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Guiding Spirits Among Us

People of late have been asking a lot of questions about spirit guides. It appears to me that, in general, spirit world is approaching more and more people in an effort to awaken new spirituality. So I will discuss here some very basic information on spirit guides to start you on your journey of understanding.

Firstly, everyone has an angel. One’s birth date can help you identify your life’s guardian angel. There are many sites on the web to help you begin your queries. But you are not limited to just a guardian angel for life. All and any angels can be called upon for aid and assistance. For example, although my life angel is Anael, I have often called upon Raphael to help people heal from injuries, illnesses and surgeries. By looking up archangels you too can discover what angel can help you and you can, by prayer simply ask them to help you. That is all that is needed to gain an extra guardian angel when you are in need.

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Then are other types of spirit guides that are with us. There is usually one main protector as I call it with others as well to guide us on this journey called life. They will step in when you need a ‘specialist’. Let’s say you are having communication problems with your significant other. You may not know it but you might have a spirit that was a writer that helps you figure out to communicate with your mate in a way that is calm and clear.

Some of these protectors are people we have known in past lives. My husband was a Viking chief. Among his protectors are the men that were in his crew, always there watching his back and protecting him from harm.

Some guides are people we have known–a deceased relative or friend that chooses to remain at our side until it is time to cross over ourselves.

How can we know who our guides are? One clue is in what interests you. If you have a fascination with a period in history you more than likely have a guide from that time. You may have also lived in that time and was close to that guide. If there is a certain environment you seek, such as a desperate love of the sea your guide may be a sailor, as is the case with my daughter.

Have you ever heard someone call your name that wasn’t there? This too is a physical manifestation of a guide calling out to you so you know you are not alone. Some guides come to us in our dreams. If you dream of someone colorful, that you do not know, and they never speak you are getting a glimpse of a guide. This is especially true if you ever dream of a gray mist surrounding you and the person.

Suddenly hearing a song you associate with a loved one that you haven’t heard in a long time is another way our beloveds let us know they are around. If you receive a gift of say, an perfume your sister loved. That too is another form of communication through the person that gave you the perfume! We just need to become more aware of all the little things that present themselves.

Sensations are often associated with guides as well. Some guides will smell like flowers (if they were a florist for example), others will create heat, others goose bumps, others breezes and others sounds. If you do not feel ill at ease but calm these are your guides.

As far as connecting with your guides I will suggest what I always do–master a form of meditation in which you learn to control your mind to the point of keeping it blank hence allowing spirit sent messages to appear in your mind. You will also see things–people and even animal spirit guides as well!

We get a lot of requests for information on developing psychic skills but, the truth is reaching a blank location in the mind, in my opinion, the first and best step on a path to developing one’s skills as a psychic. Learning to create a ‘private room’ in the mind is very important.

By Cate Cavanagh

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When to Trust Your Intuition

The second an animal senses danger, it will stop in its tracks, sniff the air or the ground, and then it will seek a way of withdrawing – or it prepares to pounce. The same is true for just about every species on the planet, except one… When we humans sense danger, we question our instincts and will often walk right into the very situation we should be avoiding.

www.soul-psychics.comInstinct, intuition is a birthright, natural in each of us, connected with our fear mechanisms, designed to help us avoid danger, to keep us safe… but as a species, we have been conditioned to distrust instinct in favour of rational thought. We are supposed to be brave, to face our fears, or at least not admit that we are afraid…

Yet fear is useful and when it comes up seemingly out of nowhere, we should pay attention. These are the times when we need to admit we are afraid, to trust what we feel and thus act on our instincts. We can get the facts later. I am thinking to the many stories I have heard of women who say that they felt something, an inner warning, before they were attacked but instead of getting away, they went walking right into the abuse… the same is true in relationships… people will feel something is “off”, that maybe this isn’t the right partner for them… but they keep going, just in case they might be wrong…

Only humans get caught up in self-doubt.. We ignore our instincts in favour of what we think is rational, logical.

Intuition tells us to Stop, Look, Listen. Intuition is a useful inner signal that warns us when there may be danger lurking nearby. If we will listen, we can avoid an unpleasant surprise, get help or at least be prepared to handle the problem.

When to listen to your intuition, to trust your instincts.:

  • When you feel anxious suddenly… when something is different, at a request or behaviour is unusual
  • When you notice a physical reaction, sweaty palms… heart racing… suddenly feeling nauseous….you’re holding your breath
  • When a thought just won’t go away, not as in being obsessed, but a thought or feeling that just keeps coming back when you aren’t thinking about anything related
  • When you notice something flashing or sparkling… this especially applies to the moments when you need to make a choice, as at being at a fork in the road… look for the directions that seems to sparkle
  • When you sense something is wrong with your child – or right… the same for your pets…
  • When you’ve gathered all of the facts, but still can’t decide – trust your gut.

Intuition is not rational or logical, it is a “just knowing” that comes seemingly out of nowhere. It is an instinctive response to our environment, who and what is around us, an inner safety mechanism designed to help us avoid harm, a chance to think twice before proceeding. Our innner selves, our Third Eye, and our subconscious are constantly monitoring the energy flowing around us. These inner mechanisms can pick up subtle clues long before our conscious minds are able to process the information and come to a conclusion. And these inner sources are taking in information from a much larger “library” than our rational minds can access. Intuition and instinct are fired by many subtle signals from the environment, and also from past life memories, forgotten experiences in this life, bits of information that we have registered in our subconscious.

Your intuition and instincts have a great purpose.. Something in your memory, subconscious, or past experience is telling you to be careful. Something about the situation doesn’t quite feel right- you may not be able to understand how or why but listen to yourself. Trust your instincts – they can keep you out of trouble!

By Danielle Daoust of Global Psychics

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