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How To Read Auras

Learning How to See Auras

© 2014 Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

“Your aura is blue with some flecks of purple in it.” “Your aura has a few different colors. I can see yellow, green and red.”

Well hey! I want to see those colors too! Why can’t I see them?

Guess what …. YOU CAN!

I too had that same question and desire. But just like any other ability that we may have or wish to grow, it takes practice, patience and time. However, it seems that for the most part, it looks like reading auras is one of the easier abilities to accomplish! At least it was for me – it took me about ten minutes to start seeing them. Granted I could only see one color, but at least I could see them.

I will share with you the technique that I personally used in order to start seeing auras. But before I do I have just one piece of advice (and you’ll know why when you start using this practice exercise): The absolute hardest part in seeing auras is actually not looking! Ha! I know … it sounds rather contradictory. However, you’ll understand what I mean when you start yourself.

The exercise:
Find a few willing volunteers to help you: your spouse, child, friend, sibling, etc. They will be your “test reading subjects.” Have them sit or stand in front of you – and very still (they cannot move much – especially their heads). It is preferable that they stand or sit up against a light colored wall (white is best), and in a room with good lighting.

Take a moment to tell them that you will be staring at them; so if it makes them uncomfortable or they feel the urge to burst into laughter, perhaps it would be best if they were to close their eyes (a person who feels uncomfortable or a person who starts laughing will break your focus very easily – because they’re bound to move of course … and then you’ll have to start all over again).

Sit or stand directly in front of your “test subject.” You are to then stare right directly at the very middle of their forehead. Do not allow your eyes to wander – no matter how much you want to look around: DON’T! Stare directly at their forehead only. As you are staring, actually allow your vision to get out of focus/blurry. Don’t fight the blurred vision – allow it to take a firm hold (the best way to describe this is you are “staring through” something). Hold that stare and the blurred vision. I even recommend to try and not blink too often because that too will take away your blurred vision and intent stare.

Very slowly you will begin to notice a slight hue of color appearing around the person’s head. DO NOT LOOK AT IT DIRECTLY! Hold that stare! The longer you hold your fixed stare the more you will notice the color appearing.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. In the beginning you may be like me and only be able to see one color – but that’s okay! Remember: our abilities grow in time and with practice. The more you practice, then the easier it will be for you to see the auras … and see more colors in the auras too. With diligent practice you can work yourself up to being able to see auras with little to no effort – where the ability will kick in immediately.

You can do this exercise on yourself as well. All that is required for you to read your own aura is to stand in front of a mirror … and you stare into the middle of your own forehead.

As mentioned I was able to see auras the very first time I used this technique – and without ANY prior “training.” So I am quite confident that you will as well.

And I bet now you understand the #1 piece of advice I gave earlier: The absolute hardest part in seeing auras is actually not looking. I know. It is hard not to look. But with self-discipline and control … I know you can do it!

© 2014 Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics

© 2012 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics. Beautiful campfire during a weekend getaway
© 2012 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics. Beautiful campfire during a weekend getaway