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2018 Psychic Predictions

2018 Psychic Predictions

By Clairvoyant Psychic Lisa Caza

This year, I have decided to include all of my psychic predictions for 2018 entirely in a video for my Youtube channel. I just feel that it is easier this way rather than just writing out every psychic prediction. Feel free to share, and also feel free to send in your requests for specific psychic predictions – of course only up until February 13th.

Much love to you all, and here’s to another wonderful year ahead.

More 2018 Psychic Predictions

(Questions were submitted by Youtube Followers & Viewers)

– There will be at least 20 tornadoes here and there in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas (possibly more – but at least thank goodness I don’t see any getting up to an F4 or F5 – I only see one F4). There are going to be so many this year that there’s no point in me even trying to come out with specific areas and town names. And for some reason, with mentioning Oklahoma, my attention is being drawn to specifically Broken Arrow and Tulsa. I don’t know why … perhaps a tornado there? Unsure. But they will make news for some reason (and I feel it to be unfortunate news).
– Royal engagement announcement. It will be one of the York girls; Eugenie or Beatrice.
– Jennifer Lopez may be making an engagement/marriage announcement herself this year.
– An ending marriage that I see very possible this year would be Beyonce & JayZ; there are 2 other couples I’m watching as well in terms of divorce: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill and Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman.
– As far as deaths are concerned, it is unethical of me to just come right out and state, “I see death.” I’m not a dark person. But instead I do have a list of different people where I HAVE MAJOR CONCERN FOR THEM – It’s a list where I feel a “danger energy” around them – with health at the very least (so yes death would be included but I don’t like saying it). So this is my list as of today: Betty White, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, a member of the Rolling Stones (I can’t tell if it’s Mick Jagger or Keith Richards – could be both!), Ozzy Osbourne, Paul McCartney, Cher, Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Burt Reynolds, Bill Cosby, Joan Collins and Selena Gomez (for her I feel drug-related). 2018 unfortunately is going to be worse than 2017 in terms of losing a lot of legends.
– Southern California real estate: it’s somewhat going to be the same hon: continued rising of house prices, with a shortage of housing in general. I don’t see a crash at all. I am feeling that 2019 will show the promising start of positive change (i.e. residential construction will start to increase later this year and well into 2019 – which means that in turn will give the market a positive boost).
– Cape Town South Africa drought situation: I am so sorry to learn of the drought! It’s very scary to have to face the possible reality of losing all water come April. But I am being told to tell you all to please try to hang in there the best you all can. While I’m not seeing anything greatly significant here in terms of rain for a bit (just showers here and there like you just saw I think yesterday or few days ago – which isn’t enough to help much), I do feel that you’ll start to see more towards the middle of March. I don’t think it will come to having to turn off the taps, etc like they’re threatening for April. But yes it will come pretty damn close.
– Unfortunately the immigration deportations issues will in fact continue in the US. It’s going to get to a point where (and I think I mentioned this at some point last year actually to a client of mine) that even us Canadians are going to have a hard time. I was seeing that Canadians who have work down there or who have work visas for example are going to run into problems – possibly to the extent of them getting ousted from the States and forced to return home. That in turn is going to cause a ruckus obviously … especially when we consider the trading between the two countries.
– Some sort of change within Family Law as it pertains to child custody and child support.
– Puerto Rico hurricanes & quakes: I don’t see any quakes on a large scale here coming your way – most will be between 2.0 and 5.0 (and 5.0 is pushing it a bit as that’s getting into the bigger ones). But I dare say, unfortunately I do feel that a larger one is “due” at some point – probably not this year but perhaps in 2019 or 2020. As for hurricanes, I think you folks had enough with Maria and Irma (I’m so sorry for the losses!). I believe you’ll get a break this year.
– Will General Hospital become number 1 in the ratings again? Or, will it be cancelled? I am getting a ‘no’ for both of them. While I don’t see it becoming #1 in ratings, I don’t see it being cancelled either.
– Florida hurricanes: I do see Florida as being one state getting hit. However, thankfully I do NOT see it getting hit as hard as what it did let’s say last year in Irma or Harvey. It will be a “breeze” (omg pardon the pun lol) compared to the past few hurricanes there. Still lots of destruction, but not nearly as bad.
– Lisa Caza, do you ever see a time in the future when Canada and the States become one country? Thank you for posting your question Matthew. Well, to be blunt, while of course there have been rumors of this for basically decades, I just do not see it happening.
– William and Catherine’s third baby: Well, of course I am only human and can’t know everything 100%. However, if it is a girl I am hearing Victoria and Mary. If it is a boy, then I am hearing Charles, Philip and James.
– While I see Trump having an interview with Mueller, I don’t see anything happening this year that would take him down and out of office. It seems that nothing will really be done against Trump this year – especially while he holds office. But interestingly, and I do NOT know if this is related to the Mueller Investigation for sure or not, but I am seeing here quite clearly that once Trump is OUT of office (and he will be – he isn’t going to be serving another term and in November we’ll see preliminary “signs” of this), something occurs where I see some sort of serious charges brought against him – and he will be found “guilty” of those charges. So things catch up with him … eventually …


Finding Your Life Purpose

What Is My Life Purpose?

I have an excellent and well-paying career. Why do I continue to feel this strange emptiness inside if I’m following my intended life purpose?

The very first thing that I am actually being instructed to tell you is that you need to realize that your life purpose is NOT just about your career path! A lot of people seem to have this belief that their career path is their purpose … but yet at the same time – at some point they begin to feel like there’s more out there for them! Well, they’re right! But let me just back the truck up here slightly … please bear with me as I do get to a point … eventually (LOL!).

A lot of people actually have this huge misunderstanding that there is only one specific path to follow and that this path is ONLY related to for example their career path. This is NOT the case! In fact, a person’s purpose … it has many different paths that ultimately make up their FULL life purpose. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? You don’t just have one specific “purpose”! You have many! So this is one extremely strong reason as to why many people begin to feel “stuck” or “confused” … they have this rather limited perspective or viewpoint. They’ve restricted themselves so much to the point that they’re not seeing themselves for who they truly are and what they’re truly “meant” to do.

Another quick note here in relation to the above message is that when it comes to “our intended purpose” … it truly defines who we are … ultimately and all-encompassing. Yet, understand that a career or the work that we do, it does not define us! At least not completely! It is only a part of the whole. So … we are not our careers! What defines us are our passions, our personalities, our interests, and what we hold closest to our hearts. And that my dear ones takes us into our TRUE life purpose – COMPLETELY.

Psychic Lisa Caza what is my life purpose
© 2008 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

None of us have just that one very specific life purpose. We have many aspects of ourselves that need fulfilling … therefore we do have many different hats to wear throughout any given life time.

The best way to illustrate this concept to you is like this: envision a pizza or pie that has been cut up into equal slices. The entire pizza/pie represents a person’s “full life purpose.” Now, each little slice of that pizza/pie represents just one out of many “mini purposes”; one slice could be your career path, another slice could be your role as a parent, a third slice could represent your passion for volunteer work, a fourth slice could be your artistic or musical talent, and so on and so on.

Some of our purposes include for example: being a mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, and so on. That’s a purpose. Some other purposes relate to our beliefs – so for example: healing work by sharing our experiences to help others, animal activism, environmental and medical causes, guiding others with psychic readings, or some other form of being in service/help to others. Now how about hobbies and other general interests? Painting, writing, singing, playing a musical instrument, acting, horseback riding, woodworking, and so on. Personality-wise – how about for example you have a natural tendency to take care of others without question, you have a dynamic sense of humor, you are a natural-born teacher or leader, or you feel the strong need to protect others in some way. ALL OF THOSE THINGS – and more – lead us to having purpose. So don’t limit yourself and your spirit! For so long as you limit your viewpoint, then quite ultimately the longer you will just continue to feel some level of unfulfillment.

Do not limit yourself and your life purpose because in all actuality you … and your purpose … are limitless! In following a person’s life purpose, truly following it, ALL paths are pursued and followed. Not just one. Many paths converge into one … which ultimately makes a person’s true life purpose. A life purpose is all-encompassing and it DEFINES WHO WE ARE. So in defining who we are we need to take into account all of our characteristics, interests, passions, talents, skills, and traits. It isn’t just narrowed down so simplistically. I do really hope that you understand what I and Spirit is trying to illustrate to you. There are just so many things that you could be doing or pursuing … and all of that is indeed purpose. Take a look at yourself, who you are, what you stand for, what you love, etc. ALL of that is actually your purpose. And once you come to this realization then that will be when you will truly get to experience TRUE happiness, inner peace and ultimate fulfillment … and on all levels of being (physical, emotional and spiritual).

© 2014 By Lisa Caza, Owner of Soul Psychics