Happy New Year from Soul Psychics

Happy New Year! Bye-Bye 2013 – Hello 2014!

Soul Psychics psychic readings year of the horse
2014 – Year of the Horse! Lisa Caza racing the barrels! 2014 a year full of true spirit, grit, determination, vitality and endurance. It’s about positive growth and manifesting success through our determination. © 2012 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Exciting New Changes for Soul Psychics!

Wow I can’t believe that it’s been a full year since I last reached out to my dear friends and family here. I have to say that quite frankly I am so thankful to see the end of 2013 – it was such a trying year for many of us. However, I am so very much looking forward to what 2014 brings for us; this year is so full of positive growth, change and promise. All of the lesson learning and hard work that we went through last year – we’re going to see it pay off this year … just so long as we remain determined and keep working on those goals. So I am extremely excited to see what major turning points, growth and change will be coming.

Speaking of the new year and 2014, I would like to tell all of you that I have worked VERY VERY hard on implementing a few changes/additions for everyone in the blog (the changes will be available in the main website soon).

First, if you look at the blog itself, you will notice a beautiful new look and feel to it. A completely different template which I find is much easier to navigate and read.

I have in fact started posting some predictions for 2014 – I’m not quite done though I don’t think. You can see what I have so far here: http://soul-psychics.com/blog/psychic-predictions-for-2014/.

Now that you’re in the blog, I am hoping that you will see the two new additions that I’ve made for you all: Monthly Psychic Forecasts and Monthly Tarot Horoscopes. These will be updated each and every month; and of course will be completed by me personally (and it’s a real chore with the horoscopes! Picture me: I sit on the floor, place each card face down like a game of Match – so I make a lovely mess – and select the cards for each of the 12 zodiac signs). So be sure to check every month and please feel free to share the horoscopes with friends and family!

I have also announced a wee contest for folks in our Facebook Fan Page: “2013 Predictions Validation.” Did any actually come to be? What ones did and what ones didn’t? Any and all news articles, videos, personal statements/experiences, etc that support accurate predictions will be accepted and thus posted in the blog in January. And out of all the submissions received, one lucky person will receive a FREE READING OF THEIR CHOICE. The “winner” will be selected at random. The deadline to get your submissions in is January 8th. The blog post with all of your great findings as well as the winner will be posted January 10th. To help with your fun research, here is the direct link for all of the 2013 predictions: http://soul-psychics.com/blog/psychic-predictions-for-2013/

Hmmm let’s see … what else was there that I wanted to tell you guys???? Oh yes (geez I swear I have a mind like a sieve sometimes)! It isn’t implemented yet but, because 2014 is the year of the horse in Chinese astrology, I will be making my Way of the Horse Oracle readings at a much lower price FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR, The new price will be available by the end of January for sure so keep checking if you’re interesting in learning about who you are and what you need to learn.

Now, I think that about covers everything. I hope so anyways. If not, then I’m sure you folks will manage to find the new … wherever it may be.

So here’s to us, to the great new changes for the Soul Psychics family, and indeed to a very promising and successful 2014 (all psychics and even my own readings point to this)!

I love you very much and I look forward to sharing my life with you for another amazing year!
Lisa Caza
Soul Psychics & DeerHawk Creations