Get a Tarot Yearly Forecast

Get a Forecast for Your Year Ahead With the Tarot!

A brand new reading is now available!

These short yearly forecasts are personalized according to your month and day of birth, and will give insight for the year ahead in terms of lessons, themes, events, or expectations, etc.

The forecast will include: 1 card from the Major Arcana of the Vision Quest Native American Tarot, 2 cards from the Path of the Soul Destiny deck, and 2 cards from the Ascended Masters Oracle. All forecasts will likewise include images of each card. No questions are to be submitted. Just your birthdate! See a sample forecast here.

All forecasts are only $15. Click on the link below to get yours today. Become prepared for the upcoming year by knowing its themes, lessons, and/or general guidance. (*You will be taken to the main Soul Psychics website,  to the Tarot Reading page. The forecasts are located on the very top for convenience!).

Get Your Personalized Yearly Tarot Forecast!