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A Psychic Predictions Update

An Update to Lisa Caza’s 2016 Psychic Predictions!

Soul Psychics Clairvoyant Lisa Caza Psychic Predictions

Wow … I am at a sheer loss for words right now.

My attention was called to a previous radio show that I had appeared on – back in May of this year (2016): Late Night in the Midlands.

Approximately halfway through the show the host requested a few psychic predictions from me.  I did give a few that I managed to remember from way back in February of this year (which is when I posted most of them in my blog), but at the last minute I was given a brand new one from spirit that I hadn’t prepared for. So it was the second prediction that has blown me away.

In this show, amongst the psychic predictions, I stated that Florida was going to experience massive flooding and quite the hard hit from a hurricane or unusually strong storm – that they need to expect to get hit rather hard this year. The flooding would cause “the sea water to mix with the land water” – virtually creating the illusion that Florida would be separated/cut in half by the water. I remember when I was giving this prediction that I was seeing an “aerial view map” of Florida – and I could see Florida “separated” into something of a north/south as the water crossed the width of the state.

This storm occurred … and so too did the flooding … and just as I described .. last month (in August). And I also remember having seen a map of Florida – I think it was in Facebook actually – that basically showed almost the exact map image that I had seen when I originally gave the prediction (of course I can’t find it now LOL!).

I am including the show archive, in its entirety, here for you. I make the prediction at the 1:10:00 mark. I will also include the link to the show website where the archive is originally posted.

And here is the radio show website link where this archive originates:

Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara

You can also read the different psychic predictions that I’ve made throughout the years by searching my blog by year.


Spiritual Significance of the Summer Equinox with a Full Moon

The Spiritual Significance of the Summer Equinox with a Full Moon

©2016, Lisa Caza Personal Fractal Image Art
©2016, Lisa Caza Personal Fractal Image Art

This year is the first time in decades that we’ll see a rare event: a Full Moon on the same night of the June Solstice.

The last time this happened was on June 22, 1967, for some parts of the world – namely Greenland and points eastward to the International Date Line. For those of us in North or South America, however, the dates of the Solstice and the Full Moon missed each other by roughly an hour on that night! We’d have to go back 68 years, to June 21, 1948 for the last occurrence!

The next time it happens after this, again for Greenland and points eastward, is 46 years from now, on June 21, 2062. If you’re in Atlantic Canada, you’ll have to wait until June 20, 2054, when the Full Moon occurs just after midnight, and we reach Solstice later in the day. For the rest of Canada and the US, due to the exact timing of these events, we actually won’t see another June Solstice Full Moon for the rest of this century! We will see a rare December Solstice Full Moon on Dec 21, 2094, though.

In light of this very rare and special event, and to understand the phenomenally strong energy that is associated with it, I wanted to share an article that tries to explain the energy involved and how best to understand and utilize it. You will see this article below.

Enjoy, with much love, Lisa Caza

*Please note Lisa Caza did not write the following informative article. It is authored by Tanaaz of Forever Conscious

The June Solstice falls on the 20th, the same day as the Full Moon. This is of particular significance and will amplify the cosmic energies of this already potent day.

In the Northern Hemisphere the solstice represents the starting of summer. On this day, we will have the longest period of sunlight and the shortest period of darkness.
The summer solstice is a potent time of fertility, celebration and self-expression. It is a time to celebrate the masculine energy. The force of action, intention and motivation. It is a time to open our hearts to the light and embrace the vibrancy of nature.

The summer solstice brings forward energy and helps us to step out of our internal state of being and into the light. All that we have contemplated over the winter months can now be shed, and a sense of freedom and lightness can be felt.

Couple all of this with the Full Moon, and this solstice holds more potency. The Full Moon is the time of the goddess, and in many ways, this day will be like the meeting of the Sun God with the Moon Goddess.

It is about the combining of the Masculine with the Feminine in order to create complete harmony. This energetic fusion of Light and Dark is extremely powerful and it is likely that we are going to be shedding more than just our winter coats.

This powerful meeting of the Moon and the Sun is about complete authenticity and exposure. It is about fully and completely releasing all that has been holding us back from this lifetime and previous lifetimes, in order to step into the new.

June 20th is a time of complete rebirth, and if you tune into the hum of your spirit, you may just get an idea as to what is in store for you on the road ahead.

This potent energy will help you to get a clearer understanding of who you are, your purpose and what the next step may be for you.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the June Solstice brings about the starting of Winter. On this day, the night will be longest and the day will be shortest.

This is a time of going within and getting ready to delve into the depths of your soul. This is a time to move away from the light and to step within to work out who you are and where you are going.

The winter solstice is a time to worship the Goddess Moon, and to celebrate creativity, intuition and self-care.

Because the winter Solstice falls on the night of the Full Moon, this energy becomes extremely potent and the Goddess Moon will be making sure you dig straight into the heart of the truth.

This energy is very potent, and will help you to delve into your deepest, darkest hiding places in order to make sense of everything that has been happening around you. This is not a time to focus on the external, but instead, a time to focus on the internal.

It is a time to check in with yourself, to check in with your heart and soul in order to determine where you stand and where you are going.

No matter where you live, the June Solstice along with the Full Moon is going to help all of us to tune into who we really are.

In the North we will be stepping into the light and revealing to the world who we are, and in the South we will be stepping into the shadows in order to process who we are.

Discovering who we truly are is the stepping stone to higher consciousness and enlightenment. It is only when we start living authentically that we can tune into our higher purpose and our mission in this life.

For anyone who is listening, for anyone who dares to still their heart and their mind for just a moment, June 20th will bring about a calling.

A calling for you to step into the truth, a calling for you to surrender to whoever you think you are and instead, become who you are actually meant to be.