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Psychic Reading Prep-Work

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Although psychic readings are a highly personal thing, they actually involve the interaction of 2 people — you and the psychic. There’s a lot you can do before, and during the reading that will help to facilitate the best reading possible.

The better you prepare for your reading the better your reading is likely to be. You’ll be more focused. This makes it easier for the psychic to access the information you’re looking for. Here are some things you can do to help facilitate a more productive reading.

Avoid general questions. Do the best you can to narrow your questions down to specifics. Unfocused questions will only get you unfocused answers, and that’s probably not what you’re looking for. They also make it nearly impossible for the psychic to find what you want.

Don’t get a psychic reading when emotionally charged up. Being too emotional can have a negative effect on your reading. One little trick in toning down your emotions is to pretend you’re looking at someone elses’ life instead of your own. When you analyze someone elses’ situation you can do it with little or no emotion. Try applying this same technique to yourself, it works!

Don’t hesitate to provide a bit of feedback on the things a psychic tells you. They will not be offended by this or take it personally. In fact, doing so makes their job a lot easier. If they hit on something important to you, ask them to keep going. If it’s not important or pertinent, let’em know!

Another factor to keep in mind is that psychics aren’t like researchers. If it’s a long list of data you’re after, you probably won’t get it. They don’t work that way. However they certainly can provide you with insightful information which will give you more options. How you act on those options will always be yours to decide.

Getting a series of psychic readings is sometimes necessary to learn what you want. Your life is multi-faceted and complex. So don’t go into a reading expecting to cover each and every detail all at once. A psychic reading is part of a process, not a one-time event.

In your prep-work, begin by doing some self-examination. Make a list of the issues you’d like to address with a psychic. Put the list in order by priorities, from most important to least important. Then have this list in front of you when you contact your psychic. Doing this will greatly improve your chances of getting an informative, constructive reading.

A psychic reading is actually a two-way street where information is passed between you and the psychic. The more targeted you are with your questions, the more targeted the psychic can be with his/her answers.

About the author: Brady Hill is a respected author and an authority on Psychic Readings, Horoscope and Tarot Card Readings. His mission is to let people know which companies provide the best services in each of these categories

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