Huge Sale In Lisa Caza’s Webstore

Lisa Caza and Her Webstore DeerHawk Creations

This is just a short notice to inform folks that I, Lisa Caza, am about to make some huge changes to not only the Soul Psychics website, but also within her jewellery and craft store DeerHawk Creations.

Currently almost every item within the webstore is on sale (20-50% off) in order to clear out space. I have decided that my store is going to strictly sell dreamcatchers, medicine/amulet bags, and gemstone jewellery. So all beaded jewellery, once the transition is complete, while it will definitely still be available to those interested it will only be available by special request/custom order. This would include all hand beaded necklaces, bracelets, lighter cases, and other miscellaneous items. So if you’ve been interested in a particular beaded item(s) in the webstore now’s your chance to grab it while you can. Anything that does not sell during this huge sale will be placed in a new “Clearance” category.

And just a quick note regarding changes at Soul Psychics – I will be introducing a wonderful new reading in the next week or two (I will announce this new reading at a later date – when I am ready to begin offering it), but at the same time I am once again considering the discontinuation of the Ascended Master readings. Regardless, I will be making some formatting changes on the Order a Reading page that will hopefully make it much easier to use and cleaner/more appealing to the eye. I expect most changes to be completed within a week’s time, but as mentioned I shall announce everything when the process has in fact been finished.

Much love to everyone and I will be in touch once again within a week or so!

Lisa Caza