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Clearing & Protecting From Negative Energy

How To Get Rid of Negative Energy and Protect Your Positive Energy Field

Feeling the negative emotions and energies of other people can be extremely draining on us – especially when we have rather strong empathic abilities. It gets to a point where sometimes there’s so much negative CRAP going around that eventually you can’t decipher who’s emotions are who’s anymore. Then, like a downward spiral, if we’re not careful or spiritually aware, it can send us into a more depressive state – and we could even start to feel more physical effects such as headaches, digestive tract issues (IBS, ulcers, GERD, etc), anxiety/panic attacks, and so on.

When the 100 year old paper mill that founded our little northern town was shut down last year (and only 3 days before Christmas thanks grrrrr), as I am sure you can imagine the population of the entire town was shocked. But after the shock, of course came the anger, rage, sadness and grief … and it was being experienced by EVERYONE.

With everyone in town feeling the same emotions – and in extremely high levels – for me it was very difficult to maneuver around town just to do the smallest of errands. Being as empathic as I am, I couldn’t ignore the cyclone of negativity sweeping throughout the area. I would sit in the truck and just cry. It’s all I could do. Such sorrow. Such grief and sense of loss. Such rage! It was too much for me to bear … so it ended up I didn’t leave my home again for a good solid 2 weeks.

In that two-week time period though, I had to do something to help myself. I had to get rid of the horribly nasty energy that was bombarding my own energetic field – and then PROTECT myself from any further influences. I am now going to share with you my own personal practice for cleansing your energy field from those negative energies and then PROTECTING that newly cleansed aura from any further negativity.


I personally use two of the most powerful cleansing tools known – and I use them BOTH together: water and sage.

The first step is to take either a bath or shower. While in the water, visualize the negativity falling away from your body and swirling down the drain (and I visualize negative energy as black ‘blobs’). When you notice that there isn’t too many more of those black ‘blob’s falling away from your body, you can then get out of the bath or shower.

After your cleansing shower or bath, it is then time to smudge with sage. And no I do NOT mean the sage you use for cooking!!! My husband tried that on me once when I asked him to get me the sage. LOL! Wrong sage! LOL! Now, you can use loose sage like I do (sage grows everywhere up here so there’s no shortage), or you can purchase sage smudging wands/sticks. Either will work; I just use the loose sage because I add cedar leaves when it’s smoldering.

As the sage is smoldering, you start from the top of your head and work your way down. Waft the smoke over your head 3 times. Then, waft the smoke to the ears, the eyes, and then the mouth (think along the lines of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil lol). 3 times for each. Then work your way down further; waft the smoke towards your heart – again 3 times. Then your hips, legs, knees – all the way to your feet. At this point you are now fully cleansed of any negative energies. I usually then proceed to smudge my entire house – just for good measure. You don’t have to, but if you feel the need then there’s nothing wrong in doing so.


First step: visualize yourself as being fully encompassed by a highly-energized bubble of pink and green light (pink and green light are the colors of Divine love and healing). No negativity, psychic attacks, etc can penetrate this electrified bubble that’s surrounding you. It will just bounce right off of it. If you feel the need, likewise envision your home, friends, family members, etc as being within their own bubbles of protection as well.

Second and final step: get your hands on some hematite. Hematite is an awesome gemstone known for it’s negativity repelling qualities. It also actually helps to protect from unwanted spirit visitors. I always suggest that you get the gemstone in a necklace where it can always be worn and is placed closest to the heart. If not a necklace, then a ring or bracelet that is placed on the LEFT hand or wrist. If you don’t like wearing jewelry, you can most certainly just carry the stone itself in your pocket or purse. Just so long as you are in ownership of the stone and it is around you somewhere. But let it be known that it is most powerful when worn by the owner.

Repeat this process whenever you feel the need and/or when you find yourself in the midst of a negativity storm.

* As a note, the bubble visualization is also GREAT for trying to repel against negative events as well as to help attract positive outcomes to situations! I’ve used it on at least two separate occasions that I can immediately recall when I was a single mother: both times it worked: it repelled a potential negative event from happening and in another situation it attracted the exact outcome that I was hoping for – and in both situations it was basically ‘against all odds.’

Much love and blessings to everyone,
Lisa Caza



How To Read Auras

Learning How to See Auras

© 2014 Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

“Your aura is blue with some flecks of purple in it.” “Your aura has a few different colors. I can see yellow, green and red.”

Well hey! I want to see those colors too! Why can’t I see them?

Guess what …. YOU CAN!

I too had that same question and desire. But just like any other ability that we may have or wish to grow, it takes practice, patience and time. However, it seems that for the most part, it looks like reading auras is one of the easier abilities to accomplish! At least it was for me – it took me about ten minutes to start seeing them. Granted I could only see one color, but at least I could see them.

I will share with you the technique that I personally used in order to start seeing auras. But before I do I have just one piece of advice (and you’ll know why when you start using this practice exercise): The absolute hardest part in seeing auras is actually not looking! Ha! I know … it sounds rather contradictory. However, you’ll understand what I mean when you start yourself.

The exercise:
Find a few willing volunteers to help you: your spouse, child, friend, sibling, etc. They will be your “test reading subjects.” Have them sit or stand in front of you – and very still (they cannot move much – especially their heads). It is preferable that they stand or sit up against a light colored wall (white is best), and in a room with good lighting.

Take a moment to tell them that you will be staring at them; so if it makes them uncomfortable or they feel the urge to burst into laughter, perhaps it would be best if they were to close their eyes (a person who feels uncomfortable or a person who starts laughing will break your focus very easily – because they’re bound to move of course … and then you’ll have to start all over again).

Sit or stand directly in front of your “test subject.” You are to then stare right directly at the very middle of their forehead. Do not allow your eyes to wander – no matter how much you want to look around: DON’T! Stare directly at their forehead only. As you are staring, actually allow your vision to get out of focus/blurry. Don’t fight the blurred vision – allow it to take a firm hold (the best way to describe this is you are “staring through” something). Hold that stare and the blurred vision. I even recommend to try and not blink too often because that too will take away your blurred vision and intent stare.

Very slowly you will begin to notice a slight hue of color appearing around the person’s head. DO NOT LOOK AT IT DIRECTLY! Hold that stare! The longer you hold your fixed stare the more you will notice the color appearing.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. In the beginning you may be like me and only be able to see one color – but that’s okay! Remember: our abilities grow in time and with practice. The more you practice, then the easier it will be for you to see the auras … and see more colors in the auras too. With diligent practice you can work yourself up to being able to see auras with little to no effort – where the ability will kick in immediately.

You can do this exercise on yourself as well. All that is required for you to read your own aura is to stand in front of a mirror … and you stare into the middle of your own forehead.

As mentioned I was able to see auras the very first time I used this technique – and without ANY prior “training.” So I am quite confident that you will as well.

And I bet now you understand the #1 piece of advice I gave earlier: The absolute hardest part in seeing auras is actually not looking. I know. It is hard not to look. But with self-discipline and control … I know you can do it!

© 2014 Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

© 2012 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics. Beautiful campfire during a weekend getaway
© 2012 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics. Beautiful campfire during a weekend getaway