Psychic Readings and Questions About Health

Psychic Readings: A Note About Health-Related Concerns

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The past few months I have been approached by a number of different folks expressing their desire to have a psychic reading with me that addresses health concerns. As a result I’ve felt the strong need to post a small note here about it.

As it is mentioned in my Operating Policies, I refuse to perform psychic readings on ANY kind of health-related issue or concern – and I will without question refund payments in full to those who request such a service without viewing my policies. Ethically-speaking, psychic readers should not even approach such concerns as it carries a tremendous amount of liability and responsibility – and understand also that most of us are not health care professionals. Can you imagine if an unethically-practicing psychic reader delves into the health concerns, gives horrible advice or even a wrong diagnosis (God forbid!) to a client, and then that client ultimately suffers 100 times more … or even, if quite serious, possibly face death?! That right there creates SERIOUS repercussions for that psychic reader – to the point of facing many legal charges and a hefty lawsuit by the client and/or client’s family.

There is a reason why folks go to university for years to become a doctor: the human body is complex and it does take years to amass even a working knowledge medically.  They are trained professionals who would have more accurate answers than what any psychic reader could possibly give: we did not have medical degrees so we don’t even know what we’re talking about medically-speaking.

Put another way, would you hire a dentist to take care of your legal dispute? Would you hire a lawyer to take care of your dental care? Please seek your advice from those who are PROFESSIONALLY ABLE to give you that advice – which would prove to be much more sound.

But there is one thing that I can recommend for folks who are in fact searching for some direction/advice on health concerns – for those who have at least received a solid diagnosis. There are specialized psychic readers called MEDICAL INTUITIVES – they have at least a working knowledge of the human body and medical field and can help folks with more health-related concerns more ethically and knowledgeably. I do encourage you to research for some medical intuitives: but two names that come to mind is Owen James ( and Matt DiLorenzo (
I do hope that you find the health answers you seek. I have worked with both Owen and Matt in the past at another psychic website and they have been highly recommended by their clients.
Much love and blessings to you all,
By Lisa Caza © 2014
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