A Psychic Predictions Update

An Update to Lisa Caza’s 2016 Psychic Predictions!

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Wow … I am at a sheer loss for words right now.

My attention was called to a previous radio show that I had appeared on – back in May of this year (2016): Late Night in the Midlands.

Approximately halfway through the show the host requested a few psychic predictions from me.  I did give a few that I managed to remember from way back in February of this year (which is when I posted most of them in my blog), but at the last minute I was given a brand new one from spirit that I hadn’t prepared for. So it was the second prediction that has blown me away.

In this show, amongst the psychic predictions, I stated that Florida was going to experience massive flooding and quite the hard hit from a hurricane or unusually strong storm – that they need to expect to get hit rather hard this year. The flooding would cause “the sea water to mix with the land water” – virtually creating the illusion that Florida would be separated/cut in half by the water. I remember when I was giving this prediction that I was seeing an “aerial view map” of Florida – and I could see Florida “separated” into something of a north/south as the water crossed the width of the state.

This storm occurred … and so too did the flooding … and just as I described .. last month (in August). And I also remember having seen a map of Florida – I think it was in Facebook actually – that basically showed almost the exact map image that I had seen when I originally gave the prediction (of course I can’t find it now LOL!).

I am including the show archive, in its entirety, here for you. I make the prediction at the 1:10:00 mark. I will also include the link to the show website where the archive is originally posted.

And here is the radio show website link where this archive originates:

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara

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