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Psychic Predictions for 2013

Psychic Predictions for 2013

Lisa Caza submits her psychic predictions for the year 2013

Below you will find Lisa Caza’s psychic predictions that she emailed in to Global Psychics – showing the actual date and time as well that the psychic predictions were submitted.

From: Lisa Caza – Global Psychics
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 2:01 PM
To: Danielle Global Psychics
Subject: Re: 2013 annual psychic predictions

I haven’t made any psychic predictions in quite some time. But this year I felt the strong pulling so I have outlined mine below. If anything else arises I will send it along. When this is published on the website though, I feel it is very important to include the date on which I submitted my psychic predictions to you – which was December 13th. The reason I say this is because my psychic prediction regarding gun laws in the states … it was made literally one day before the shootings in Connecticut – and already my prediction is about to take place as a result. Trouble is, that’s only the beginning. It’ll get worse with the guns and legislation.

Lisa Caza Soul Psychics
Psychic Lisa Caza on horse at Sylvia Chutes © 2012 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Psychic Predictions for 2013

Politics and the Economy

– FEMA and the TSA will begin to receive hot scrutiny from the public and media. The TSA will not likely dissolve – or become less of – especially within airports should the scrutiny truly escalate to the levels I am feeling. In fact, their presence along major highways at check points seem to take a dramatic climb upwards alongside militarized police. I would have to also say that harsher security checks will most likely also be seen in train stations, long distance bus stations (Greyhound for example) due to alleged “terror threats.” With that being said, I’d perhaps likewise watch for “military presence” in major cities – Washington is sticking out here as being one.

– While it has actually already begun, outright war in the Middle East will be known to the world come January or February. Russia and China will stay out of the conflict for the most part, however secret arms shipments will be revealed. Eyes need to be centered on China, North Korea and Syria – issues within Iran and Russia may be a diversion of some sort – and the beginnings of this should be seen even more end of March to middle of April. North Korea, China and Russia are planning for “bigger fish to fry”, while things seem to really pick up pace in Syria later on in the year – perhaps by end of the summer.

– I feel there will be a thwarted plot to hit Chicago by terrorists towards the summer months and more mass shootings/killings. We may also hear of some form of cyber-attack. Google, Facebook, Youtube and other big-name/widely-known websites seem to really stick out like sore thumbs in all of this where they will experience a heavy impact as a result of the attack. As a result of the cyber-attack be ready to hear news of the government trying to impose yet more restrictions or Bills to be given more control over the Internet as a whole (i.e. another SOPA or PIPA). Boulder and/or Denver, Colorado, as well as Boston seems to hit the major news in terms of possible threats, conspiracy theories, terror attack, or some sort of explosion with unfortunately a number of serious injuries, etc.

– Unemployment will continue to be a problem for most and may in fact continue to actually rise. However on the up side of things, it seems that you will see even more and more folks venturing out on the path of starting up a business for themselves as the number of employers drop in relation to the number of people needing work.

– America is in for economic collapse in 2013. As mentioned unemployment will rise again, but the housing market will drop again, and groceries, gas , home heating , electricity, will sky rocket. Things will get bad in the early part of the year – mainly due to the war in the Middle East, however the economy will slowly get a bit better towards the middle to end of summer of 2013. It will not make a full recovery, but the sense is that of a slight easing. While there will be a slight positive change here, for the most part the economy itself will as a whole continue to struggle for another year or two.

– New and very strict gun legislation in the States passed by Obama will cause a major upheaval throughout society – major revolting to a point of angry rioting. Civil unrest as a result of economic collapse on top of everything else (I.e. higher prices, higher taxes and more taxes, lowered employment, etc). The national ATTITUDE felt surrounding the circumstances of and pressure for the new gun legislation feels a lot like the “icing on the cake” so to speak.That enough is enough – frustration and anger. New legislation will start out “small” – targeting higher end assault rifles (those you see the military handling mainly). Over the course of the year, due to more mass shootings/killings as well as possible newly alleged “terrorist attacks”, legislation will once again be changed to include more guns. At the end of it all – if not by the end of 2013 then certainly by mid 2014, America may in fact face a TOTAL gun ban – including single shot rifles. If not a total gun ban, then the legislation will be so strict that many folks will find it extremely difficult to keep their gun ownership rights.

– Two major names will announce that they will be possibly running in the 2016 american presidential election: Jesse Ventura and Hilary Clinton.

– In early to late spring, Obama or someone in the US congress may try to get rid of legislature that limits the number of presidency terms. Therefore trying to enforce indefinite terms being served consecutively (i.e. instead of only being allowed to serve 2 terms consecutively there will be no limit at all) . This most certainly implies changing of the Constitution. I do not feel that this will be successful however. Furthermore, more secret directives/executive orders being signed by the President without the public’s knowledge throughout the year – at least not until after they’ve been signed – beginning as early as January/February 2013. Examples such as cyber security, Homeland Security, gun legislation, and the likes.

Weather/Earth Changes

– I predicted in 2011 that in 2012 we would not only see continued natural disasters and their escalation, but what particularly drew my interest was that a lot more volcanic eruptions would occur – and they would occur in the most dormant of volcanoes. This has come to pass just as I had predicted – with the latest occurring on Dec. 12th in Russia as well as Nov. 20th in New Zealand. I continue with this prediction – watch for more volcanic activity throughout the world and pay close attention to those that were thought to be dormant. More will seem to awaken. Keep a close eye on Mt. St. Helen’s in the north-western States as well as in the Pacific Rim & Hawaii.

– The Eastern and Western coasts of Australia seem to catch Mother Earth’s “eye” and will receive their own “share” in earthquake activity. Melbourne seems to stick out as a major focus point for the media due to fires.

– Literal extremes in terms of weather and temperatures will be experienced globally. Canada for example will see one of the coldest winters in quite some time, with temperatures definitely and quite easily dipping down to below -40C. Also extremes between heat and water – flooding and fires. Australia is going to see both fire and water at the same time.

– More tornadoes for the USA and they’ll start earlier than normal, and those that do hit will be much more devastating in their power … and destruction. What sticks out for me is a major storm by the end of May in the USA – bringing a number of tornadoes at the same time – and the storm itself will span 3 or 4 different States – going on for I believe 2 days (so quite the major storm for sure). Might be my imagination soaring but I hear Kansas as being one of the 3-4 States affected. I am reminded of the Oklahoma city bombing so am wondering if that could be one of the other states? Not sure – like I say this could be just my imagination at this point. Now, a possible small one, first one of the year to hit somewhere around my old “stompin grounds” (Orangeville, Ontario) – in middle to late April. There may also be a much large one for western Ontario in June. Interestingly enough, tornado alley in Ontario may actually see less this year as compared to elsewhere in the world. Warnings will be issued but nothing will come of them (in terms of Ontario). (I concentrate on tornadoes [and earthquakes] for good reason … if folks know about my recurring dreams as well as my first prediction both as a young child then they’ll understand why I tend to watch/follow both – especially tornadoes – I think I will ALWAYS have an insane fear of those darn ‘things’. Here is an article I posted last year about that prediction as a child Tornado Outbreak of 1985).

– We will see rising sea levels throughout the world – affecting all coastal/low lying areas; however I am unclear as to the exact cause. I do not feel that it is global warming – not entirely. I feel Miami and other areas within Florida will be amongst the first to experience the rising sea levels.

– Continued devastation worldwide in terms of flooding, landslides (pay particular attention to the English Coastline – major landslide I am feeling will occur here), and record numbers of earthquakes. The New Year may be kicked off with a relatively large earthquake on the western coast of Canada; between 6.5 and 7.5 magnitude with tsunami warnings; but I do not see any major damage or actual tsunamis occurring. May be the strongest quake felt in Canada’s history. Japan will continue to experience large ones as well. I am also seeing a monster 8.0 striking in early to middle of February – I cannot pinpoint where it is but I can say that there is definitely a lot of water surrounding it. Perhaps an island or islands – very small landmass. This quake will spur on tsunami warnings for 4 different countries; Hawaii and New Zealand are two of them for sure. What makes this area particularly special however – I feel this same darn area getting hit 3 or 4 times within a 7 to 10 day period! Greece seems to ALSO get hit by an earthquake … twice. Smaller magnitude. Now, there will also be a recorded 8.5 – 9.0 earthquake – this is a very large one I know. But I’m sorry unfortunately once again the location is not being divulged to me … but I will take a guess and say either Japan or California – somewhere within the Ring of Fire. And there will only be the one of that magnitude – feeling earlier months of 2013 too. Large numbers in terms of loss of life; and yes a major potential for aftermath tsunami and large scale aftershocks. The coastline as a result will forever be changed.

Celebrities in the News

– Kate Middleton will give birth to a very healthy baby boy and he seems to want to have a slightly late arrival, while Prince Harry will unfortunately continue to be “made fun of” by news/media. I am further feeling major concern for the health of the Duke of Edinburgh. News of the Duke and His health will come shortly before or just after the news of the baby – making the news of the baby unfortunately somewhat overshadowed. Princess Beatrice will take on more royal duties than seen before; perhaps might even quit her job in order to do so.

– Sadly I feel we may lose – or come very close to losing – two of the best musicians in history – namely Stompin Tom Connors and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Other Miscellaneous Items of Interest

– Thinning of the veil will greatly continue throughout 2013: Someone might die on Wednesday and you see them on Saturday. The spirits will have the energy to manifest much more often and more profoundly. Paranormal activity increases. Psychics will get clearer messages and those unfamiliar with this will be asking a lot of questions. The higher vibration affects our dream life and it becomes more active.

– Power outages for thousands of people over too long of a period of time due to a major snow and/or ice storm that will likely occur in December. This feels to be within Canada – most likely southern Ontario and/or Quebec. Try to be prepared with some emergency supplies and maybe a generator if you can. There are going to be outages too due to a combination of 1. Hydro providers upgrading their systems/grids, and 2. Solar flares/storms that will occur throughout the summer/fall months.

– April 2013 feels like a very significant month for some reason – something major will occur – that the day it falls on will “go down in history.” I cannot put my finger on what this may be. I’m not getting any further information regarding this month. I am also being drawn to the area of the 7th to the 16th as being a more pinpointed time period for this.

– Massive food inflation will occur beginning in February or March – perhaps even as late as April. The droughts of 2012 will be felt via sticker shock at the grocery stores beginning in the first 3 to 4 months of 2013. Watch for not just price increases on most products made with wheat and corn, but also shrinking food package volumes so that manufacturers deliver less food in a similar-looking package. Manufacturers will “downsize” their packages, in other words, while keeping prices the same. This is another way food inflation hits home.

– Starting in the middle of the year and continuing throughout the rest of the year, a new attitude and energy is felt where it seems that the material isn’t as important as the spiritual will be – family, love, and being in service to others, acceptance and love unconditionally, finding our true selves and true purposes towards the Earth and mankind, coming together as one. There will be a great heightening in the more spiritual – and in all things related to the heart center. Therefore the strongest love vibration ever will be felt throughout society as a whole – more concentration on spiritual matters, caring about and for other people rather than ourselves, the “little things” in life will take on more meaning with less concentration on trying to gain materially/monetarily all the time. A very strong term comes to mind from my native guide, “Less means more.” The value of unconditional love and acceptance of others, helping others, being in service to others, giving without conditions of expectations or personal gain, stronger family values, extended family (close friends, etc – family isn’t always that of blood I am being reminded at this time) becomes a major focus too than in the past, learning the true value of self and what we’re truly “supposed to do” in this lifetime. All things material will be placed on a backburner as we come together as one and concentrate more on the emotional and spiritual aspects of self/society.

Around New Year’s and even months thereafter unfortunately expect to hear news of yet again massive amounts of different animals mysteriously dying (i.e. birds falling from the sky, fish/turtles, etc being washed ashore dead) throughout the world. And still no answer is given to us as to an exact cause.

– An animal removed from the endangered species list this year. I hope it is for a positive reason.

– Watch for news of a mine disaster in China within the first 3 or 4 months of 2013. Many deaths.

From: Danielle Global Psychics
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 10:49 PM
To: team
Subject: 2013 annual psychic predictions

I would like to get a bit of a jump on our annual psychic predictions this year – this is a section that gets a lot of attention so it is worth taking the time to see what comes up – celebrities in the news, weather, names, economy, politics… whatever you see…


19 thoughts on “Psychic Predictions for 2013”

  1. Lisa was geologically so close to her New Year’s earthquake prediction for the western Canadian coast! There was a 7.5 earthquake w/tsunami warnings (and no damage) just north of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands north of Vancouver Island), that occurred 65 miles west of Craig, Alaska. The major earthquake was on Jan 4th at 11:58 p.m. Her prediction gave me chills when I read it because she was the first of quite a few websites I’ve read that was specific to the time and location of world predictions for earthquakes. I’ll definitely be reading her website and telling everyone about how she was so accurate (geologically speaking)!!! Thank you Spirit for her decision to write about her 2013 predictions.

  2. Some confirmations for you already for a few more predictions.
    1. The TSA pull out all extra scanners in airports. News here:
    2. Fires in Australia burning out of control due to the hottest summer on record. Just Google the news … even accurate in pinpointing Melbourne.
    3. No one has mentioned the amazing accuracy regarding the gun control legislation. I am with Lisa and say that it’s only going to get worse from here. And yes most likely I also agree some form of executive order will happen. Civil war again? I wonder ….. I don’t think people will give up their guns all that willingly.

  3. I am seriously amazed at the accuracy of a lot of these predictions. I haven’t come across a psychic site that has made such accurate predictions especially when it comes to the weather and earth changes.

    One that I see too that has definitely come to pass is the prediction of an earthquake that Ms Lisa made – the one about a lot of water surrounding an island as well as the ones in Greece. That happened. The island one she is definitely talking about the Solomon Islands. And she even pegged the magnitude. And also in Greece there were 2 quakes that were I believe 5.0 magnitude. Even when both of them occurred she was pretty much on the mark.

    Ms Lisa keep up the excellent work. You are one amazing lady with a true gift. I don’t know why you don’t allow yourself to be recognized because you could seriously help so many more people if you did in fact advertise yourself. You don’t like being in the “limelight” but why then would God have given you such a beautiful gift if it were not to be shared? Just my thoughts. Never mind those FAKE psychics that are on tv these days who are all about ego and money. YOU should be the one on tv. YOU are the one that deserves so very much.

    Dave of New Hampshire.

  4. Just noticed your predictions on North Korea kicking off around March/April time. Well spot on again Lisa! I know nothing has happened of yet but this seems very close to North Koreas threats against the US at the moment.

  5. Very great and accurate predictions! I admit, one of the best! accurate on the Connors and north korea phenomena and death… wow!

  6. WOW!!!. those predictions are amazing!. Very accurate, you did predict the fires and floods correctly, The fires were in N.S.W and we did have the hottest summer on record it was a killer!. We were then hit by floods in Q.L.D straight after the fires. Your incredibly accurate. please don’t stop publishing your predictions it helps soooo many ppl. Thankyou hun xox oh ps.. I’m also a reader and I got a terrible vision yesterday about a massive quake in the Caribbean, i’m not sure when tho…

  7. Fell upon Lisa’s predictions a while back and in the lights of what happened today, I remembered seeing something about “Boston” in her 2013 predictions. Shockingly accurate!!!! – “Boulder and/or Denver, Colorado, as well as Boston seems to hit the major news in terms of possible threats, conspiracy theories, terror attack, or some sort of explosion with unfortunately a number of serious injuries, etc.” – Speechless, and somewhat getting concerned with what’s still to come, as I currently live in the US….

  8. Lisa’s predictions about the China mine disaster has also occurred. What I find interesting though is that TWO different ones happened only days apart … the first one how ironic is this? While it wasn’t located in China … China OWNED THE MINE!!! Here are links to the two different tragedies. Wow this woman’s accuracy is astounding and i have to say that I am very surprise that she isn’t on tv. If anyone should get recognized and have success it is this woman here – Lisa Caza. Just AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Thank you everyone for your extremely kind words, your love, support and encouragement. But there is one thing that I really wish to address with you all – in terms of receiving “recognition” ….

    When your purpose in this life time is to serve and assist folks the best you possibly can – especially via giving guidance through psychic readings, there is no room for ego. The “need” for “recognition” comes from an ego center – and the thing is ego and spirituality just do not mix. Do I wish to be successful and financially free? Absolutely! I’m seriously sick and tired (quite literally) from struggling each day to survive – and it IS a struggle daily I kid you not. So I am definitely open to receiving that success, wealth and recognition through my readings if that is the way in which Divine will manifest it all for me. However, it just hasn’t happened … yet. So folks … if it isn’t meant for me to achieve my desires through my readings then so be it. And if that’s the case, then I know that my desires will manifest in a different way. I do hope you now understand my position regarding how people believe that I should get recognition and be on tv. That would be awesome of course! Would I pass up the opportunity? Not likely – but it wouldn’t be for the money or recognition!!!! That to me would be considered as the “bonus.” What it would truly and only be about for me is the great opportunity to assist many more folks along their paths and relationships.

    Thanks for listening everyone and once again thank you so much for your love and support (and indeed keeping watch on those predictions – wow I actually forgot about the majority of them. So after reading your comments and re-reading the predictions themselves me too I’m blown away LOL!).

    Much love and blessings to you always,
    Lisa Caza

  10. What stuck out for me was the April 2013 prediction of something happening between the 7th and 16th that would go down in history…..all I can say is WOW

  11. Lisa please you really have to watch this video about Theresa Caputo. And I tell you there are countless more showing the truth about her.

    I have to agree with everyone here and say that if ANYONE should be on television it should be YOU!!! Look at this woman Lisa. She is such a fraud and yes like even how you said she is full of ego. Look at the money that she makes. Look at the clothes she wears and the home she has now all because of her frauding poor innocent people by preying on their grief. And here you are helping people all over the world with your TRUE and AMAZING gift, while struggling to survive every day. This is NOT RIGHT! I know that you don’t look for this type of recognition because I know that you don’t even have an ounce of ego in you. But Lisa I think what people are trying to tell you is that you are the real deal and it is the real deal that people really need to see on television and to have available to them. The real deal deserves to have happiness and success. Not these fake psychics and true frauds like Theresa Caputo. You blew me away the first time you read for me. I didn’t even give you ANY information other than my name, m exes name and my question … and you just literally pegged everything to a tee about my ex – the entire situation that I was experiencing ,,, you even told me what to expect and when … and it too happened. YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL LISA and I really wish that more people could see you and what you do for others – and you do it so selflessly, compassionately and accurately, and without any ego or judgment.
    One day I really hope that these fraudulent egotistical greedy individuals all get ousted and YOU take their place on that television. THAT would truly be a show for EVERYONE to watch.


    Once again thanks for your words of encouragement, support and love but I really don’t wish to see any further comments that include that of finger pointing at others. I personally do not know Theresa Caputo, but have indeed watched her show the Long Island Medium. I believe that almost every person that ever becomes “famous” and/or “rich” or in the public eye in any way they are inevitably bound to receive judgments, scrutiny, name-calling, and so on. And I truly feel that Theresa may be experiencing just that herself. She may be fake … but she may also be on the level too. But regardless, I love you all dearly however I just cannot allow public scrutiny, name calling and the likes here on my blog. I refuse to support such energy. I know that people wish to show their support and love for what I do, etc but please do so with love, respect, and humility – for everyone not just me.
    Thanks so much and I do hope that you all understand my perspective.

  13. Well the British Royal baby is due in the next month and sadly HRH The duke of Edinburgh is in hospital and will be there for the next few weeks. Sad of course but Lisa, you were right again!

  14. This is so sad. Another one of Lisa Caza’s predictions for 2013 have come true. She said that an animal would be removed from the endangered species list. She was hopeful that it was for a positive reason but going by her energy in the message I strongly believe she knew otherwise.

    It has hit the news in the past few days that the Western Black Rhino has now been officially declared as EXTINCT! There are only two ways to get removed from the endangered list: population regrowth or extinction.

    So very sad but Lisa Caza was on the mark AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t people start listening to her predictions maybe some of these things could have been avoided?????

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