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Special Note: All of the images that are seen throughout this psychic reading website and webstore are copyrighted material exclusively owned by aspiring nature photographer Lisa Caza. Their use is to enhance the reading pleasure and experience of all our visitors – to create an atmosphere that can easily facilitate a state of peace, serenity, and a beautiful connection to nature itself. By no means are these images to be copied, reproduced/reprinted, or used on any other website/blog or within any other forms such as books, magazines, etc unless specific permission has been granted by the imagery owner Lisa Caza.  Should it be learned that any image created by Lisa Caza is being used elsewhere without her permission, Lisa Caza has full explicit rights to pursue copyright infringement action against those individuals. Lisa WILL pursue the minimum charge of $200 Cdn per each infringement per image (as outlined in Canadian copyright law), as well as reporting the infringing website and its owner to Google and their webhosting service provider. LISA CAZA’S OFFICIAL PSYCHIC READING WEBSITE IS THE ONLY WEBSITE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET THAT HAS EXCLUSIVE PUBLISHING RIGHTS TO LISA CAZA’S NATURE & FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY. ANY OTHER WEBSITE DOES NOT HAVE ACTIVE PERMISSION FROM HER.

*Note: As of January 20th, 2014 ALL IMAGES found on Soul Psychics blog and main website have been legally registered (with digital fingerprints and assigned MCN’s) – therefore in the event of copyright infringement, charges in suit are twice as damaging where damage requests can amount up to $10,000 per each infringement.

All photographic material on this site is copyright © 1998-present, Lisa Caza, with all rights reserved.

A note about the articles in Soul Psychics: Alongside our own articles that we do occasionally post, we also love to support and recognize folks who make great contributions in this world via their work and/or published articles. Therefore we warmly welcome the submission of empowering and informative articles for those who may need it. Note that we reserve the right to accept and deny submissions. If your article is indeed accepted, however, please be advised that the article MUST be of YOUR OWN CREATION! Once submitted, we wish to post a link to your own website and give credit where credit is due. Anyone found to have violated this #1 rule, the article alongside any links will be immediately deleted, and the true owner of copyright will be pointed in your direction to pursue possible legal action against you.

There are articles in which we do not even know who wrote them; in which case we post “Author unknown.” If you are in fact the author of such work please contact us – with proof of such ownership – so that we can post your name and your website! If your article is appearing here it is because it’s of great value to the world – thus so are you! And we don’t ever wish to claim ownership of something that isn’t ours – so please – those unknown authors we wish for you to come forward! Because we don’t know who you are, that’s why we have the “author unknown” status.


1. We perform our work “for the good of all, according to the free will of all”. When requested, we use our gifts, talents, skills and abilities to provide guidance, insight and perspective to our clients.

2. We honour every individual’s freewill and our personal right to choose our own path.

3. We seek to uplift and empower those who cross our paths, and we avoid judgment.

4. We act as the conduit for the communication between the client’s own “higher self” and ordinary self. We say what we sense, to the best of our ability.

5. We are keepers of secrets. We honour our clients’ rights to privacy and will release no information about our clients’ transactions with us.

Our ability lies in having learned to read the subtle signs, symbols and promptings of the natural and spiritual world. Our skill lies in communicating clearly and honestly with each client. Our art lies in synthesizing many fragments of information from many sources, often hidden. Our responsibility lies in delivering a complete and uplifting reading, empowering each client to move forward joyfully on their path.

Terms of Use For This Site

We like to keep things simple. All are welcome to visit and browse this site and to submit a query. But to order a reading or purchase a membership, you must be 18 years of age or older.

While we are known for our accuracy, integrity, and caring, we cannot guarantee our accuracy.

While our insights are useful as a second opinion, we cannot take responsibility for decisions you make. And we won’t make your decisions for you.

While we do our best to deliver most readings within 24-48 hours of receiving payment, and we urge our clients to contact us when readings are not received in this timeframe, the universe occasionally interferes and under most circumstances we will not refund a reading payment if the reading is late in arriving.

We reserve the right to limit or deny service. We are psychic advisors, not therapists or doctors (in saying such we will refuse any reading related to health concerns/issues. Please see a qualified health professional for your health needs!). If a client becomes too dependent on our services, we will gently pull back and may even refund payment if we believe our services are no longer useful or some other resource would be a better choice.

We do not play the “stump the psychic” game. We take our work very seriously and therefore take our clients’ situations and lives just as seriously.Clients that come to us should feel the exact same way: that they are important and their lives are serious. In doing so, and in order to best serve and guide our clients, we do ask questions for a reason – to gain deeper insight and perspective to their concerns. We ask for certain information to help you. Help us help you by informing us of your questions and concerns, and the more detail that you give the clearer and more accurate your reading will be. When one tries to “stump the psychic” due to skepticism, etc., they must realize that immediately they will establish a block between themselves and their reader – and so therefore as a result they should not expect to receive all that accurate of a reading.

We immediately report to the appropriate authorities any instances of hate mail, harassment, fraud, or any interference in our normal business operations.  And we follow through with the appropriate actions to end any such activity.

Customer Satisfaction and Refund Policy

We will fully refund payments for readings only if the reading is not delivered or we cannot assist you at that time. If the client is not satisfied with their reading for whatever reason, they are offered one of two choices: either credit towards a product found within the handmade craft/beading store when it is made available, or, a refund of 50% of their total reading purchase price (i.e. $35 paid, receive $17.50 refund). When it comes to refunding readings that have in fact been delivered, it is difficult for us to refund completely as the service has indeed been provided. Unfortunately there are some who try to take advantage of our services and will try to gain a “free reading service” by stating that the reading is inaccurate or that they are not satisfied. We are always upfront and very honest with our clients – we do ask for the same in return.

Privacy Policy

We require certain confidential information from you in order to complete your reading and process payment. Your information and your reading is held in the strictest confidence. And we do not trade, sell or share your information with anyone else under any circumstances.

Because we use PayPal as our main source of online payment, your credit card information is NOT stored within our system.


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