Lisa Caza Paranormal Investigating – EVPs Recorded In Home

Lisa Caza’s Paranormal Investigations

Investigation: Cambridge Avenue, Iroquois Falls (Lisa’s residence; basement)

Prior to investigating, I knew that my home had a few “ghostly inhabitants” living with us. From the time I moved here, I always felt like I was being watched in my basement – I actually have a very difficult time sleeping down there and refuse to turn my back to the staircase. At times I feel the strong urge to just rush up the stairs and am scared to look back. My one daughter feels exactly the same (as she too is very psychic). I knew that I had at least two spirits in my home – however they seem to prefer staying in my attic – which became extremely apparent last year when Yvon decided to go up there to get rid of the bats (who also found our home quite comfortable to live in LOL!). He had unfortunately upset the two spirits – for we experienced some slight activity for about a week afterwards. It was then when I fell into “mediumship mode” – and I learned that there is a native man and his child. The man is very protective of his child and they prefer to keep to themselves (which is very true because besides the “bat incident” they have never bothered us – and most of the elder native folk are indeed very quiet, they keep to themselves, etc.). I also hold the very firm belief that these two spirits are connected to the fact that the town’s sports arena complex was literally built right over top of an ancient native burial ground.

On November 1, 2010, I finally conducted my first evp session in my home – to try and learn the names of our spirit friends and to speak with them best I could. I was definitely not expecting what I heard – even though psychically I already knew. For evp sessions I use the Ghost Box as well as a voice recorder and microphone. Below I am including three very strong evp recordings that I feel are definitely classified as Class A evps. I will write what I said, as well as the responses to that you can read and listen. The responses are very clear.

EVP 1:

(This is the recording of the 4 year old child spirit that communicated with me.)

Lisa Caza\’s Child Spirit EVP Recording with Ghost Box

EVP 2:

I am asking them if they know my grandmother’s name. At first it’s as if they can’t pronounce it – but when I ask a second time TWO spirits distinctly say “Nana.” While I do call my grandmother Nana, her real name is Leola – a very uncommon name and many folks have had problems pronouncing it; so I don’t blame them if they can’t pronounce it either lol

Spirits Saying Lisa Caza\’s Grandmother\’s Name EVP Recording

EVP 3:

(Three times the spirits has fiddled around with the buttons and settings on my Ghost Box – obviously out of boredom/playfulness/curiosity as the next evp suggests lol. I ask if that was a hint that I should leave them alone. Then very distinctly you will here a male spirit – who I believe his name is “Al” – states quite clearly “It’s kinda boring.” LOL!)

Male Spirit Stating to Lisa Caza That He is Bored EVP Recording


NEXT PLANNED INVESTIGATION: GRAVE LAKE (unable to disclose full location due to the promise made by myself and the spirit native chief).