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Getting those hard knocks of life

We all know that living out our lives every now and then we get walloped with one trial or another … some worse than others. And sometimes those hard knocks will come not only when you least expect them, but they also tend to come all at once. To go even further, some of those wallops knock the shit right out of you, and it can be quite difficult to pick yourself up again.

Why? Why does that happen? Is Divine and the Universe trying to teach us something? Is it something that we’ve been destined to experience? Is it karma? Growth preparation? Change preparation? Did we manifest them with our negative thoughts? Or is it just the influencing of outside forces/other humans that’s causing this crap? Who the hell knows the real answer. I do know that the answer is different for different people and different situations, but all of those questions I have been asking myself for the past number of months.

And through tears, prayer, meditation, depression, and even more tears, no matter how much I ask my guides and Divine for answers and direction, the most I get is seeing those stupid repeat numbers. Have you ever become frustrated or angry with Divine and the Universe, especially in facing these horrible hard knocks? Well, I know I have been. Literally I will say right out loud whenever I see those numbers (which has been incessant every day, sometimes 10 times in a day): “What the heck are these repeat numbers supposed to be telling me? Can’t you just be straight up with me like I am with my clients? Quit beating around the bush and just come out with it already!” But still … I get no response other than those damn numbers.

I write this blog post partially I guess as a venting, but also because for one, to let others know that they’re not alone. Thirdly, to show that I too am only human. And fourth, to actually let all of you know what I’ve been going through and what’s happening.

I am going through extreme financial hardship right now because business for both myself and my husband has basically come to a literal standstill … and it’s been going on for a number of months (as many of my newsletter subscribers are aware). It is to the point today as I write this that I am now three months behind in the household utility bills and credit cards – so our heating, electricity, internet and phone I am sure will be getting cut off at any time. Then, the next hard knock is our one running vehicle has finally decided to crap out on us … we can’t afford to fix it. More hard knocks: 1. My one credit card tried to sue me to seize my bank accounts and put a lien on my home, so I swallowed my pride and got a home equity loan to pay them off. Now I have a mortgage on my house (which I never had before ever) that I am struggling to pay. So I am still looking at a possibility of losing this place, 2. The home insurance company is forcing us to make changes to our woodstove in the hubby’s workshop … can’t afford that. 3. Hubby owes taxes … can’t afford that. 4. Hubby tried selling his one snowblower to get some cash. One interested buyer came by, but for some reason the snowblower wouldn’t start. It worked just fine before. After 30 minutes of them both trying to get it going, the guy took out the spark plug, and then in trying to put it back in he CROSS-THREADED IT! Took it in to get fixed (which we can’t afford). Only thing wrong was the gas wasn’t turned on! But now the mechanic has to drill the head to re-thread the spark plug – which that prospective buyer caused. Call the prospective buyer to let him know nothing was actually wrong, “Oh, no I’m not interested now.” WHAT?! And you were the one that cross-threaded the spark plug … unreal. Thanks a lot. I tell you hubby wasn’t happy. And then 5. I did have a job working nights for a cleaning company. For two months they didn’t pay me. When I finally had enough, I quit and demanded my pay due to me. Their response: “Sorry, we don’t have the money. We’re going bankrupt.” OH MY GOD! Really? I could have been doing something else, you know? But now thanks to that I have literally zero money to pay all of these bills and mortgage. Thanks a lot assholes (pardon my language).

We are barely surviving here. I have even gone without my dentures for over a week now simply because we have no extra money to pay for denture glue. Every dime we get has to go towards everything else. Furthermore, to just add further salt to my already open wounds, no matter how many job applications I’ve put in over the past number of months, I have not once even heard back from any of the employers. Not even a “thanks, but no thanks,” letter.

So all this crap and all at once. One hard knock after another, and I am finding it extremely difficult to get back up again. What doesn’t help is getting advice such as, “Maybe you should just go bankrupt. So what if you lose the house in the process?” Or, “Just let the house go. Start fresh.” No … that is not an option. We won’t ever be able to ever move onto our horse farm if I lose this place. That would kill us … truly.

So now I have come to a place of extreme humility and humbleness, and have made the only decision that I could think of to possibly regain my momentum in the psychic readings: get rid of the requested set price for email readings and just simply work on a donations-only basis (and silently I just hope I don’t get low-balled by folks).

I made this decision based on three thought processes: 1. Maybe folks just can’t afford the regular $45 for an email reading. Maybe they’re struggling like I am, and 2. Maybe my time, efforts, skills, knowledge and abilities aren’t worth the $45. Maybe they’re worth less, but maybe, just maybe they’re worth more, and the Universe is trying to tell me that, and 3. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me that I have to humble myself more and have more trust in my clients – that perhaps my clients know what’s best for me than what I do.

I have even made this decision despite my husband, children, mother, brother, and many close friends telling me that I’m out of my freaking mind, that this is the worst, most stupid “idea” I’ve ever had.

So I’ve made this choice. However, for now I just wish to do this as a test or trial run until May 31st, 2019. I mean in all seriousness, what could it hurt in at least trying? If it all works out, that will tell me that not only have I FINALLY made the right decision for me, my business and my precious clients, but also that this is what I should have perhaps been doing all along. If it works out, the donations for email readings will become permanent.

And then hopefully all of these blasted hard knocks of life will bugger off and I’ll be able to pick myself up again and regain that momentum … and hopefully reach better life success and freedom.

A lot of us are going through a lot of SHIT in recent months. And I do believe at least some of the influence for this has to do with the energies associated with both 2018 and 2019. So again, please know that for those of you who are going through some of these hard knocks, you are NOT ALONE! As hard as what it is, try to follow that gut instinct of yours, and try not to ever give up. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel … all of us just have to do what we can in order to get there.

I love each and every one of you. We’re in this together.

Just remember now though, should you wish an email reading, simply use the “Donate” button located on the left-hand side of the page, and then directly email me your questions and concerns for the reading itself.


Yanny Or Laurel Phenomenon

Yanny vs. Laurel Phenomenon

Could there be any amount of spiritual significance?

Well I do believe that there is – to a certain extent.

We know the more scientific reasoning behind why one person will hear Yanny while another will hear Laurel:
It’s a mixture of the sound system: the treble, bass, and the degree to which the listener is tuned to a higher or lower frequency. It also depends on the size and shape of our ears as that too influences our interpretations in different directions.

We detect with our ears, but we hear with our brains. The human brain picks one interpretation of what it receives. The brains of the people who hear Yanny appear to be locking onto the higher frequencies. For the record, it’s a low quality recording of the word Laurel … even if you are hearing Yanny.

Initially, all I was hearing was Yanny. However, with a bit of focus, I can then hear both. So too can my two daughters and husband.
The one concept I wish to focus on here is that of listening to higher versus lower frequencies. You will see what I mean in a few moments … or so I hope.

Think of the concept of the different frequencies, then think about spirit communication. Do you see where I am going with this now?
Spirits communicate on … different frequency levels. At the higher frequencies, that is where you will hear your spirit guides, angels, divine source – and even sometimes of course passed over loved ones. On the lower frequencies, often that is where haunting spirits will be sitting – but even then the lower frequencies are higher than what we, as human beings, can USUALLY hear.

As mentioned, I can hear both Yanny and Laurel – with a bit of focus. Therefore, with a little bit of focus and training, we CAN hear our guides, angels and other spirit forms.

And I did indeed do a little bit of research on this because I wanted to know if anyone else in the spiritual and/or metaphysical world has touched upon it. To my surprise, I came across an article on the website “Christian Today.” And at the very end of the article, they pointed out a small story in the Bible – of which immediately struck me as somewhat supporting my own theory regarding hearing frequencies and that of spirits, angels and guides … yes even though it isn’t metaphysical in nature. I will insert those two paragraphs from that article below, and I will put in bold the statements that really struck me:

Courtesy of “Christian Today”:

In the Gospel of John, Jesus is speaking of his death to come, when he says to heaven: ‘Father, glorify your name!’ Then, we are told: ‘a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered; others said an angel had spoken to him. Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine“‘(John 12:28-30). God speaks, but only some hear a voice. Or was he speaking through an angel? Others hear thunder.

Somewhat confusingly, Jesus says that the voice was for the benefit of the listeners, which is made perplexing by the fact that the audience don’t all hear the same thing, which raises the question, ‘Why not’? Have they been predestined to hear or not hear, granted their perception or lack of it by God? Have they failed to ‘tune in’ to the frequency of heaven? Does holiness help hearing, were they distracted by other sounds? The text functions powerfully here though, as it offers an authority on the matter – some heard merely thunder, but the writer John is giving his audience, decades after the event, an insight into the voice that came from heaven.

I would also like to add that this just gives further “proof” that just because we cannot hear it (or see it), that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The higher frequencies exist … just like in the Yanny versus Laurel recording. Just because one person can’t hear Yanny or another person can’t hear Laurel, that doesn’t mean that what they are hearing isn’t the truth of their perceptions. They are just simply tuning in to the frequency of the sound being heard by their brains – with again Yanny being apparently on a higher frequency. Therefore, the same can be said for communicating with spirits, guides, angels and divine.

Readers like myself are just simply “tuning in” to much higher frequencies of sound. How much do you want to bet that a lot of psychics and psychic mediums likely heard Yanny before anything else?! It’s because psychics and their brains are “wired” to hear the higher sound frequencies!

Just because one person can’t hear those higher frequencies, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. However, it does mean though that given some focus, we CAN LEARN how to tune into those frequencies.

© 2018, Lisa Caza