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Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Our Profession as Psychics

Soul Psychics Clairvoyant Lisa Caza

1. Are psychics actually real? Do they have a real gift? If, so how is it all possible? Does everyone have the ability?

Soul Psychics (along with most other psychics) firmly believe that psychic ability is natural and that being psychic is our birthright. Call it being psychic, intuitive or having a sixth sense – essentially these terms all refer to the same thing and are as natural as the five other senses. Some of us are able to access this part of ourselves more easily than others. Through practice and education, many of us increase our abilities and learn to trust what our senses say. We believe that all of us use this sixth sense without thinking about it. Intuition and “gut feeling” guide some of our decisions. However, many folks look for a spectacular occurrence, and consider only dramatic events as real psychic experiences. However, although dramatic experiences do occur, most psychic or intuitive experiences are much more subtle and therefore not necessarily recognized as valid. Everyone has the ability, and everyone uses varying degrees of psychic and intuitive abilities in their lives.

2. How is it possible for psychics to read for a person who isn’t sitting right in front of them?

Every human being is infinitely connected to one another, and our subconscious minds communicate with each other … whether we realize it or not. Consider just for a moment the idea of the phone lines running all around the world; you’d wonder how on earth one specific person can connect with another specific person. It works because we dial a certain number and this connects us. To perform a reading over the Internet or phone, a name or date of birth, along with psychic intuition, will allow seasoned psychics to “tune in” on the person posing a question – or put another way – essentially “dialing” their “number.” Most psychic readers find that with as few as two “locators”, often just a birth date and name, they can easily “see” and “feel” another’s vibrations. We also believe that the crystals used in computer technology help conduit the energy of the client to the reader and vice versa.

>3. What about the concept of free will? Is the future pre-destined or pre-determined?

Destiny versus freewill is most definitely one of the oldest spiritual debates. We believe that these two terms are not mutually exclusive. We believe that the soul chooses its birth. Prior to incarnation, as the soul readies itself for physical manifestation on earth, certain conditions are set. When we feel destiny had a hand in what happens to us because, prior to incarnation, certain decisions were made by the soul as requisites for this life. However, how we achieve the goals we set before our birth, seems to be our choice. And we also have the option of changing the script, moving off course, deviating from our path… We do not believe destiny ensures certain successes. This is where freewill and destiny meet. We all have the choice to self-sabotage. We do not have to do anything. We may have structured our paths before we came into this life, but it is up to us to actualize our potential and to get to where we know we must go. The concepts of destiny and free will may seem contradictory, but we do believe that destiny and freewill work hand in hand. We make choices every moment … which in turn hold the potential for changing our lives.

4. Psychics and psychic readings are not generally recognized or accepted as valid by the “establishment.” This means that the profession is not regulated by any professional boards, associations or committees? As clients, how to we protect ourselves from those unethically-practicing individuals?
These are a few of the common scams to watch for:
  • If the reader is scaring you, talking about age-old curses and the like, pack up your bag and run! The next step in this particular game is to get you to believe that s/he is the only one who can remove the curse. Usually, a request for a large sum of money will follow. Run, run, run! Although such curses do exist, they are not common and money will not remove them.
  • If someone tells you to keep the reading secret, not to share anything about your reading with anyone else – take note. It is your reading and you can do whatever you like with it. There is no valid reason, that we know of, for a reader to make this request, except that you are being set up for a con. They don’t want you to share for a couple of reasons. One, they do the same reading for everyone and don’t want you to know that. Second, others will give you an objective opinion, which may make you see the reading for what it is. These people count on being able to take you in and do not want anyone in your circle to help you “see the light”

Psychics should never leave you feeling like your reading was incomplete and you have to come back. And especially beware of anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t see anyone else or tell anyone what they told you. Also, be wary of those who charge extraordinary fees or have long waiting lists. Anyone charging more than $100/hour in this field is probably not worth it. And those with the month long waiting lists are usually burnt out by the time they get to you.

A good psychics reading should be:

a) specific to your life and circumstances
b) complete, and
c) uplifting (i.e. you should not leave frightened or in any way indebted to your reader).

5. How often should I get a psychic reading?

We have found that most people come to utilize our reading services either through crisis or curiosity. Many psychics have regular clients who check in with us like clockwork once a month. These folks use our services on an ongoing basis typically because they have busy lives and businesses. Our insights help them to make the most of their opportunities. In a crisis, some clients will check in for readings once a week, but this rarely lasts for longer than a few weeks. As a general rule, getting a psychic reading once or twice a year is the average, although some folks will use psychics a bit more often especially in a crisis, times of change, or if a they have specific situation they are looking to move through.

By Danielle Daoust of Global Psychics

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