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Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit

Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit

By Lisa Caza

In my article, “Life Path Sequential Order,” I briefly outlined my own life experiences; in particular as it pertained to my love life – having to go through separation/divorce from an abusive marriage, having to move so far away with my 3 children, and subsequently meeting my intended life partner and soulmate. All of those experiences were divinely meant to occur – for specific reasons that to this day are still being revealed to me as I continue along my life path.

Now, throughout many of the transitions/changes that I had to endure, such as moving and meeting a new potential love partner – I tell you I was very lost … and scared! Prior to my first marriage – I had never lived on my own. I went from my mother’s house to my then husband’s literally overnight (and at a very young age). Yet there I was: having to face a MAJOR life change by leaving the abusive marriage and thus becoming a single mother of three small children.

Going through major life changes like that – it is quite unnerving. But if you ask for guidance and affirming divine signs – you will get them. But you need to pay close attention in order to see them. I know this to be true because I received MANY divine signs throughout that 4 year transition period (yes … in total it was four years from start to “finish”).

Realize that divine signs can come in almost any form and through anything. For example, hearing specific songs, number correspondences (i.e. dates of significance/importance to you), names of people and places, animals … seriously I can go on and on the list is never-ending. Divine signs can be seen anywhere, anytime and within anything. The main key point to remember is that signs will always hold some sort of special significance to the particular person that they are meant for. It may not mean a darn thing to their friends, family, etc. But to the individual, the signs will speak volumes and will have great significance. When they see those divine signs a great feeling of love, warmth, certainty and confirmation washes over them – with a great sense of peace and deep knowing. When you feel those emotions – you will know that you’ve received a divine sign.

Using my 4-year transition period of major life changes, I wish to illustrate to you exactly what I mean about those divine signs … how they will come to you quite unexpectedly and by almost endless possible means.

Let’s begin with the time I was searching for a new home upon first separating from my ex-husband:

I knew that where I was living at the time … I would never be able to survive; the cost of living was extremely expensive. I just wouldn’t have been able to do it on the limited income that I had. I wouldn’t have even been able to afford any rent let alone a mortgage; yet I wanted to remain a homeowner. I definitely didn’t wish to go backwards in progress! And definitely subsidized housing was out of the question for me. So what to do? I always would get the message from Spirit throughout the years: “The further north you go the better it is – it is cheaper, more peaceful, nurturing and beautiful.” I was then guided to the online real estate listing and started looking for properties way north of where I was. And I had known at the time just how much money I would be receiving from the sale of our marital home, so I already had the budget figured out and knew what to look for in terms of pricing. But I had asked Divine to guide me – to show me signs that I was in fact traveling in the right direction …

Within 2 days I had found a home I was interested in; priced at $19,900 and was being sold on a foreclosure. I just felt that this was my house – that it was intended for me. It had been sitting empty for FOUR YEARS (I just noticed another divine sign just now that I wasn’t aware of! Four years it was empty, yet my transition period took about 4 years!!).

Now, what drew me to the house wasn’t just the price or it’s outside appearance. It was, of all things, the dimensions of each room and entire square footage … and the address. The numbers in the dimensions spoke volumes to me and somehow managed to correlate with very important dates to me. I cannot remember now the numbers and all the dates, but some of them correlated to birthdays and dates of death for a few family members and ancestors that I descended from. But the address:

The house number is 126. Let’s separate those numbers: 1 – 2 – 6. The closing date of the sale of my old home was June 3rd. Look at the numbers: 1+2=3. 6= the 6th month … which is June. The house number correlated to the closing date.

I had asked for confirmation from Spirit – signs that this was what I was supposed to be doing. Boy did I get those signs or what?! But hmmmmm .. I am wondering. Could that divine sign also been giving me a clue as to just how long I would be living in this house? All three numbers add up to 9. Well, it has been, so far, almost 8 years that I have lived here (which is actually double the statistical norm for anyone to live in one place).  So maybe next year we will be able to move??? We shall see … and I will definitely post an update to this article if that proves to be true!

Now, this is where I have to stop and say: PLEASE always listen to your intuition – no matter how “out there” your feelings may be!!! The next step in this process was to put in an offer on the property. I wanted to make sure that I had extra money left over after my purchase, so I had to “haggle” and try to bring the sellers down in price. In doing so, something told me – and I kid you not – an actual offer amount. That amount was: $14,500. I put in the offer with the real estate agents. Two days later I received a call from them and this is what they said, word for word (I will never forget those words): “Well Lisa, in all my years that I have been a real estate agent I have to say that I have NEVER EVER seen this happen. How you came up with this bid amount of 14,5 I don’t know. But, your offer has been accepted by the seller. I have never seen this before where a buyer’s first offer – and such a low one at that – and on a FORECLOSURE – has been accepted. I also need to tell you that 14,5 was the absolute lowest amount that the sellers were going to accept. Good for you Lisa. Congratulations – you are moving to Iroquois Falls.”


Lisa Caza divine signsIroquois Falls … I had never been here before. Not ever. Yet, for some strange reason I was attracted to the town’s name and felt a sense of familiarity about it. Once again … I simply followed my intuition … and indeed the divine signs that were given to me. And I am so glad that I had because I tell you when I arrived here – all alone with my children – I couldn’t have moved to a better place. This community was so nurturing, loving and helpful for my first two years here. I was warmly welcomed by neighbours and was “taken care of.” Our first Christmas here many neighbours sent over boxes of food and supplies … we even had someone put our name in to have Santa come and visit the kids. My furnace broke down my second winter here – a neighbour came and fixed it free of charge. The list of charitable and loving donations and assistance I received goes on – and I will forever be thankful to my neighbours and their support and love that they showed us.

Fast forwarding to the spring of 2007 – I had been living in Iroquois Falls for almost three years. By this time I had purchased my quarter horse mare Apache (in September of 2006) and was boarding her with my now husband Yvon. Yvon had his accident with Apache in January of 2007. By the beginning of February Yvon and I started dating (which that in itself started rather spontaneously and without warning … at the time I wasn’t even actively looking for a relationship with anyone!).

Dating. Oh my good Lord. I was so scared at the time. I would frequently question myself: What in God’s name are you doing? Don’t you dare make another mistake! What if this guy is just simply using you? Don’t get your hopes up now. And what if he is just like your ex? You’re going to give up your control and freedom all over again? What’s wrong with you woman?!

But yet, I absolutely adored this man. He made me feel things that I had never felt before. You know those times when you first start dating someone – all the electricity that flies around? Your heart beats a mile a minute just thinking about them, you question what is to happen next, you can’t wait to see them again, and will actually do crazy things like “skip school” or take a day off work just to be with them (yes, I did that … I actually skipped school to head out to the farm to see Yvon!! Bad Lisa! I don’t even think he knows about that LOL!!). All of this was happening to me – and it made me feel so good. But yet, at the same time like I say I was so fearful and questioning. So once again I turned to Spirit – God – and asked to be shown specific divine signs that would tell me I was on the right path.

I got them all right …

One day while out at the farm, I cannot recall where Yvon was, but I was in the house cleaning up the kitchen for him when I just happened to glance over at a small table. On top of the table was a letter from a credit collection agency. I know what you’re thinking: so what?! Well, hold on and I will tell you.

At the time I too had a credit collection agency after my tail – for a credit card debt that was racked up when I was still married to my ex-husband. They were looking for a grand total of $3,500.

The letter that I saw on the table at the farmhouse, while it was addressed to Yvon, there were uncanny similarities. The name of the credit collection agency was the exact same. The amount that they were asking for was the exact same. And … it too was for a credit card debt … to the same credit card company! But the real kicker about this letter … it was dated August 31,1997!!!! WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH WAS A LETTER DATED 1997 LAYING RIGHT ON TOP OF THIS TABLE 10 YEARS AFTER IT WAS ORIGINALLY SENT TO HIM?! And to add even more to this – my dear grandfather passed away August 31st, 1997 … the exact same day as Princess Diana … and ahem … the exact same day that this letter to Yvon was addressed!!!

Because I asked God to give me a divine sign that’s why. To this day not even Yvon can explain why that letter was there.
To add to the letter, there were also signs given to me through name correlations between my family and Yvon’s:

  • Yvon his first name: I have an uncle named Yvon.
  • Yvon’s second name Joseph: My father’s middle name is Joseph.
  • Yvon’s mother’s middle name Sarah: My daughter’s name is Sarah.
  • Yvon’s sister’s name Louise: That is my middle name and my other daughter Danielle’s middle name. The name Louise has been in my family for many generations.
  • Yvon has a brother named Daniel. The name Daniel is the male version of the name Danielle.
  • And Yvon’s entire family is French-speaking. My biological father’s family is likewise so (but I wasn’t raised by my father).

Looks like I was on the right path huh?! Too many correlations to be that of “coincidence.” It was all MEANT TO BE.

If you are unsure of your path … especially if you are fearful of your path ahead … ASK for those wonderful (and quite beautiful) divine signs. If you ask … you will get them. And pay attention to them when you do get them! Look for those correlations and meanings (which by the way will come in many different forms and ways like I mentioned earlier – and they may not come through like mine. As mentioned they will come in a way that will be most significant and personal to you and you alone – and they will either be AFFIRMING messages like mine or conversely WARNING messages – it will depend on the specific – and be specific – questions and directions you ask spirit for). And definitely follow through with whatever the signs are trying to tell you because I tell you straight up – if you do follow through you will find that everything works out exactly the way it’s supposed to – and you will reach your goals.

And if you ever question whether something was meant to be or not in your past, once again look for the signs and correlations. Here is one final example of what I mean:

Soul Psychics - Lisa Caza - psychic readings - email psychics
Psychic Lisa Caza’s twin baby girls were true blessings from above. Babies’ image is copyright 1999 transposed onto background of hand.

The birth of my twin girls (pictured at left) was meant to be. They were true gifts from God and I felt that I was being given back exactly what I had lost. If you remember from my “Life Path Sequential Order” article I divulged that I had given birth to a little girl when I was 17 – at which time I was forced into adoption. What I didn’t mention was when my son was 3 years old I had a miscarriage … about 8 months before I conceived my twin girls. So essentially, I “lost” two children. I was extremely devastated by both experiences and they always weighed very heavily on my heart and spirit.

To confirm that my twin girls were true gifts and meant to be for me:

Their actual due date was August 31 – which was exactly one year to the very day that my late grandfather (and Princess Diana) passed away! However, because I was so big I didn’t carry to full term. I went into full labor on my own and the girls were born almost 2 weeks early. They were born August 14; very healthy and strong babies with no complications to speak of (there were 2 other twins born the same day delivered by the same doctor – my girls were the only ones NOT in incubators). There’s a few smaller correlations/signs but I think you get the picture at this point.

And no … I did not take any fertility drugs … and there was absolutely no history of having twins on either side of my family or their father’s.

Divine signs. They are there. All you need to do is ask … and look!

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Divine Signs in Everyday Life

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Divine Signs In Everyday Life

Soul Psychics – Expert Psychic Readings

Psychics do not have a monopoly on insight. There are many signs that we can read to make sense of any life situation at any moment. Signs are everywhere. The Divine delights in sending us messages 24 hours a day. The Divine is earnest and responsive to your concerns.

The unfolding of each day holds meaning and significance. Each day is a personal movie before your eyes, yet you may not know how to find the meaning or the answer to your question. Remember those childhood pictures where the challenge is to find twenty-eight hidden objects? Listen and watch for those keys and you will find an answer.

You must train your heart as well as your eyes. You must recognize that there are little miracles popping up in your day, special messages to be opened. Opening the heart opens your eyes to these messages from the Divine. The magic will return to your life as you begin to recognize that you are in constant dialogue with the Divine Intelligence.

Our dream world is filled with metaphor. Few of us recognize that daily events are also imbued with meaning. The following are signs to look for during the day that you can draw insight from. Every activity in life is a living metaphor containing guidance and insight that is available to you right now. The next time you need guidance, call on the flow of your daily life for answers. The more the Divine knows you’re paying attention; the more these letters to your soul will start appearing in your daily life.

Soul Psychics - Lisa Caza - psychic readings - email psychics - divine signs
Lisa Caza’s favorite swimming hole closer to home: The Devil’s Punchbowl. © 2012 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

1. Highways And Byways

Pay attention to what you see while you are driving. What you find in the road may be an indication of what’s in your life’s path. You might see a pillow in the road, which can mean you need more rest. A dead deer on the side of the road might say that you are neglecting your inner power that comes from gentleness. Also, accidents usually are way of telling you to slow your life down. Pay more attention to the road.

Walking down the sidewalk is an excellent way to receive messages. Suppose you are feeling alone with no one to talk to about the ups and downs in your relationship. If you just had someone to talk to, all might seem better. While walking through the park, you find a single blue glove on a grassy slope. You return home to find a phone message that a friend has called to say “just wondering how you are.” Gloves are often a sign that help is coming, a helping hand.

2. Overhearing A Conversation

What you hear in a particular conversation can be a divine broadcast meant for you. Let’s say you want to change jobs soon, but you are uncertain about such a drastic change. You are sitting in a local coffee shop reading the local newspaper and you hear two men talking about their work frustrations. One says he’s had it. He’s going to open up his own business, finally, after dreaming about it for sixteen years. You can hear the excitement, enthusiasm, and determination in his voice. The Divine is fanning the fires of your own enthusiasm.

Events that we witness also give us a preview of what’s coming around the corner. You are riding your bike home and you see two women on the corner yelling at each other. You hear from your college-aged sister that evening. She sounds upset because a girlfriend of hers is dating her ex-boyfriend.

3. Déjà Vu

There are some people we meet where there is an immediate connection, the groundwork has already been done. You talk like you’ve known each other for eons (and you probably have).

Also, when you see someone who reminds you of someone else, even if there are some distinct physical differences, it is significant. This could mean you are thinking of each other, you can feel it, even if you are in California and he is in Massachusetts . Distance is not a factor. Thought knows no distance.

Parallel events are another way to experience this. You have an old friend in St. Louis who said she was thinking about moving back to your area. You are making a turn back to your house and you see a moving truck backing into a driveway. The woman who steps out of the truck looks just like her. As you get closer, you realize it’s not her. That night (surprise!) she calls giving you her new local phone number and address.

4. Songs In Your Head

Ever wake up with a tune playing in your head? Let’s say it’s “Amazing Grace.” You wonder why it’s playing over and over in your head. Then, you hear it on the radio, twice, and two different renditions. You are sweating over finances, the rent is due in several weeks. You don’t have the whole amount and you don’t know how you’ll come up with it either. Carpentry jobs are at a lull, it’s at the end of the season and winter is approaching. You’ve been lucky to bring in even part-time income. In the mail, you receive a notice from an old boss, that he’s directing a building project and is recruiting quality carpenters for the job. Amazing grace, indeed.

5. Animals Are Teachers Too

Watch animals and you’ll know you have a divine teacher near you to learn from. Ever spend an afternoon with cats and watch them play with yarn? Can you play like that? How much joy is there in playing fetch? A lot.

If an owl appears in your backyard (like one did in my backyard), take notice. A wise visionary teacher has just appeared. And squirrels aren’t silly gatherers either. Learn how to save up for winter from the squirrels while still finding time for a game of chase among the branches.

6. What’s The Condition Of Your Inner House?

Did your bathroom just flood? Water refers to your emotional state. Check in on your emotions. You may be on emotional overload. Time to rebalance.

Cracks in your roof. Maybe it’s time to repair the roof and look at some of your attitudes in your mental roof. Does your frame-of-mind work for you or against you?

Junk in your backyard. How long has it been since you’ve reviewed your family history or done a personal evaluation? Is it time to examine and throw out what’s unused and overused in your personal life?

7. Out Of The Blue

These are signs that seem especially out of place. These events have no rational reason for occurring, but they happen just the same. They have a true signature of a Universal message because they stick out in some way.

You receive a letter addressed to you at your current address. But you don’t know the senders at all. They are traveling around Europe and want you to send them your new address since they are under the impression you are moving. Six weeks later you find yourself moving to a new location.

You retrieve your voicemail messages like you always do. One of your messages is a recording of a conversation between two people. You don’t know them. You don’t understand how your phone could have recorded this message, but it is about money owed. Come to think of it, a friend of yours does owe you some money. You’ve wondered if your friend would be able to pay you. In the conversation on your voicemail, money is exchanged, paid up with interest. You later receive notice that the person who owes you money will be able to pay you after all.

You are trying to decide whether or not to take a certain job. It might not be as secure because it’s by contract and you’re used to a steady paycheck. You’re driving and you spot a bumper sticker saying “Wrong way Safeway.” The conflict over whether Safeway should be able to build a store in the neighborhood has found expression in a bumper sticker. So too has a personal message from the Divine: The safe way is the wrong way.

These are only a few keys to look for when you need guidance or a preview of the near future. They are free, but they do require your attention. There are many forms of insight. Start practicing paying attention to some of these. See what fits. And ask for more signs

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More About Divine Signs, Divine Intent & Divine Timing

Divine Timing

Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit

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