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AUTHOR OF ‘FINDING PARADISE AFTER THE STORM.’ Read more about it and purchase a copy on Amazon.com or directly from her publisher Balboa Press.

Here you will receive accurately detailed personal psychic readings from an empathically sensitive expert psychic reader. Receive accurate psychic advice and insight on love relationships, friendships, career, finances, and more.


  • PRECOGNITION & RETROCOGNITION (the ability to gather information from not just past lives but also the intervals between physical lives where the consciousness lived in non-physical dimensions).

Lisa Caza is quite well-known for her honest – sometimes even blunt clairvoyant readings, but at the same time her in-depth and accurate services are always full of love, wisdom, and compassion for each of her clients. Lisa has been a professional psychic reader for over 20 years now. She has appeared on numerous popular psychic websites in the past, but now she is only available through her own official website. She has also made many radio show appearances (and continues to do so). Some such shows have been Visions with Barbara Mackey, Ask a Psychic on the Ask1 Network, Sacramento Smiles with Tamara Dorris, Common Sense Radio with Jim Brown, and others. Today, she is a featured psychic star on the very popular weekly show the Outer Limits of Inner Truth where she has given psychic insights for some of the biggest names such as Mick Foley, Jeffrey Gurian, Mark Messier, Gerald Celente, Teal Swan, Howard Stern, IronE Singleton, Oliver Stone, DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) and many more.

Just after her first child was born, Lisa amassed knowledge by enrolling in the Stratford Career Institute distance learning in 1994 for a veterinary assistant course. Years later in 2005, when she found herself as a newly divorced single mother of three young children, Lisa decided to follow another path: while still providing online psychic guidance at night, during the day she attended Northern College to study the social work field under her previous married name. Today, she implements the knowledge and valuable skills that she gained from those two studies to assist in her work as a clairvoyant counselor and animal communicator. *Disclaimer: While Lisa has in fact attended schooling for these two areas, she is not a practicing veterinary assistant or actively registered social worker. Should you require professional help in these areas, please contact your local veterinary clinic and/or social services office.

Lisa oftentimes assists clients in gaining a much deeper understanding and perspective into not only perhaps their own ways of thinking and behaviors, but also those of their significant others, co-workers, friends and loved ones. Some questions answered could be: Why does he/she say one thing but yet behave in another way? Why is he/she behaving this way to begin with? What is going on in that mind of theirs? What should I expect next? Is the person in question trustworthy? Is our relationship going to last or is it doomed for failure? Or perhaps you wish to know if you and your partner knew each other in a past life, and if so, what happened back then that could possibly be influencing your current relationship?

Lisa has a profound understanding (and first-hand experience) with many difficult life experiences – from child abuse, spousal abuse, adoption, divorce, single parenthood, second marriages, financial stress, previous wife of an alcoholic, and too much more to really list. While of course it is always devastating when one must overcome these obstacles, in looking back now Lisa’s experiences do indeed lend for a much deeper level of empathy held towards her clients – but at the same time she can keep a very neutral perspective as she can likewise connect to the other parties involved in any given situation and can see THEIR points of view, ways of thinking, belief systems, etc as well. As a result, Lisa has in fact in the past actually (and quite unwittingly at the time) “saved” marriages (that were of course divinely meant to be saved – keep in mind the concept of divine intervention and intent!) – but all because there was a lack of communication and understanding between the partners. With Lisa’s guidance, she was able to get both partners to reach a more deeper level of understanding towards one another.

Once Lisa connects with you, she will be able to feel exactly how you are feeling … and this may just very well be why she is likewise adored by so many.



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Lisa as Counselor & Guide:

1. Relationship counseling – breaking down barriers, clear communication, “clean fighting,” understanding psychology, behaviors, hidden messages in words/actions.
2. Understanding & working with an alcoholic/drug addicted partners. Psychology, AlAnon principles and spiritual/emotional principles.
3. Dealing with a break-up.
4. Transitions through separation/divorce to single parenthood. The whole process. Life after divorce. Healing process.
5. Abusive relationships – breaking free of those chains. Love relationships as well as other family members (ie. troubled relationship with a parent/parents).
6. Single parents living on a budget. Parenting strategies
7. Overcoming relationship fears, starting over in a new relationship, finding new relationships. Second marriages. Step families.
8. Child psychology – troubled children due to divorce, testing teens, raising twins.
9. Adoption processes – from the view of a birth parent. From signing the papers to reunion. Step-parent adoption.
10. Following intuition and divine guidance. Making conscious/intuitive decisions to lead to a happier life (i.e. recent divine signs article).
11. Connecting with animal totems/guides. Connecting with human spirit guides.
12. Help in seeing Life path sequential order – there are no mistakes. Everything happens for a reason.

Some of the best counselors and mentors have first-hand experience in their “areas of expertise.” All knowledge cannot be found in books. You will find that here with Lisa. She has quite the profound understanding (and first-hand experience) with many difficult life experiences & transitions: abusive relationships, divorce, adoption, single parenthood, second marriages, abusive alcoholic partners, family issues and divisions/feuds. She can assist & guide you through all of those areas, including relationship counseling, overcoming fears of new relationships, step-families, and overcoming difficult break-ups. Through her guidance not only will you get through those troubled times and realize your own true Power, you will also learn about Life Path Sequential Order – there are no mistakes! While it is always devastating when one must overcome these obstacles, they are all learning and growth opportunities. Lisa can also help you to follow your own intuition and divine guidance, connecting with your animal totems/guides as well as your human spirit guides.

“As a healer and guide who’s come from the School of Hard Knocks, with first-hand experience combined with professional psychic guidance, I would be honored to help you through those most difficult life transitions.”


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