As a Psychic

As a Psychic …

The Creed of An Ethical Psychic

What I Am/Do:

  • © 2009 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics
    © 2009 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics

    I am nonjudgmental.

  • I am always there to help those in need of guidance and support.
  • I guide and answer questions to the best of my ability and offer the best insight I personally can provide.
  • I am honest and forthcoming with all messages that I receive.
  • I am ethical, compassionate and empathic.
  • I feel the emotions of others; but not to the detriment of my reading and unbiased viewpoint.
  • I take my work and abilities seriously. I take my clients’ problems seriously.
  • I am human.
  • I encourage empowerment, self-reliance and personal growth of all clients.

Therefore I Am/Do Not:

  • I do not judge.

    Psychic Lisa Caza
    © 2009 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics
  • I do not turn my back on those in great need.
  • I do not discount others’ emotions
  • I do not tell stories, lies or sugar-coat information.
  • I do not use my abilities to entertain myself or others.
  • I do not provide answers to things I do not understand (i.e. health problems).
  • I do not profess to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. I am not God.
  • I do not tell clients what to do. I do not make final decisions for clients.
  • I do not enable a person’s constant “neediness” or over-reliance on psychic readings.

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