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Lisa Caza’s Upcoming New Book!

Introducing Lisa Caza’s Book:

“Finding Paradise After the Storm”

Finding Paradise After the Storm by Lisa Caza. Get your copy at Amazon, B&N or Balboa Press today!

About the Book

In this inspirational partial memoir, internationally-known clairvoyant psychic and media personality Lisa Caza shares her experience in detail as a surviving warrior of domestic violence and how she, with the help of her spirit guides and Divine, rebuilt herself and finally connected with her divinely intended life partner. Lisa reveals profound divine insight, guidance, and lessons learned throughout her journey to help guide others towards finding their own successful love relationships.
This book illustrates many important spiritual lessons and concepts, and it may help you realize ways to find your own divinely intended love partner-your own little piece of paradise. Whether you are a surviving warrior of domestic violence yourself, still trying to heal from a significant past relationship, or just a spirit who has been yearning to find that very special someone, the insights and tips Lisa reveals may be invaluable tools along your journey toward paradise.

“Every once in a while you come across a book that speaks to your heart and soul.  Lisa Caza’s ‘Finding Paradise After the Storm’ has done just that!  She has an amazing ability to bring you right into her personal traumas and then guides you to her triumphs.  It’s a wonderful page turner.  Caza shows you how to become the ‘Phoenix Rising’ within your own life.  Her book gives you the tools that humanity needs NOW!  Whether you experienced abuse or you are on a path of creating your own paradise, this book is a Must Have!” –  Kerrie O’Connor, Psychic Medium and Creator of the Trinity Love Activation Works.

“Lisa Caza has written a thoughtful, energetic book which combines her triumph as a domestic warrior and her gifts as a channeler and healer. I recommend ‘Finding Paradise After the Storm’ to everyone interested in healing and how the spirit lifts us up.” – Constance Stellas, Author of The Astrology Gift Guide and Advanced Astrology for Life



Questioning The Concept of Free Will

Free Will – How Much Do We Really Have?

© 2014 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

© 2012 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Wooded forest pathway
© 2012 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics. Wooded forest pathway

Everything happens for a reason: negative events, positive events, our thoughts, our decisions, our actions, the actions and thoughts of others … and as a result there are never truly any real “mistakes” made in our lives. There is always divine intent behind EVERYTHING.

If that is truly the case, then the one question that comes up is how much free will do we truly have?

Well … every single one of us has all the free will that we could ever want. We are not restricted! The only limitations experienced are those that we ultimately place upon ourselves. And it is our life to live after all.

What folks need to realize though is that Divine is literally always one or two steps ahead of us. Divine has “a plan” for every single action and/or decision we could ever possibly make. Our paths are established by way of our own actions and decisions.

If we reflect over a few of my past articles – for example “Life Path Sequential Order” – the concept that was trying to be outlined in that article is that there are always more reasons behind a certain action, thought, or event than what we consciously realize. We may THINK that we know all of the reasons for a certain action that we take – but quite ultimately we don’t … at least not until we truly reflect over our entire life path and see the divine intervention and intent that led us to the here and now.

So once again we ask ourselves how much free will do we really have? Well, as mentioned we have all the free will in the world. It’s just that Divine/the Universe I guess you could say “tailors” our lessons, life path, etc according to our choices in order to fulfill the goals and ultimate intentions (spiritually as well as materially). And indeed, that often does involve us sometimes having to go through rather uncomfortable or negative events: like for example finding that ultimate true soul mate and life partner. Taking my own life path as an example – it took many years of abuse, suffering, and upset to lead me to him. If it weren’t for the abuse suffered for so many years I wouldn’t have been so “compelled” to move to my location. Going a step further, had I known my biological father or had him in my life, I most likely wouldn’t have even traveled down the majority of my path the way that I had! But, I had to go through what I did in order to get to where I am now. Yes, throughout I made choices and decisions – of which I thought I knew the reasons for them (at the time anyways). However, Divine was ALWAYS at work – even through the abuse – because ultimately Divine knew that I would want to be with my intended partner.

And that’s only part of the equation here really. Yes, Divine is always at work … even in negative events – in order to help us eventually reach our spirits’ goals. But, one must also remember that all of us actually choose what life we wish to live prior to even being incarnated into this life time! So our thoughts, actions and decisions ALSO reflect the eventual fulfilment of certain goals and/or experiences that our spirits wanted to experience before we were even born!

Free will: we have it. We have immeasurable amounts of it. But based on whatever decisions and actions that we take, Divine and our own spirits always “gets what they want” regardless. It’s just all a matter of HOW.

© 2014 By Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics