex-husband would have said or done (and I will NOT speak in detail things that were said and done) – and Yvon didn’t ever know the actual behaviors, etc that my ex used to exhibit. And when I confronted Yvon about the behaviors that he exhibited, he felt so sorry and stated that he would never normally say or do such things – which of course is true.
  3. Yvon “lost time” – he wouldn’t remember a darn thing and admits to having periods of “black out” – no memory of anything he said or did.
  4. Yvon has some mediumship abilities and he admitted to feeling like he was “fighting off” the spirit of my ex on certain occasions.
  5. Once the spirit of my ex was HARSHLY confronted by both myself and Yvon – and also after I actually had a REAL visitation in a dream and I rescued him – we haven’t had any further occurrences … so far anyways.

This experience has rattled me – and again obviously changed my entire belief system regarding spirit possession. I don’t call myself the “skeptical psychic” for no reason LOL! I only talk about things that I personally experienced first hand in my life – because I have “proof” that whatever it is actually exists. So folks, it is no joke – and something that you really don’t want to mess around with. And should you find yourself in a situation where you believe that a spirit is possessing either yourself or someone you know, remember the 5 points that I highlighted above – for they are clues to watch out for.  Furthermore, if that is a situation that you’re in, take immediate measures to rid the spirit possession itself: confront the spirit very angrily and sternly (Yvon and I were yelling at the spirit one night – right out loud), smudge with burning sage your entire house as well as every person affected, call upon Archangel Michael for added protection, and even perform a “rescue” like I was basically forced to do in my visitation dream: tell the spirit it is okay, that everything is all right, and encourage the spirit to go to the light.

I have to admit too that the possession itself was starting to get very real and very scary for me because I knew that if we didn’t do something – and right quickly – things would just get worse: they would escalate and even become violent (especially considering who my ex-husband was – many know I experienced a lot of abuse from him in our marriage). So, with that said, again if you suspect a spirit possession, it is extremely important to address the possession as quickly as possible. Get rid of it! We didn’t need to do this, but even if you need to contact a priest or wiccan … DO IT!

I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone does understand the severity of a spirit possession and that it is actually no laughing matter (which yes that’s what I used to do whenever I saw something on television about it). Especially during this time of year – Halloween – the veil between worlds is at its thinnest or weakest; therefore making it a lot easier for spirits to communicate … and do some shit-disturbing if they’re so inclined LOL! So why not take this opportunity – possession or no possession – to give yourself some added protection by smudging with sage, wearing gemstones to protect from negativity and spirits, and FOR GOD SAKE DON’T USE NO DARN OUJIA BOARDS! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Take care everyone … and all I have to say is this: a part of me is freaked out at my experience, but another part of me is grateful because not only have I learned something, it has also opened my mind to the idea that there are likely other concepts out there that I’ve had trouble accepting before but of which could very well be strong possibilities.

Just because you haven’t experienced something, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or doesn’t happen! It just means that you don’t have personal knowledge of it!

Lisa Caza, 2017


How To Protect Yourself Against Ghosts

Protection From Ghosts & Negative Spirits

Lisa Caza’s Ghost Week Tour (Oct. 26 – Oct. 30, 2015)

Throughout the Ghost Tour Week, I will be touring across the States appearing on many different shows to talk about ghosts, hauntings, paranormal investigations … and how to protect oneself and the home from ghosts and other negative spirits. In light of the tour (and because I’m finding myself having to once again cleanse my own home to protect my spirit-sensitive daughter), I wanted to permanently post in my blog here about how you indeed can protect yourself.

Well the most obvious way to protect yourself: just don’t go looking for them LOL!!!! Okay – I’m sorry – bad humor – but I couldn’t help it. Yet it’s somewhat true. If you don’t want a spirit to attach itself to you, then to cut those chances down considerably I would think twice about going on any sort of ghost hunting expeditions or investigations and tours (which always tend to crop up this time of year). However, if you just can’t ignore the strong yearning to attend, then there are other ways in which to protect yourself PRIOR to entering the haunted premises. Oh … and I just can’t move forward before stating this because this is an extremely important point: DO NOT USE OUIJA BOARDS! Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! They are NOT toys and they are not to be taken lightly. If you don’t know how to protect proper and don’t know how to close portals/doors … then don’t even go there. Even the most seasoned psychic mediums can have problems!

  1.  The most popular and one of the most effective ways of protection is that of smudging yourself with smoldering sage. Fan the smoke of the burning sage over your head, your chest, arms … your entire body. I personally do this prior to entering a haunted location AS WELL AS immediately after I leave – before I even attempt to make my way back home. If your home is haunted, you can do the same thing to every room – walk to each corner of the room with the sage in a clockwise direction – again fanning the smoke as you slowly walk around. Saying a prayer or stern statement as you do so will strengthen the effect. I have to cleanse and protect my daughter’s bedroom every year or two as she will often get plagued with visiting spirits . So this method is very effective. What I ALSO do is I will sometimes add a little bit of dried cedar leaves to the sage and burn the two together. The intent of the burning cedar is to allow positive and divine energy to surround you and the space you are cleansing.
  2. In addition to the smudging with sage, to help protect children a wee bit more, I have found that if you smudge and then place an angel figurine at the corner of their bedroom door to “stand guard” also works extremely well! Again I have done this for my daughter – but now that she is 17 – I will have to ask her if she still wants the angel guard there when I cleanse her room.
  3. A method that I learned from the beloved Stuart Wilde was that of putting a few drops of lavendar essential oil in a bucket of water; which you then sprinkle on all corners of all rooms while saying a prayer of your choice. Again this is something that you can also perform on your physical body.
  4. In addition to the above, there are also certain gemstones that can be either worn or carried in order to help protect against ghosts and negative spirits (realize not all ghosts are negative!). Such gemstones include that of black tourmaline, black onyx, black obsidian, hematite, and labradorite. I’ve learned that the hematite, black onyx and obsidian are the most effective (my daughter wore a hematite turtle pendant – her animal totem – around her neck for quite some time and I found as long as she wore it I didn’t have to do my yearly sage cleanses). However there are a number of other gemstones that could be effective – so I would do some research to see what gemstone(s) you are most drawn to.
  5. Attitude. It’s all about attitude! Be vocally forceful and assert your power … and insist that the spirits leave. Now, if you are scared or weak emotionally this will not work too well because the more negative spirits will feed off of that fear instead. Be strong and don’t take no crap!
  6. Saying prayers and affirmations works as well – especially if those prayers’ intentions involve that of invoking particular spirit guides, angels and other protective beings to surround you and your home.
  7. For more visually-inclined and spiritual individuals: the use of protection visualizations and meditations is very effective. I do this for myself all the time (and not just for protection from ghosts). Visualize firstly the most radiant golden-white light fill your entire physical being from head to toe and allow it to radiate outwards from your body like an aura. Once that is accomplished, then visualize yourself being completely encompassed by this energized and electric bubble of silver light. Affirm, “I surround myself with a shield of protection. I am safe within my space.” No negative spirit can penetrate or attach itself to this high vibration energy and might even be repulsed by it. Only the most positive, loving and gentle of spirits will be able to enter – of whom would likely be your angels and guides.

Lastly, I can’t close this off without at least speaking very briefly about poltergeists. Now, poltergeists are pretty much always found within a home where a child experiencing puberty resides. As the late Stuart Wilde pointed out, poltergeists are usually manifestations of sexual expression or frustration. He advised it best to remove the child from the home and take him/her to a more country-like setting. He furthermore had advised the use of applying that lavendar oil on them and to pray forcefully (without fear!). However, I have to agree with him in saying that sometimes there has been abuse of some form (physical, sexual, emotional) that must also be dealt with … so in those cases it is obviously much more complicated (because the child’s deep subsconscious anger comes out). So in those cases, it is wise to enlist the professional help of a child therapist as well.

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~ Lisa Caza