Finding Your Life Purpose

What Is My Life Purpose?

I have an excellent and well-paying career. Why do I continue to feel this strange emptiness inside if I’m following my intended life purpose?

The very first thing that I am actually being instructed to tell you is that you need to realize that your life purpose is NOT just about your career path! A lot of people seem to have this belief that their career path is their purpose … but yet at the same time – at some point they begin to feel like there’s more out there for them! Well, they’re right! But let me just back the truck up here slightly … please bear with me as I do get to a point … eventually (LOL!).

A lot of people actually have this huge misunderstanding that there is only one specific path to follow and that this path is ONLY related to for example their career path. This is NOT the case! In fact, a person’s purpose … it has many different paths that ultimately make up their FULL life purpose. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? You don’t just have one specific “purpose”! You have many! So this is one extremely strong reason as to why many people begin to feel “stuck” or “confused” … they have this rather limited perspective or viewpoint. They’ve restricted themselves so much to the point that they’re not seeing themselves for who they truly are and what they’re truly “meant” to do.

Another quick note here in relation to the above message is that when it comes to “our intended purpose” … it truly defines who we are … ultimately and all-encompassing. Yet, understand that a career or the work that we do, it does not define us! At least not completely! It is only a part of the whole. So … we are not our careers! What defines us are our passions, our personalities, our interests, and what we hold closest to our hearts. And that my dear ones takes us into our TRUE life purpose – COMPLETELY.

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None of us have just that one very specific life purpose. We have many aspects of ourselves that need fulfilling … therefore we do have many different hats to wear throughout any given life time.

The best way to illustrate this concept to you is like this: envision a pizza or pie that has been cut up into equal slices. The entire pizza/pie represents a person’s “full life purpose.” Now, each little slice of that pizza/pie represents just one out of many “mini purposes”; one slice could be your career path, another slice could be your role as a parent, a third slice could represent your passion for volunteer work, a fourth slice could be your artistic or musical talent, and so on and so on.

Some of our purposes include for example: being a mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, and so on. That’s a purpose. Some other purposes relate to our beliefs – so for example: healing work by sharing our experiences to help others, animal activism, environmental and medical causes, guiding others with psychic readings, or some other form of being in service/help to others. Now how about hobbies and other general interests? Painting, writing, singing, playing a musical instrument, acting, horseback riding, woodworking, and so on. Personality-wise – how about for example you have a natural tendency to take care of others without question, you have a dynamic sense of humor, you are a natural-born teacher or leader, or you feel the strong need to protect others in some way. ALL OF THOSE THINGS – and more – lead us to having purpose. So don’t limit yourself and your spirit! For so long as you limit your viewpoint, then quite ultimately the longer you will just continue to feel some level of unfulfillment.

Do not limit yourself and your life purpose because in all actuality you … and your purpose … are limitless! In following a person’s life purpose, truly following it, ALL paths are pursued and followed. Not just one. Many paths converge into one … which ultimately makes a person’s true life purpose. A life purpose is all-encompassing and it DEFINES WHO WE ARE. So in defining who we are we need to take into account all of our characteristics, interests, passions, talents, skills, and traits. It isn’t just narrowed down so simplistically. I do really hope that you understand what I and Spirit is trying to illustrate to you. There are just so many things that you could be doing or pursuing … and all of that is indeed purpose. Take a look at yourself, who you are, what you stand for, what you love, etc. ALL of that is actually your purpose. And once you come to this realization then that will be when you will truly get to experience TRUE happiness, inner peace and ultimate fulfillment … and on all levels of being (physical, emotional and spiritual).

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