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Singing at Grave Lake

Ghost Stories: Native Chanting and Singing At Grave Lake

Lisa Caza Grave Lake
Sign posted at Grave Lake entrance. © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Here is a story – a very TRUE story – that happened to me and my husband Yvon just this past summer:

Yvon (my husband) and I frequently go to Grave Lake. Grave Lake is an ancient native burial grounds/cemetary, that surrounds the entire lake. There are literally hundreds of graves around the entire area – the majority of them to this day unmarked. There is only one marked grave, of which we believe was that of a great chief. Whenever we go there we can feel the wonderful peace, the spirituality, and indeed the many native spirits watching over us. The first time I went there I was very nervous (seeing as I am a very sensitive psychic I can feel a spirit’s presence much stronger than others – and I can also point out to what I feel are a few unmarked graves). Now though, I feel very accepted, respected and wanted. I feel very much at peace with the spirits and always feel welcome.

Anyways, we will go there to clean the area of fallen trees, dead trees/wood, and of course to pay our respects.

Now the story that I will never forget:

This past summer, my husband Yvon and I decided to take a few days away from the kids and all the every-day hustle and bustle. So we stayed up at our camp site and did a lot of fishing, hunting and all-around relaxing. On one particular evening we decided to pay a visit to Grave Lake (which is a 10 minute drive from our campsite) and cruise around with the canoe.

It was a beautiful summer evening – and for once no mosquitos, black flies or deer flies to bother us. We spent about 4 hours just cruising the lake with our canoe – listening to the loons swimming close by and watching the sun’s final shimmers of light disappear under the horizon. Before we knew it, it was almost 10pm – and it was by that time dark – so of course we decided to head on back to our campsite.

The serene Grave Lake  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
The serene Grave Lake © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Just as we were to start the motor to move towards the shore, all of a sudden we BOTH heard singing. Native singing. Not just one person … but what seemed like HUNDREDS of PEOPLE – singing and chanting along the shores of the lake. My husband and I looked at each other – puzzled – but both aware that we were definitely not hearing things. We were hearing the same thing. We scanned the shorelines and up the small cliffs towards where we knew some of the graves were … looking for any signs of people like a fire, flashlights, car headlights … anything that would tell us that other people were there. But nothing. There were no lights. No fires. We were alone … except the chanting and singing was still going on. And it was getting louder and louder by the second. And it seemed as if we were literally surrounded – as the chanting/singing seemed to come from all different directions.

By this time I was so scared I wanted to literally jump out of the canoe and swim to shore! Of course now that I think back about that silly thought I start to giggle – why do that when the canoe can go so much faster, and I would stay dry? Ha! Ha!

In the middle of Grave  Lake is where we were located when we heard the songs.  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
In the middle of Grave Lake is where we were located when we heard the songs. © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

At any rate, I don’t think Yvon has EVER made that canoe move as fast as what he did then! We wanted to get out of there so badly that the front end of the canoe was literally up in the air as we traveled through the water. After what felt like an eternity – we finally reached the shore. As the canoe’s nose touched the sand, the chanting was still all around us – and as loud as an Ozzy Osbourne rock concert (or so it seemed to me at the time LOL!).

However, as soon as Yvon and I stepped out of the canoe and our feet touched dry land, all of a sudden the chanting stopped. Once again we looked at each other – by this time scared out of our wits and puzzled at the same time. We tried to ignore the sudden silence of the forest and somehow managed to calmly and sanely reload the canoe into the back of our truck. After calming our nerves, we then decided that we MUST investigate this. There HAD to be people at one of the graves because in both of our minds we believed that there was no way that BOTH of us could hear that singing and chanting and it not be real.

So we took the truck and slowly drove up the small narrow path that lead towards the cemetary. We parked, kept the truck running with the headlights on, grabbed a flashlight each, and started to walk the grounds. We looked for a good 30 minutes. There was absolutely no evidence that ANY person was there. No fires. No footprints. No tire tracks. No NOTHING. It had just been the two of us there all this time – no one had come around.

The ONLY marked grave out of 100's at Grave Lake. I believe it is that of a great chief.  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
The ONLY marked grave out of 100’s at Grave Lake. I believe it is that of a great chief. © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

So who had done all the chanting/singing? There is only ONE ROAD in and/or out of Grave Lake – and we had parked right in the middle of it. Realize that we have a 1-ton diesel dually – it takes up the entire width of this very narrow path. So even if someone DID come around, it would have been impossible for them to have passed us without us moving the truck for them.

At any rate both my husband and I came to the conclusion that it must have been the hundreds (really the actual number of buried souls there are unknown – but it is in the hundreds) of spirits that were singing for us. Well …. while I appreciate their loving gesture … thank you very much … I can tell you that to this very day I refuse to ever go to Grave Lake at night again!

This has not been the only occurrence of spiritual activity at Grave Lake – other local people have reported different experiences there during the night. One family in particular camped not too far from the area, and after about 2 weeks of having trees fall out of nowhere on their campsite, hearing “go away” in the middle of the night … well needless to say they took the spirits’ hints and finally left … and never went back!

Honestly this is a very spiritual place and very peaceful and calm during the day. But I highly recommend steering clear of the area during the night – because I tell you if the spirits don’t want you there they will definitely let you know!

3 of my children paying their respects - the same ONLY marked grave in the area  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
3 of my children paying their respects – the same ONLY marked grave in the area © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

I have attached a few pictures of Grave Lake for you all to see. Even viewing the pictures you can feel the spiritual energy and love throughout the place (I say love because I do feel welcome there because all I’ve had are positive experiences there – which is unlike many other people that have had negative experiences). I even recall one day while my husband was cutting down a tree – I was right in the way of where the tree was about to fall and I didn’t realize it. My husband swears to this day that the spirits were watching over and protecting me that day because for some unknown reason, in mid-fall, the tree somehow fell off to the right – he said it looked like it was caught in mid air and thrown in the other direction … in turn keeping me out of harms way!

As I say, regardless of the protection and welcome I refuse to go there at night LOL!. Enjoy the pictures – they are very special to me. Love always Lisa


My Recent Ghostly Encounter Here in My Home – Paranormal Investigating for Myself!

A summary of my experience and subsequent findings through psychic meditations and mediumship. Showing actual email communication sent by me to a longtime friend and colleague. This is the second PERSONAL investigation that I have done – my work is normally OUTSIDE of my own home! So understandably this experience did surprise me and threw me off kilter a bit.

Here’s something for you to giggle at. I just got the living shit scared out of me. The tv downstairs in the basement decided to come on all by itself. Of course I am here at home alone so no one was anywhere near it. I was sitting here debating on posting a few articles on the one article sight. It was very quiet then all of a sudden BAM! Tv goes on downstairs. And this is the second time this has happened. The first time was yesterday morning. I went down to bring Bella up from her puppypen. No big deal. But then around 1pm Yvon comes up from down there and asks me how long the tv down there had been on. The tv was NOT ON when I went down there to get Bella – and no one had been down there at all (realize the kids are in school). How interesting this is happening when I am so desperately wanting that equipment and am feeling so down today about it and the lack of support for it from Yvon. I just tried to confront whomever it was or is that’s decided to all of a sudden start doing this – of course I get no response other than feeling a very cold draft all down my right side. But Angel here started to act real odd – when I was confronting she scooted away from me as fast as she could and jumped up onto the couch and started to shake. Took me a few seconds to get her to come back over to me. Just thought I would share … give you a giggle because this certainly was unexpected and sudden. Wish I knew who the heck it is … might calm me down some (I hate having people in my home I don’t know who they are LOL!).
Okay apparently it’s been more than twice according to the girls. After speaking with them just now it happens to them ALL THE TIME. It also changes volume, mutes itself, changes channels, and turns on and off. ALL BY ITSELF. One time it happened to Sarah 4 times in a row: she’d turn it off, come upstairs, then it would be on again so she would go back to turn it off. Here’s a real kicker – there is no mute button on the tv and it does not have a remote control..
I have been using my abilities as well as logical questioning of others in the house to try and figure things out. The most I have is that this is a child. At first I was thinking a spirit with a “child-like” attitude or personality, but after speaking with Clayton (seeing as it is HIS tv), he says that nothing has ever happened to him at all … never. It is just me and the girls. It is reasonable to just assume it is a child because even animals find Clayton a bit intimidating (he is just like his father – it’s just how he looks). And given things will happen even when the girls are watching the tv or playing the game, it tells me that there is some defiance or mischief – likened to that of a child who wants what they want like RIGHT NOW. I have also tried to explain it technically seeing as so far it is just the tv acting weird –  but I can’t. I thought perhaps a neighbour has a universal remote – but realize that remotes MUST be pointed directly at the tv to work. They won’t work through how many walls that are actually between us. I believe that this is occurring because I am emanating this newer or rejuvenated energy about mediumship and it is attracting those spirits that may be close by – as if they are waiting for me. No, I do need the equipment .., it will be used for validating to others what may be said to me psychically (and felt) because they can’t hear what I hear, etc – and it could also very well pick up things that even I won’t get. The equipment will be the more scientific or technical aspect – which will compliment the psychic aspect.
Well here’s the scoop – I have done a lot of research and psychic connections since last night. You’re not gonna believe this… or maybe you will lol Last night I got the name *** – not a name you would think I could just dream up – however I was at first second-guessing myself because of course this is a French community and there are some B**** in the area. Recall me mentioning yesterday I felt that it was a child. It is, but it’s not what I originally thought….. I did research and learned that there is a **** here in town and she IS a child – grade 9 now and goes to the highschool where Clayton does. After some investigation I see that she is actually on his friends list in facebook. She is also in the Air Cadets – which explain to me seeing the eagle emblems/wings. She is still alive. However, I went in to her profile in facebook and learned that her grandmother passed away in April 2009 from cancer and she misses her terribly – you will see frequent postings from her about how she misses her grandmother, etc. So it seems that *** is holding her grandmother here – due to her pining for her.
I received a few other messages with the name: the word “fire”, Callandar or calendar, and image of 4 children surrounding.
The real amazing thing … she lives in Yvon’s old house on ******* … and Yvon delivers firewood to her mother ***!!!! Something told me to look in Yvon’s book of phone numbers, so I did and I double checked merely by looking up the phone number in Yvon’s book and cross-referenced it with ***’s facebook profile. Same phone number! And no, I didn’t even know their first names – but it’s odd too because before I went so sleep I did ask Yvon if he knew anyone by the name of ***** and he said no, but that he has that client on ****** Road that is a *** – he didn’t know their first names either LOL!!!! So I am not exactly sure how to proceed with this information or what the heck to do. But it is obviously ***’s grandmother that has come to me – I guess looking for assistance – I suppose to help *** let go and help her to move on. But like I say right now I don’t know what to do with this – I don’t even know the grandmother’s name yet … I can’t just simply call Yvon’s client up and say “hey yeah I have your deceased mother here and she wants your daughter *** to stop grieving.” lol! Once again I say, that equipment would somewhat help me here with this … the scientific/technical will prove that I’m not a crazy nut to those that may be skeptical. So most of this mystery has been solved … now just what to do with the info. Right now I have no choice but to just sit on it and wait – and see if I can get the grandmother’s name.
P.S.> Just now Clayton made me make the realization that the word “fire” was to try and show me “firewood”. I originally thought that it was a person who died in a fire, but it made no sense seeing as *** is alive and her grandmother died of cancer. I was stumped with that … until now. Now I know it was trying to point me to the people by telling me that we deliver firewood to them. I still do not know the meaning of the other two messages. Callandar is a town – but I could be misinterpreting it and it could just be something to do with a calendar. The 4 children … have no clue … yet. Nor can I understand the image that looked to be something like a figurine  of sorts that formed out of whispy smoke (the smoke whisps go in hand with the cancer I am assuming as well) – it’s hard for me to explain I would have to show you.
Just got a name or word out of the blue: “Grace” … will be looking into that now somehow too.
Additional info that I received from the spirit to include:
Names heard: Katie, Real (?), Jody (these feel to be family members – no clear name of the spirit – but sounds perhaps like Monique? Not 100% sure. Last name though starts with a “B”). Spirit is a woman.Words/Phrases heard: cancer, smokey, fire, wedding bells, church important, refusing to be seen-to be remembered with grace, rose, silver eagle emblem (as seen in maybe Air Cadets or Army), Canadian,

Dates heard: the month of May, 2009, 24 to 29

Lisa Caza