Numerology: Life Path & Personal Year Numbers

Numerology Basics: How to Calculate Your Life Path Number & Personal Year Number

Yesterday I had a fun visit from one of my neighbours. I don’t know how the conversation started, but he expressed to me how he felt that numbers played a huge role in our lives. He also firmly believed that certain numbers were either “lucky” or “unlucky” for him. That in turn caused me to teach him about the basics of numerology: in particular how to calculate his life path number and personal year number. He was so interested in it – and was very excited to see so many correlations in his life with his life path number that he had me calculate the life path numbers for his brothers LOL! He got even MORE excited when I told him that based on his life path number (which is a 1 by the way), that 2017 is going to be HIS year. I’ll get to the reasoning behind that in a minute …

With my neighbour being so excited and interested in numerology, I figured I would make a post for everyone so that they too can learn more about themselves, as well as possibly even predict for themselves good and bad years and days. It’s very easy actually:

To calculate your Life Path Number:

Take your full date of birth and add each number together. If you have a double-digit, you must reduce it by adding the two digits together (except for Master Numbers – do not reduce them. Master Numbers are 11, 22). Here is an example to show you what I mean:

My birthdate is: February 13, 1974. February is the 2nd month. So:
2 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 27 I must now reduce that number:
2 + 7 = 9
Therefore, I have a Life Path Number 9

To calculate your Personal Year Number:

Same principle; but instead of using your year of birth, you add your month and day of birth with the current or upcoming year. So again using my birthdate, let’s calculate with 2017 for this example:

2 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 16 We need to reduce that. So:
1 + 6 = 7
Therefore, for 2017 I have a Personal Year 7

I’m not really going to get into the actual analyses/meanings for each life path number or personal year here, but if you wish to know you can do your own research online.

Now, I’ve noticed that there are some “strange” correlations in terms of a person’s Life Path Number. Like for example, my house number is 126. The three digits added together come to a sum of 9. So obviously I was “meant” to have this house (realize I bought this house long before I got interested in numerology. So at the time I was none the wiser lol). Another example is years that have a value of 9 seem to have had some sort of major positive change or moment(s) in my personal life – moments that made permanent, positive change. Take 2007 – a 9 year (2 + 7 = 9), that was the year my husband Yvon moved in with me and proposed. The previous 9 year was 1998 – which was the year my twin girls were born. 2016 was also a 9 year … but grrrr I didn’t see a darn thing – so I’m wondering if perhaps it is still trying to manifest. I hope so!

This is why I told my neighbour that 2017 was going to be his year – something majorly positive is going to permanently change his life this year. 2017 is a 1 Year … my neighbour’s Life Path Number if you recall is a 1. And guess what: I was right because later this year he will be retired full-time and receiving a very healthy pension!

The numerology of 2017 itself – a 1 year – promises new beginnings, new directions, and success/growth with money & finances.

The last 1 year was 2008: the year Yvon and I got married. What a new beginning that was huh?

But on the other side of the coin, at least for some people who have a Life Path Number 9, it seems that our “unlucky” number or year is a 6 (an upside down 9!). One example for me was 2004 – a 6 year: that was the year I left my ex-husband and moved on my own – struggling to survive. For my neighbour with a Life Path of 1, he already knew that 3’s were “unlucky” for him. This may in fact be likewise true for other folks with a 1 Life Path.

I’m not saying that EVERY “unlucky” number year or date will cause you some sort of negativity. What I am saying is that there is a stronger probability of it in comparison to other years and/or days (i.e. 2013 – a 6 year – the “unlucky” number for me – didn’t really have any negative setbacks at all).

You can apply basic numerology to anything in order to learn what to expect in terms of the energetic vibrations. For example, the address of a new home, the date of a planned pregnancy, wedding, or party, and so on. There are even more advanced numerology calculations; such as Life Challenge Numbers and Name Numerology.

It’s interesting (and surprising) to see just how much numerology itself plays a major factor in our lives. I encourage everyone to learn their Life Path and Personal Year Numbers – for I truly believe that there’s something like a “hidden code” for us to be aware of and follow: a code that can tell us what to expect and when, and how we can actually manifest our goals and desires based on our Life Path Numbers alone (i.e. my house number mentioned earlier is a perfect example).

Life Path Numbers and Their Respective Lucky Days, Months and Years


2017 Psychic Predictions

2017 Psychic Predictions, Trends & Energies by Lisa Caza

In numerology, 2017 is a 1 Year. The energy of a 1 Year promises that of new beginnings, new directions, new perspectives and ideas, and growth and success in terms of business and finances. Seeds that you planted in 2016, as well as in the first quarter of 2017, will start to blossom and flourish. 2017 is going to be a year of amazing manifestation abilities for a lot of us.

In the Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of the Rooster. The energy of the Rooster is very similar to the energy within numerology (new beginnings … bringing in a new dawn/time)! It also has the air of loyalty, commitment, hard work, and family values … those are the characteristics that are going to be rewarded this year.

A 1 Year corresponds to the Magician in the tarot – and interestingly yet again we get similar messages/energies: we are being reminded that we do have the power to change our circumstances, and that we all have unlimited potential. This is going to be a good time to listen to your intuition – for your intuition also holds the key to manifestation.

To hear more about the energies of 2017, as well as specific psychic predictions, watch my Youtube video below.

As always, my personal “cut-off” date for predictions is February 13th. I will be posting updated predictions here until that time. If you have specific world worries or something that you would like a prediction on (world predictions only please. i.e.: politics, celebrities, economy, trends, etc). , I encourage everyone to comment on my video in Youtube or send me a message via the blue “Contact” button on the lower right corner of the page. I will answer the best I can, and will also include your requested prediction and my answer here (will all be located below) as part of my list of psychic predictions.

Additionally Submitted Psychic Predictions

Submitted by Annamaria Carlisi on Jan. 17, 2017 via Youtube: Will there be a civil war in the US during the Trump administration? Will the US break up into regions? Will Trump declare Marshal Law and take away people’s freedoms? I have very bad feelings of what is going to happen in the US. The blind  Bulgarian psychic who died in 1994 or 95 said Barak Obama, the first African American president will be the last one? Could that  be true and will the US become a dictatorship beginning with Trump and continuing onward? Thanks. I  love your videos.

Thank you for posting your questions Annamaria. One thing I’ll say is we need to remember how I said “order comes out of chaos.” So there IS going to be chaos before we ultimately see order. I don’t feel that there will be an actual civil war in the US, but admittedly it will come close considering the amount of unrest and “division” that I am seeing here. No, the US will NOT break up into regions. I do feel that Martial Law will be threatened to the public, but ultimately I don’t see it getting that far (in other words I don’t think it would be truly enacted). I have to say that I disagree with the “Bulgarian psychic” – I do not feel it to be true no. And no hon I don’t think the US will become a dictatorship. As mentioned early on in my video, apparently we need to give Trump a chance. It’s going to be messy for this first year yes for sure, but gradually I believe the US citizens will start to see more positive direction rather than negative (again more towards the latter half of 2017 and beyond). In honesty, the energy I feel surrounding Trump somewhat reminds me of JFK. Unfortunately a lot of the worry regarding civil war, WW3, Martial Law, and so on – well firstly that’s been discussed for at least the past 5-6 years (probably more) . I believe, to be blunt, a lot of that worry has been caused by fear-based conspiracy theorists – and it continues to be fed into. As mentioned I didn’t like either candidate – but it seems Trump is going to be the one to create the change that so many have been yearning for. Your worries are valid sweetheart, but ultimately I don’t actually see any of that true darkness occurring. There WILL be tough times ahead, but not to the extent of civil war, etc. Much love and blessings to you, Lisa Caza

Submitted by Victoria Bates on Jan. 17, 2017 via Youtube: Hi Lisa, I enjoyed your video very much. I had a question about incoming President Trump – will there be individuals within his own party or the US government that will try to get him removed from office? There has been much talk about this as there are many in the US government who would like to increase or advance their power ranking.

Hi Victoria. Thank you! I felt like I was blabbering LOL, but like I said I just don’t like passing on negative information in predictions or readings. I was uncomfortable, but had to do it. In response to your question, yes I do feel there is a likelihood of that! I do not think it will be within his own party though (I don’t like pointing fingers, but I have a sneaky hunch that at least one of those individuals might in fact be Clinton. There are indeed more than just one conniving there – with Clinton being one). And I am actually questioning myself if it MIGHT even have some sort of connection to the assassination attempts that I mentioned in the video – as well as the sex scandal that I likewise mentioned (I don’t have confirmation of that, it’s just a questioning I personally have at this point). But definitely. Something is in the works in the background as we speak. But I do not believe they will succeed at the end of the day.

Submitted by DebunkerDude on Jan. 17, 2017 via Youtube: Hi Lisa. First I want to say I’ve been following you on your blog for years. I love how you are doing videos now. Beautiful! You have such a genuine gift and caring heart to everyone. I like how you are interacting with people here and in facebook. You don’t see that often with other celebrity psychics. I was wondering, do you see anything in terms of people like you – psychics – and other spiritual practices being more openly acknowledged by current nonbelievers? I am hoping for the day for this to happen.

Hello DebunkerDude. Thank you so much for your loving words of support and encouragement. Yes, I know – unfortunately a lot of folks tend to get caught up in a world of their own when they hit that fame and fortune: their ego. But divinely-speaking that’s why we tend to see celebrity psychics come and go: if they follow their ego too long then karma steps in and takes over. I promise, on record here right now, I would never do that to anyone. NEVER!!! I will always remember where I’ve come from. There’s no place for ego in this world. In response to your question, I believe that is a desire held by many folks involved in the spiritual and metaphysical fields. And admittedly we have come in leaps and bounds in terms of acceptance. However, unfortunately we’re “not there yet.” I do feel that spirituality and metaphysical practices WILL become openly acknowledged and accepted (hey the US government already uses remote viewing! It’s just that the powers that be prefer that folks DON’T believe and know of it – knowledge is power) – but I don’t see it as being even remotely possible for at least another 10 years. Coming in with that is there will actually be some sort of governing body to regulate practitioners … and weed out the damn con artists/scammers (so like what we now see for lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc). I hope I am still alive to witness and take part in it because it will be a wondrous time indeed. It’s actually been a dream of mine to establish a governing body/system for exactly those purposes.

Submitted by Nathan Fleischman on Jan. 31, 2017 via Email: I was wondering. Do you have any predictions regarding minorities in the United States? I want to know this because with Trump now in the White House, to know what you predict could be reassuring.

Hello Nathan. It is a pleasure to meet you. I have the feeling that if you have been a permanent resident of the United States for a few years and beyond, then I don’t think you will have too much to worry about. It is the newer “minorities” and those who are still waiting for their immigration to go through that have much more to worry about. Also those who have temporary work visas and the likes (I know there are different kinds of work visas and cards) will need to worry. For all those people (temporary work visas especially), I don’t think they will have too much success in renewing them. I do see a lot of folks being returned to their homelands. Once there, if they wish to return to the United States then they’ll have to put in an entirely new application for immigration/work – but the thing is it will NOT be easy for them to get approved – if at all. Trump is going to focus on the “American workers” first and foremost. And the thing is, it isn’t just Muslim countries/nations that Trump will be “targeting” in this. Even Canada for example I am seeing Canadians who hold work visas/based in the US will be sent home eventually (within the next 4 to 6 months). So bottom line if your immigration status hasn’t been solidified yet – or is relatively new (less than 2 years) – and/or if you are holding some type of work visa or temporary status card/visa, unfortunately it looks like it may come down to taking a trip home. Horrible … it’s going to be one hell of a messy year. I do hope that his policy changes don’t affect you. With much blessings, Lisa Caza

Submitted by Ann Knight on Feb. 7, 2017 via Youtube: Hi Lisa, I want to know if Steve Bannon have Trump around his finger as the Media saying.. An am I going to win the lottery.. lmao ty

Hello Ann 🙂 Hmmm I don’t know who Steve Bannon is (sorry politically-uneducated Canadian here lol) – and I haven’t kept up with the media since the day Trump took office. However, immediately I have the STRONG message that not only is that NOT true, but the media likes to “shoot down” Trump however they can. And no … lol no sorry hon I’m not seeing any lottery winnings here – nothing major anyways.

Submitted by Trisha Ellis on Feb. 7, 2017 via Youtube: Love your energy and insightfulness Lisa:) My question is: Do you see any healing technologies being released to humanity? If not do you see Chemo and Radiation leaving us for more natural cures of cancers or any other diseases?

Hi there Trisha. Sorry for the delay in responding – as you know I’m grappling with a bout of flu right now. My body’s putting up a good fight but geez the bug just doesn’t want to give up either lol. My answer to BOTH of your questions Trisha is “yes”. However neither will occur this year. I am also seeing lowered medication costs as well for the US – which I feel may occur later this year (Nov/Dec) – but more likely in the first quarter of 2018. But as far as healing technologies and cures – it’s going to take another two years. But just as a note, they already have the cure for cancer – as well as a number of other diseases. I am seeing Trump actually trying to push the pharmaceutical companies, etc to make them available. But it’s going to take time because realize there are many who of course don’t want that to happen. He is going to have a battle on his hands – I do truly hope that my predicted timing for it all is actually wrong – we need it sooner rather than later 😉 But – given the huge battle that I’m feeling he is truly up against with that, I fear I may be right.

Submitted by Summer Beck on Feb. 8, 2017 via Youtube: Hi Lisa, This was my first time listening to you and I think you are amazing. I love your energy. My questions is in regards to gold and silver. I have been hearing everything from it tanking to it being above $5000. Any information on whether either gold or silver will rise? Thank you for what you do, sending love and light!! Summer

Hello Summer. It’s a pleasure to meet you – and thank you! 🙂 I don’t know who the heck believes that gold’s going to reach above $5,000. I do not follow stocks and such but even I feel that prediction is rather far out there. It’s definitely not going to reach that amount. The reason you’re getting conflicting information is simple: throughout the year it’s going to be a rollercoaster – so it’s going to rise and fall (obviously and logically!). Both WILL rise compared to current levels yes, however not that significantly! But what I’m getting is that by the end of the year I feel that gold will be sitting between $1,500 and $1,600 (it might reach close to or around that mark come June/July but will fall back down and rise again at year end). And I don’t ever see it reaching past 1650 or more at any point. I keep hearing “not logical.” Silver may see a range between 20 and 24. Much love and blessings to you xoxo