Testimonials by Past Clients for Expert Psychic Lisa Caza

Here you will find just a few of the many countless testimonials from clients that Lisa Caza has received over the past 20 years.

Lisa did a mediumship reading for my daughter a few weeks back and she relayed on a few messages from my father that recently passed. A lot of it was bang on … and gave me comfort. But what I wanted to say is a very huge huge HUGE thank you to Lisa because one message was about my brother. She said that she had a huge concern for him and his health and that we needed to watch after/take care of him because he isn’t doing as well as what he is letting us believe. That he’s putting on a “brave front” for the rest of the family by hiding his health worries. I told my brother this and that night he drove himself to the hospital. When he got there, his blood pressure was sky high and he had a heart attack right there. It was Lisa’s message that I shared with him that actually made him drive himself to that hospital. If it wasn’t for Lisa and the message that she gave, we all fully believe that he would have had that heart attack at home and would have died. So Lisa thank you from the bottom of my heart – from my whole family. You just saved my brother’s life. Love you and you have the most amazing gift. Never stop sharing and helping. Love Heather.

My wife had a reading from you and loved it. She really thinks you help save our marriage so that I thank you very much. Joseph.

What an incredible experience to have this Ascended Master reading done. This has been a wonderful experience and seriously I am thinking people do not understand the value of this type of reading. The daily message and the final from you is far more than I ever imagined and far more than any intuitive or clairvoyant would ever deliver!!

Lisa, you are so generous and kind. This is truly your life calling.Each day I would print the reading and have it with me during the day. Reread and just let it be in my spirit for the day. You give me so much to think about and courage. I hope you have a wonderful day and know that this has been a great experience for me.

Thank you Lisa for your beautiful words you really are an angel with a powerful spirit thank you! I have passed your info on to some of my friends I think you may be doing a reading for one of them soon! Xxxx you deserve all the success that comes to you …

It was amazing to have your reading about the house on the lake. You described the place exactly! I had to share that with my sister and she was literally bowled over. And in experiencing the energy of your response it got me to thinking about how I’ve had this attraction to water. And this house that’s for sale seems like a rare opportunity – I think I’ll go for it then! Thank you so much for your reading and your incredibly uncanny accuracy! Best regards always, Dave

I just wanted to send a quick note to Lisa to thank her for my latest reading. I must admit I began to cry when I read it, I am so thankful I came across your website back in March!! Much love, Corrina

Dear Lisa, My deepest gratitude once again for your clever and clear reading! When you mentioned …. wanted to tell me something regarding our relationship, you could not have been more correct as he told me the next day he wanted me to keep in touch and remain friends, exactly what you said in your reading! I cannot thank you enough, you helped the peace in my mind to come about much faster than had I tried “going it alone”. Your insights have been invaluable to me and I will not hesitate to seek your advice in the future should I feel the need of it. Thanks so much, Michelle

Outstanding reader, very honest and accurate. She pinpointed all of my issues and the results to come without me even giving any great detail.” Thanks, Debbie S.

Lisa is just simply the most wonderful person you would ever want to meet. Once you come connected with her its like you’ve known her your entire life. She really knows how you are feeling and its like you are talking to a friend. I have spoken to her through chat and e mail readings for the last year and I am just simply speechless every time I come to her for help. I am glad that I have met this amazing woman. You will not be disappointed. Stacey T

Lisa from Soul Psychics – This lady asked that I give her no info. She read him like she’s his mama. She told me of things I never knew and were confirmed later and gave a realistic timeframe. Her timing for contact was right to the day. Carrie B

Hi! This message is for Lisa Caza. She gave me a reading a few weeks ago and everything was unbelievably bang on! Even things I thought would never come true happened. I’m flabbergasted. I’m still waiting on other predictions to happen because it’s about me and my ex getting back together but as per Lisa’s advice I am putting it in God’s hands and trusting. I just want to say once again THANK YOU Lisa, you have blown my mind. Robin

Thanks so much, once again, for your sensitive, caring, and sincere replies to my questions.  I very much appreciate your very thorough answers….. and the blunt ones even more!  🙂  You seem to be such a caring person, in addition to being obviously gifted and good at what you do, and it has helped me so very much. your reply to this particular question really has given me some much-needed hope….. and confidence.  I was really on the verge of tears – and panic – over it. So, I am just giving you a very, very heartfelt THANK YOU!  So much! I am a nurse, and I am used to taking care of and helping other people, and love doing that, but it is not very often that I in turn feel so “helped” by someone else. Thanks again!!!  You just don’t know how much you have helped me. Deborah

Dear Lisa, I can honestly say that your reading below is the most amazing experience I have ever had with a psychic. I definitely teared up at several points and I know that everything you have said is true.Thank you SO MUCH for providing such detailed and caring responses to my questions.

Lisa, I literally read my reading with my mouth open. I feel the truth of every single one of your statements. I am so glad I chose to get this reading done! And I will definitely request you for any further readings I order, because you hit every single point exactly. I also feel a heart connection to you, as if we are similar enough to be friends. Thank you so much again for being so kind, caring and supportive of me in this reading, and for taking the time to provide this level of detail so that I can truly feel at peace and comforted. With all my love, peace, and extreme gratitude and thanks for the wonderful work that you do, Liz 🙂 !!!

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for confirming what I have always known to be true. Life is so incredibly painful right now. I don’t see the hope anymore. But YOU DO and that is encouraging. Thank you so much. Your heart comes through in each word. You also confirm my intuition. JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT ALL!! Take care and much, much, love, Katherine

I have had 3 readings with Lisa now. The insight she has shown into my situation is amazing. She reads with such empathy that even if the message is not always easy, somehow it is always uplifting. Thank you for your guidance. It is incredible what you have picked up on and especially what you said about my daughter. How did you know that?” Love Ellen

All I can say is WOW! That was amazing. You were exactly right with EVERYTHING! I think I needed to hear all of that in order to move on. Thank you for all your help and support. I look forward to updating you. I feel better and relieved already – THANK YOU” Jamie

I was sincerely impressed with your website and reading and believe that you could be the real deal and that you really want to help people that are struggling. Carol

Hi Lisa. Just wanted to let you know I did get the reading and WOW! You are so on target about him it’s scary. Your are so right about him needing to be in a committed relationship. I also appreciate your honesty regarding the marriage potential. I have received some very sugar-coated readings from other psychics in the past telling me that yes, it will happen, blah blah blah, and for some reason it did not sit right with me. I continued to search for answers that made sense. Your reading is so accurate and makes total sense to me. You have been a great help and your insight is amazing. It’s like you told me what I deep down already knew and the only way you could’ve done that is by being psychic 🙂 ! Thank you again. I feel so much more at peace with this situation.

I’ve had both an email reading and phone consultation with Lisa… She is absolutely amazing! She picked up on so many details, knew exactly what was going on and hit the nail on the head regarding my situation. She’s honest, no sugar coating and explains things in a manner which is very easy to understand. She was very clear about my road ahead and the end result, which I have absolutely no doubt will happen as she is predicting. Her connection with Spirit is extremely deep and strong, her messages are clear and to the point. I will definitely be back for an update! If you are considering having a reading with her… DO IT!! I highly recommend her!!! T. Burt, Florida, USA.



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  1. When I first arrived in Los Angeles I baceme a little bogged down in the whole success thing. Now I’m at a place in my life and career where I just want to work. It’s what I do and it makes me very happy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and insight without your kind words, support and indeed your amazing accuracy I really don’t think I would have made it as far as what I have.

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