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Yanny Or Laurel Phenomenon

Yanny vs. Laurel Phenomenon

Could there be any amount of spiritual significance?

Well I do believe that there is – to a certain extent.

We know the more scientific reasoning behind why one person will hear Yanny while another will hear Laurel:
It’s a mixture of the sound system: the treble, bass, and the degree to which the listener is tuned to a higher or lower frequency. It also depends on the size and shape of our ears as that too influences our interpretations in different directions.

We detect with our ears, but we hear with our brains. The human brain picks one interpretation of what it receives. The brains of the people who hear Yanny appear to be locking onto the higher frequencies. For the record, it’s a low quality recording of the word Laurel … even if you are hearing Yanny.

Initially, all I was hearing was Yanny. However, with a bit of focus, I can then hear both. So too can my two daughters and husband.
The one concept I wish to focus on here is that of listening to higher versus lower frequencies. You will see what I mean in a few moments … or so I hope.

Think of the concept of the different frequencies, then think about spirit communication. Do you see where I am going with this now?
Spirits communicate on … different frequency levels. At the higher frequencies, that is where you will hear your spirit guides, angels, divine source – and even sometimes of course passed over loved ones. On the lower frequencies, often that is where haunting spirits will be sitting – but even then the lower frequencies are higher than what we, as human beings, can USUALLY hear.

As mentioned, I can hear both Yanny and Laurel – with a bit of focus. Therefore, with a little bit of focus and training, we CAN hear our guides, angels and other spirit forms.

And I did indeed do a little bit of research on this because I wanted to know if anyone else in the spiritual and/or metaphysical world has touched upon it. To my surprise, I came across an article on the website “Christian Today.” And at the very end of the article, they pointed out a small story in the Bible – of which immediately struck me as somewhat supporting my own theory regarding hearing frequencies and that of spirits, angels and guides … yes even though it isn’t metaphysical in nature. I will insert those two paragraphs from that article below, and I will put in bold the statements that really struck me:

Courtesy of “Christian Today”:

In the Gospel of John, Jesus is speaking of his death to come, when he says to heaven: ‘Father, glorify your name!’ Then, we are told: ‘a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered; others said an angel had spoken to him. Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine“‘(John 12:28-30). God speaks, but only some hear a voice. Or was he speaking through an angel? Others hear thunder.

Somewhat confusingly, Jesus says that the voice was for the benefit of the listeners, which is made perplexing by the fact that the audience don’t all hear the same thing, which raises the question, ‘Why not’? Have they been predestined to hear or not hear, granted their perception or lack of it by God? Have they failed to ‘tune in’ to the frequency of heaven? Does holiness help hearing, were they distracted by other sounds? The text functions powerfully here though, as it offers an authority on the matter – some heard merely thunder, but the writer John is giving his audience, decades after the event, an insight into the voice that came from heaven.

I would also like to add that this just gives further “proof” that just because we cannot hear it (or see it), that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The higher frequencies exist … just like in the Yanny versus Laurel recording. Just because one person can’t hear Yanny or another person can’t hear Laurel, that doesn’t mean that what they are hearing isn’t the truth of their perceptions. They are just simply tuning in to the frequency of the sound being heard by their brains – with again Yanny being apparently on a higher frequency. Therefore, the same can be said for communicating with spirits, guides, angels and divine.

Readers like myself are just simply “tuning in” to much higher frequencies of sound. How much do you want to bet that a lot of psychics and psychic mediums likely heard Yanny before anything else?! It’s because psychics and their brains are “wired” to hear the higher sound frequencies!

Just because one person can’t hear those higher frequencies, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. However, it does mean though that given some focus, we CAN LEARN how to tune into those frequencies.

© 2018, Lisa Caza


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The Following Explanation is By the Creator/Author of the Way of the Horse Oracle: Linda Kohanov

Emphasizing flexibility, authenticity, and relationship, horse wisdom is concerned more with the present than the past or the future. Nonjudgmental in the human sense, horses quickly discern and respond to the truth of a situation without labeling it “good” or “bad.” They sense danger, race to safety, then go back to grazing, back to enjoying life. They don’t stay up all night worrying or ruminating about why God invented predators to begin with.

Each horse wisdom card highlights lessons relevent to helping people access greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Yet the Way of the Horse Oracle does not seek to parallel the tarot.

Horses don’t offer succinct advice on “fixing” your life, but they’re more than willing to take a JOURNEY with you, supporting you, sometimes CARRYING you through the rugged peaks and valleys of SElF-DISCOVERY and SELF-MASTERY. Sometimes you’ll want to take the time to absorb the entire reading, then journal about how the outlined gifts and challenges presented are manifesting in your own life. Other times, you may want to glance briefly at the key phrases, gifts, challenges, and insights and move on with your day.

The only caution I, Linda Kohanov, would make is that the desire to control or divine the future is much more human than horselike; having this particular oracle reading to try to predict what’s going to happen may lead to some confusion. The equine mind is primarily concerned with the nuances of what is happening.

Horse wisdom is about developing creativity, authenticity, self-awareness, courage, and leadership. Horses challenge you to look at your true feelings and motivations for achieving any goal. They require you to become a leader in your own right while remaining sensitive to the needs of “the herd.” They require you to balance reason with intuition and pay attention to the nonverbal nuances of interactions. They demand that you move fluidly through paradox and embrace individual and collective consciousness simultaneously. To horses, the end NEVER justifies the means. They’re more concerned with the journey, how the sometimes rugged, sometimes peaceful landscapes of life create adventures to SHARE, leading to greater harmony. As nomadic, nonterritorial, nonpredatory beings, relationship is everything to them.

Horse wisdom inspires us to reconsider the very QUESTIONS we ask of life. It helps to remember that each card in this deck reveals both the gifts and challenges of a certain issue. Instead of asking “Should I keep my job or go back to school?” imagine the choice as a crossroads and do a separate reading for each option. Ask, “What gifts and challenges will I encounter in keeping my job?” “What do I need to pay attention to at work?” Then ask similar questions about school.

Other questoins about life’s challenges include the following: What does my (father, spouse, child, rival, coworker, horse) have to teach me? What is the nature of this conflict? How can I renew my releation with (spouse, child, siblind)? What are the dynamics in a certain location? What qualities do I need to develop or pay attention to succeed in business/relationships? What is the gift behind this challenge? What do I need to develop in myself to help my horse become sound? How can I form a stronger, mutually beneficial relationship with my (husband, horse, child, colleague)? Or you can just simply ask What does spirit want me to know at this time? or What should I pay attention to today?

When we learn to see and feel life’s rhythms from the more fluid, nonpredatory perspective of the horse, we also step outside the unbalanced habits of modern humans and reconnet with nature, the Authentic Self, and the wisdom of the horse archetypes. Exercising the wisdom of the horse gives us confidence in deciphering what humans so easily reject as irrational and troublesome, offering an unprecedented and personal glimpse into the deeper meaning of our experiences.


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Please be prepared to receive extremely blunt messages from our equine archetypes within the Way of the Horse Oracle. It has been my experience with them that they most certainly do not beat around the bush or sugar-coat any kind of information. While the archetypes do highlight and concentrate on a person’s gifts, they also don’t fool around when it comes to pointing out for example negative behaviors, ways of thinking, etc … including those found on the more subconscious levels! But realize it is all in assisting the person along their life path. In no way are their messages meant to be mean or judgmental – they are simply trying their best to lovingly and gently guide and inform.

I have worked with horses all of my life – and continue to do so with my wonderful husband Yvon. In honesty I don’t think either one of us will ever stop. But it never ceases to amaze me at how loving, intuitive, empathic, and wise horses are. Watch a small herd of horses for just a few hours one day .. we could learn a lot from our animal friends … all animals … if only we would stop to pay attention and listen.


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