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Psychic Predictions for 2014

Lisa Caza and Her Psychic Predictions for 2014

Soul Psychics Lisa Caza
Psychic Lisa Caza on horse at Sylvia Chutes © 2012 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

It took a lot of pondering and coaxing from clients and friends to make me, Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics, post some psychic predictions for 2014. The reason for my hesitation is that my psychic predictions for 2013 – a lot of them did in fact come true – and a lot of them weren’t very nice and positive (if you view the psychic predictions for 2013, scroll down and see all the submitted comments verifying some of the predictions that did in fact come true). You see, I don’t watch the news specifically because I hurt so deeply – all you see and hear about is devastation, chaos and upheaval, fighting, on and on. Yuck! I really don’t like to be a part of that. I don’t want to always be the messenger of bad news. Know what I mean? So instead, I have agreed to make some psychic predictions for 2014. However, I really wish to keep the negative and darkness to a minimum. What good am I doing in relaying on such things? What good are those psychic predictions when quite ultimately they did nothing to actually stop the events from even occurring? What was the purpose in relaying on those messages? To freak everyone out? No. I refuse to be a vessel or tool for creating upset … we get enough of that in the news. So I do hope that everyone understands where I am coming from. I have been so upset all this year because one after another I saw the negative psychic predictions coming true (*Click here to view a preliminary list of accurate 2013 psychic predictions).

According to Chinese astrology, 2014 is the year of the horse – a year full of true spirit, grit, determination, vitality and endurance. It’s about positive growth and manifesting success through our determination. So in keeping with the energy that seems to embody 2014 (which is so very positive and promising for the most part), and taking my own feelings into consideration, as mentioned I will focus more on the positive. The negative is unavoidable so I’m sure a few things will pop up – but I’m likewise sure that you will see and feel a very different energy in my psychic predictions for 2014 in comparison to those made for 2013. Here we go …

Known as the year for leaders, 2014 is set for those who want to make a difference and know how to make it happen. This is the year full of immense turning points that open a new period of fate. The horse will lead us to this new period, a leader that is committed 100% to his responsibility and get the stage ready for the next 25 years.

The Year of the Horse will continue the wrath of 2013. Earthquakes and floods will occur worldwide while weather patterns continue to change triggering a lot of calamities. Politically it’ll also be quite the same story – opposition, chaos, corruption, arguments and scandals being uncovered by the truth-tellers; like I say pretty much the same in terms of energy – it’s like good versus evil or the light versus the dark. But 2014 will show us a lot more in terms of activism – people coming together and taking a stand like never before – I believe it could very well even come to a point of the US president being HIGHLY criticized … he will not be re-elected for people are finally starting to see the truth. More and more people will be seen standing up against HAARP, GMO, etc

2014 will also prove to be a good year for carrying out psychic research as new techniques are developed to record paranormal phenomena.

People who cater for alternative medicine will have an increase of demand for their services and more people will crave for more peaceful existence. This will be the year where people will get together to help and give support to each other, a communal living but without the hippy element.

People who are born under the sign of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are going to enjoy the things that mean so much to them such as friends, travelling, romance and even learning a new language. For those who are born under the signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius will be more focused on their careers and responsibilities as the money-making potential for this year is huge for all of them.

Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are more aware about the progress of their relationships and changes that will lead them to happiness. People under this sign will have more open communication with their loved-ones and those who have kept secrets from them in the past.

Hillary Clinton to announce her run for the presidency midyear. She hinted at this in 2013 (which if you recall the psychic predictions for 2013 I did sense even back then she was going to do this. She didn’t actually run for presidency like I thought – but her intentions were made known. She will carry through in 2014).

A most probable change of leadership in South Africa … a new president with similar values to the late Nelson Mandela.

By the end of the year the price of gold will be between $1000 to $1100.

A shocking incident in Ottawa is going to make head-reeling global news in October/November. While I was trying to not allow any negativity to come through, this does feel very negative and I think it’s coming through simply because Canada does not normally see such events.  But yet some positive too – praise for saving so many lives and acting fast. No major loss of life. Shooting? Or bombing that got botched? I’m just assuming at this point now as I don’t know what occurs other than I see tons of police. But positive ending for sure.

Scandal-plagued Toronto, Ontario mayor Rob Ford will not be re-elected; the most likely reason being the scandals itself as well as people remembering how he refused to call a state of emergency for the city after the major ice storm that left thousands without power for a number of weeks. A woman may actually become mayor. But it seems that even more revelations or scandals may be brought to light regarding OTHER individuals. I believe the newly elected mayor may actually be the one to uncover them.

The unemployment rate for the United States will increase about 5-10%. Minimum wage will be increased in Canada to $11 in June or July and the same will occur for the States but will be about $10 to $10.50. However the States’ raise will be under some sort of restriction – like it doesn’t apply to all Americans. Does that make any sense?

Here’s a no-brainer really but gas, oil, and food prices will rise globally – creating angry protests. The worst will be Canada, the US, and the UK. Canada will hear major public out crying regarding the extremely high cost/bills of hydro, with Ontario being the most expensive province.

The housing sector will slowly recover alongside the U.S. economy. But, this I wouldn’t fall for too much folks. The housing market AND the dollar drop down again just when people believe they’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. The thing to watch out for in particular is when the market spikes the highest seen in many years – in other words will be a very positive growth/recovery (it will make news). Immediately following the growth spurt though it will drastically drop yet again. (realize I know nothing about technical terms, etc related to stock market, finances, etc – I am being shown a line graph in red – I see the huge spike and then BAM! It’s like riding the world’s largest rollercoaster drop). If you’re looking to buy a property I’d do it between May and September – just mainly due to the more positive energy I feel within that time frame – a higher rate of buyer and seller success.

Record numbers of lay-offs as well as the most severe lack of employment opportunities ever seen. 2013 was bad … 2014 will not be any better for companies or the currently unemployed. I encourage everyone to at the very least consider starting your own business – create your OWN opportunities! This will definitely be a good year/time to do so.

As a young girl I always would watch The Golden Girls with my late grandmother. We just adored watching that show – and we’d watch it faithfully. I suppose this is why I feel drawn to my favorite actress from there; I feel some concern for Betty White and her health later on in the year. She is such a warm, loving and down-to-earth person I do hope that this particular feeling of mine is wrong. Interestingly, when we talk about comedians in general, I am also feeling concern for Joan Rivers come around October perhaps as well as Robin Williams (I do not know what is to occur with Williams – I just feel concern for him healthwise. I hope this is just a small illness or perhaps a diagnosis of some condition.).

Given my heritage and apparent lineage/tie to the Royal Family somewhere along the way, I always pick up on things related to the Royal Family. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate will announce the pregnancy of their second child in June or July. I am feeling MASSIVE concern for both our precious Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. I am fearful that we may lose or come close to losing Him the Duke – it will be very quick and we’ll see “mind-blown” headlines around the world. It was close in 2013 when he became ill just prior to the birth of Prince George (which was as I predicted). Our Beloved Queen I have a sense that this may be her last year of reign. I am wondering if the events surrounding the Duke of Edinburgh are what actually propels Her Majesty to perhaps even abdicate? Interestingly, the news of the Duke of Edinburgh ONCE AGAIN comes so very close to Kate Middleton’s announcement of her second pregnancy. Also a royal engagement/wedding date will be announced. And just as a note, I’ve felt for quite some time that we will see 2 coronations in a matter of 5-10 years at the most: Charles and then William. So some very serious and major shifts begin for the Royal Family later this year, and will continue on a rather rocky road for the next 5 years.

Pope Francis suffers from an illness and may be hospitalized. The Pope is in psychical danger. He is one of the best Pope’s we have ever seen … he is speaking the truth and there are those around him that are unhappy.

Missiles from North Korea hit a rural part of Japan. There is no damage but again the world comes together against North Korea.

And weather-wise – unfortunately we will need to expect much of the same that we saw in 2013. I continue on with my concerns about the volcano eruptions – both 2013 and 2014 we have seen and will see a huge number never seen before. Spring tornado’s hit in places they don’t normally hit. The area will be more North than usual, and destroy a lot, and surprise many. Earthquakes in the Midwest, perhaps along the New Madrid fault. An earthquake in Northern California will occur between the 12th and 16th of May 2014. Centered in, or around, Oakland it will measure almost 8 on the Richter Scale.  Ohhh in first week of April I see a baby earthquake in Yellowstone Park – remember what I’ve been saying about sleeping volcanoes waking up (no that won’t happen this year for Yellowstone but more quakes will be felt there). A MASSIVE quake off the western coast of South America that reminds me of the one in Japan 2 years ago – so another 8 I think – and it WILL come with a tsunami warning and evacuations. It will of course hit global news – but the positive I pick up on this one though is that it won’t be as devastating as what we saw in Japan (thank god). Also a major quake in British Columbia, with landslides and flooding. Then even us in Eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec) we’ll even get a taste of the quaking earth below us (this started the past 2 years – however in 2014 we will experience the largest quake in decades). Speaking of landslides, am feeling a significant one to occur as early as the end of March to first week of April in Washington. Massive flooding in India will kill countless people due to a lack of proper preparation/evacuation. It will be located in East Central India. Fires will be huge in the Pacific Northwest this summer. Fires will be so large that they will not be able to stop them, only try to manage them. Haiti will again be plagued with natural disasters, two in a row that will leave the population decimated. Again world relief efforts will be hampered by the inability to even land small aircraft on the island. Tornadoes … don’t even get me started on those damn things. This year is unfortunately going to be a bad year for them as well. Starting as soon as the end of April for a number of the states (Oklahoma stands out and as well as Kansas, Arkansas,  northern Texas). Too many to list here but end of April will be the start – and I do feel some casualties end of April – sorry I don’t know where though – perhaps Oklahoma and Arkansas? Like I say I am not sure).

Earlier this month southern Ontario was just devastated by a major ice storm – leaving thousands without power for weeks. I hate saying this but I feel that another storm of equal magnitude/severity will be seen before the winter is over.  The news of the storm WILL make headlines and will cause local authorities to call a state of emergency. This psychic prediction I am hoping that people will use to help themselves get prepared a little better this is why I’m posting this one! Stock up on batteries, bottled water, food, candles … gas for generators if you have them in case power does go out. Seeing a lot of wind and blowing snow/white out conditions. Folks that aren’t prepared they’re going to find themselves stranded where they stand so to speak.

More and more people will become outraged with the geo-engineering of the weather as more and more superstorms occur. These superstorms are man-made … NOT made by mother nature so keep that in mind as a slight positive (in other words it isn’t Mother Nature punishing us).

Thinning of the veil will greatly continue throughout 2014 just like it did in 2013 – the same message sticks from last year: Someone might die on Wednesday and you see them on Saturday. The spirits will have the energy to manifest much more often and more profoundly. Paranormal activity increases. Psychics will get clearer messages and those unfamiliar with this will be asking a lot of questions. The higher vibration affects our dream life and it becomes more active.

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Acknowledging Emotions of Others

Acknowledging Emotions: Yours and Others.

Accurate Psychic Readings by Psychic Lisa Caza Soul Psychics
Psychic Lisa Caza with her son and dog Max at Davis Lake 2009 © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

By Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” A widely-known (and very wise) phrase from the Bible. However, when it comes to the understanding of this concept I often wonder if folks truly grasp the full embodiment of it. What I mean is, it seems that the majority of people tend to have a more linear way of thinking – they seem to concentrate mainly on more physical and material aspects. But what about the emotional aspect? Let’s take this a step further … so in other words if you don’t like to be lied to, cheated on, stolen from, teased or bullied, or mistreated in any way well don’t do it to others. You treat others as you would like to be treated. Fair enough and simple enough. Those are the most commonly thought of principles when we reflect over the statement of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

But now, this is where we touch into a deeper understanding of the principle … of which I find that many people tend to not consider … what about how you are FEELING? Let’s try an example so that I can perhaps illustrate what I mean:

You are sitting at a friend’s house confiding in them about how rough of a day you’ve had, and you’re in tears due to major upset, frustration and hurt because you had an argument/falling out with another friend of yours. You’re crying and telling that friend how you are feeling when they then hug you in order to console you and they say as doing so, “Oh, please don’t cry.”

WAIT! STOP! What did they say? Did they say “please don’t cry”?

What happens in those few moments after they say this to you? Your initial reaction, more often than not (even if just fleetingly) you question in your mind, “Why should I stop crying? I don’t want to cry but I am. I don’t like how I’m feeling but it’s how I’m feeling!” Also notice that when they say this particular statement to you … nine times out of ten you actually start to cry harder. There is a reason for all of that!

It’s because you are supposed to feel those particular emotions in that moment in time. If you are feeling sad … allow yourself to feel sad … just of course don’t get too caught up in it. If you’re feeling angry … you have every right to feel angry.

And now, even just as importantly, you need to ask yourself though: WHY would they be saying this to you? Well, I don’t know if you will like this answer or not but here goes ….

It’s because THEY are feeling uncomfortable. Folks of course don’t like to see their friends and family members hurt and crying … and indeed it makes them feel out of sorts. So their automatic reaction is: TO STOP YOU FROM CRYING!

While of course they have good intentions in their hearts and do truly wish to be of help to you … the thing is right away like I say their first initial reaction is to stop the discomfort that THEY are feeling due to your crying … so … they ask you to stop. However, this is one of the worst things that a person can actually do to another. Why? Because essentially what’s occurring is a form of denial of emotions. The consoler is trying to push aside the emotions of the consolee.

It is a person’s right and freedom to allow themselves to acknowledge and validate their emotions and address them as they see as fitting. So if crying is the way to go … then do so. Crying is the outward manifestation of acknowledging the inner emotions and thus the eventual LETTING GO of those same emotions. Telling someone to “stop crying” … and the person does … prematurely in this case … that builds a major block for them both emotionally as well as spiritually. They become “stuck” … holding those unacknowledged and unreleased emotions inside themselves. And sometimes … given the right (or perhaps wrong) personality … a pattern begins to form … an eventual “engrained behavior” or “habit” emerges where it becomes commonplace for them to do so.

Allowing a person to feel what they are feeling in those moments does them more good than harm. Try to resist the urge to hug them right away, and most certainly try not to tell them to stop crying. Remember that this urge to immediately console the person is YOUR INITIAL INSTINTCUAL REACTION TO DISCOMFORT (i.e. it’s like “I need to make this uncomfortable situation go away and go away now. I cannot handle the tears it makes me uncomfortable seeing them this way. It hurts me to see them hurting. What can I do to stop the tears? Tell them to stop!”). If you truly wish to help your good friend or family member, the absolute best thing to do: push aside the subconscious ego and its need to escape the discomfort (as well as the belief that you’re not being a good friend in not consoling immediately … please realize that this is quite on the contrary! Reflect over your own most immediate thoughts that occur if in a similar situation – the fleeting sense of frustration or even anger with that friend who just told you to please stop and notice how for a few moments the crying becomes a bit more so. That happens for a reason – and as mentioned it’s because you NEED to feel those emotions at that time!) … and give that person that time to acknowledge, validate, feel and thus let go of those emotions. In this particular example given above, allow them to cry it out while you be there for them and simply listen to what they have to say. Then, once the tears have subsided, THEN give them a hug and start asking them OPEN-ENDED questions to make them THINK about what their next steps should be. This process of asking questions instead of giving opinions, advice, and other leading statements serves great purpose as well: it EMPOWERS them! It gives THEM control over their life, their choices, their situations. It allows them to form their own viewpoints and decisions – which in turn creates a strong sense of responsibility for their own life … and self empowerment.

If you don’t like having your personal power and responsibility of your own life taken away from you, then don’t do it to others. If you don’t like to be told how to feel or not feel … well … why would you do that to others?

So as you can see, we get brought right back to that principle of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But unfortunately as mentioned earlier many folks don’t seem to consider the concepts discussed above. Allow folks to feel their emotions and be with them in those moments.