Considering the Lesson of Soul Mates

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This can cover many areas in our lives as the experience or choice we take in life with a person we consider as a soul mate. Many people have a different view on this topic due to the experiences they shared in a relationship with someone. There are many different types of relationships to consider when it comes to soul mates. The experience can relate to a family member, friend, lover, or even an acquaintance that touched our hearts so deeply that we carry the memory with us for the rest of our lives.

My experiences with soul mates are that no matter how the person came into our lives to share the experience with us, from the positive to the negative, appreciate the lesson for what it is or how they made you feel. Sometimes we allow our precious little hearts to get carried away so deeply with our vulnerability that we are not looking at the lesson for why they are here to help us. We are so distracted by how the person touches us so deeply that we don’t even take the time to acknowledge or process the changes that we just learned from having them in our life.

There are many levels where a soul mate can change how we look, feel, and see deep inside the core of our own inner beauty. Sometimes we can be their own example of what they are supposed to be learning from us. Most of my soul mates have always taught me something so special about myself that I didn’t even realize the beautiful parts of my own passionate side that needed to be healed or touched. Sometimes we are so busy living our own lives that we forget to feel what it is like to experience love from someone else who loves us. It can also be a lesson about how we get so occupied with life that we forgot who we are and that we need to step back from life and explore what we need to change or fix within our hearts.

When conflicts arise in a relationship with jealousy, anger, frustration, trust, fear, blame, or guilt, know that these are lessons that we need to look at our lives and find out why we are reacting to the person that touches us so deeply. Sometimes we carry these feelings of repressed emotions from our past from another relationship with someone else that we haven’t processed or repressed deep inside our precious little hearts.

Now it is time to unravel the mysteries of pain and hurt which cause “chaos” in our lives. We have to start to focus on “Why am I reacting this way to the person that I love”? “What am I feeling at the present moment that needs to be forgiven and released from my heart”? “How can I learn to trust and love someone else if I don’t love or trust myself”? “Who am I to treat another person of blame and hurt from something or someone else in my past that I can’t move forward to accept and love another person in my life”?

Most of the problems that relate to our past can affect us in our daily lives through our relationships with family, friends, and lovers. If we haven’t learned about who we are as individuals – which comes from self-respect, self-love, self-worth and self-esteem issues from our past hurt and pain from our own childhood or past relationships – then we can never love or trust ourselves in any kind of relationship that we want in our daily lives.

We need to learn more about being responsible for our own actions in our lives and what behavioral patterns need to change to accept love in our relationships. If we are not ready to find inner peace, love, joy, and happiness in our lives, then how can we accept all the new possibilities of who we are as a human being? We are here in this life to learn about our own spiritual growth through the people that truly love us for who we are. We all want to manifest all our dreams and desires in life that the universe has to offer us. We have to start the process of finding out who we are and why we are here so that we can make our own dreams and desires come true.

Article Source: Cheryl Scheinin; Written By Cheryl Scheinin – Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Author, Teacher

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